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Always a good hustle to the top! The view is worth every minute.

Nice area but lots of horse poop. Horses have right of way and riders can be unpleasant towards pedestrians. Will not be returning.

Perfect for kids, feels like a different world in the middle of the city

11 days ago

Did this hike with my dad today and ventured on past Chadsey to the East lookout. Such an amazingly dense forest to wander through! The light shining through the forest and fog looked magical. I will share some pictures from today too.

Do this hike ATLEAST once!

11 days ago

This is a beautiful trail that we have walked a number of times but it is now tainted by the fact that someone broke into my vehicle yesterday (Nov 3/18) and stole my wife’s wallet. The lowlife also emptied the change from my ashtray. No windows were broken and the vehicle was locked up afterwards which leads me to believe that it was done with a slim jim (tow-truck driver’s tool).
I should mention that this was at the lot off McKinnon Cr.

Be cautious out there folks. We are seasoned hikers who slipped up and left something of value hidden away and not on our person. Nothing was left in sight. This was the job of someone who probably frequents this location looking to rip off hardworking families. Hopefully this headache doesn’t happen to you.

16 days ago

Good workout, trail is eroding quite a bit in places but is still in pretty good condition.
Quite muddy and slippery when it rains, I suggest using poles and possibly even crampons if attempting after/during any decent rainfall.

Nice easy hike. No great views, but a nice little loop around some 500+ year old Douglas Fir trees.

Exercise not a hike. Come to walk up some stairs and see some good looking people. No views.

my wife and I hike Abby grind once a week. a good place near by for our cardio exercise.

The hike up to Lindeman Lake is worth every second. The lake is stunning!

29 days ago

I did this hike today and the last time was about 4 years ago.... it has become very eroded, a lot of the trail has been blown out and lots of silty sand. Great view at the top but some trail love needs to happen here before I go back.

It’s was nice out so that made it better than anything else I’ve done lately

Great road bike area for my 7yr son while I walk the dog. A little noisy close to the highway and kinda bland scenery but not busy and still quite enjoyable

1 month ago

Nice easy walk for family

Loved the hike to Lindeman but got tired of the rocks pretty quickly on route to Greendrop. Unfortunately we went on a wet day which made trekking the rocks a slippery and slow process. Will do again but on a dry summer day.

Hiked down to this trail from the Watt Creek horse trail via the "hard" 0.8 km connecting trail a few days ago. It's a nice, easy trail. The mini loop to view the Seven Sisters is worth investigating (500+ years old Douglas-fir trees, up close and personal).

Watch out for the horse manure

Easy walk on well groomed path.

1 month ago

Great little path. lots of forest. a few lil creeks. nice walk.

Beautiful lake at the end, expect some stair climbing on rocks instead of stairs. Great hike, loved it.

I loved the experience

beautiful but a little steep. no swimming at the bottom of the falls.

Amazing hike, beautiful lake

on Abby Grind Trail

2 months ago

Great workout and can be done a few times back to back!

2 months ago

Lovely trail with good elevation gain

Nice 11km trails to run, if you don't mind the horse manure, be careful where you step heads up. Couple of inclines but otherwise flat trails through the trees.. nice for walks with family.

A family favorite.

2 months ago

A good hike to start off the hiking season. steady challenge all the way up. Lots of flowers and pleasant smells. View was okay for me. kind of blocked by a tree or two.

2 months ago

Great day on the trails! Seemed to be pretty busy - 6 cars parked at the road and about 10 people encountered while on the trail. Overall, peaceful and well marked. Trail is fairly narrow throughout, take caution on the loose rocks. Would do it again!

Great hike

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