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Trails to hike with the kids this summer

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21 hours ago

I hiked up this morning. Be forewarned - they have drained the lake. It is currently a much smaller, much less attractive lake. I'd skip hiking here until it is refilled. And I don't know when that will be.

Did Millvue from the Lambs Canyon side & while we did lose the trail a couple times from the pass or watershed sign, we made the peak which is right behind the “low” peak with the man made structure and antenna on it. We always found the trail again by never going too far when we did lose it, and just keeping our heads cool & staying calm. Also saw a huge Moose. Legs are all scraped up, so wear longs or zip offs for the part between Lambs & Millvue. Bring lots of water and be patient on top, but trust me, the trail exists to Millvue and is recommended (class 2).

Great short but steep hike! Perhaps not the most scenic by comparison to its southerly bigger siblings, however Mt. Wire is an awesome experience unto its own. Great views of northern Salt Lake. Be sure to climb the ladder at the top for even better views!

4 days ago

nice easy shaded trail for a quick getaway.

6 days ago

Amazing trail. Morning is definitely the time to go. It’s gradual at the beginning and gets very steep at the top. There were only a few good flat sites at the top for a tent, though.

Did the hike from cecret lake the morning or 8/5. We went up and down via the service road (to the right of cecret lake), instead of doing the loop, because my map wasn’t loading. The ascent from the top of sugarloaf lift to sugarloaf peak was very steep and pretty difficult, especially going down- lots of loose rock. It sounds like going down the other side towards devil’s castle is probably easier, so I would try that next time.

Absolutely beautiful!

8 days ago

Gorgeous area. I’ve done it in the summer and winter.

Beautiful views and great hike.

Here’s a hike that definitely earned its rating. Absolutely beautiful, though, and very rewarding. The majority of the trail is well shaded, so any time of day is good to tackle this hike.

Shady, nice trail.

We hiked up to the arch with 5 kids 11-3. It was beautiful and shaded most of the hike. The only tough part for the kids was a lot of loose rock, but overall we loved it!

9 days ago

I hiked (or tried to hike) this trail about a week ago but started from the Lambs Canyon Pass side. Lambs Canyon Trail is well marked and easy to follow but I only got about .5 mile into Millvue Peak trail before giving up and turning around. The start of the trail isn't where it shows on the map. It's about 30 ft south. Not a big deal, I found it and started heading up. At the beginning it's easy to follow but not long into it there's a fork not shows on the map. I took the right fork and about 30 ft later couldn't see the trial at all. Following my phone I tried to trail blaze back to the dotted line. After getting frustrated, I gave up and turned around. When I finally found the trail again I decided to go back and take the left fork. Unfortunately the trail disappears almost immediately that way as well. I soon gave up since I was wearing shorts and was alone. If you are willing to just push along it looks like the vegetation opens up as you reach the crest but getting there is going to be a hassle.

Loved it! Lake Mary is stunning.

We hiked up to Red Pine. We started at 5:30am and the parking lot was pretty full. The water level was really low. We passed a lot of people when we headed down. We then took the trail over to Maybird. There was a lot less people. Maybird water level wasn’t low. Beautiful hike to both lakes.

18 days ago

Perfect amount of challenge and distance. Head up early morning and you’ll avoid a lot of the crowds. Water is low right now but still beautiful none the less!

Started the hike at 5 am and it was awesome!!! I would definitely recommend doing it early morning since there isn't lots of shade through out the hike. Also, the city lights looked amazing!

Dog lake was a really nice hike. It wasn’t too long or too brutal and the lake itself is full of dogs..so how can you not enjoy that?! A little bit of a climb toward the end but nothing too crazy. Would do this again if I wanted a smaller hike.

Great hike, not as difficult as the description makes it sound. I'd rate it a high moderate rather than a hard. Lots of shade, and it didn't get too hot even in the late morning/early afternoon. I started hiking at 8:30am and the parking lot was completely full and there were a lot of people on the trail, but I was still able to find some quiet solitude at the end.

21 days ago

Great hike! We tracked 5.7 miles total round trip. Steep hike for sure, but well worth the effort. The meadow is spectacular view looking up at the Twins. Could have spent some more time just enjoying the landscape. Trail is in shade for about 50% o the climb, and then it's partial shade for the rest of the trail. Best to get an early start as it gets considerably hotter upon return to the parking lot. We were fortunate to have had a light rain most of the way up.

Ok, so maybe if you only go to the first waterfall it is moderate. We hit that and decided to continue on. We read the sign going along the creek and said no way, went towards pretty valley but didn't read the reviews before going so wasn't sure it made it to waterfall and turned around about 1/4 mile after the big rock. we took the trail to hell hole from there. After several steep sections made it to another waterfall a bit past the campsite. Perhaps on a heavier water year it would have been worth it. On the way back we figured let's see what the other trail is like. It cant be that bad going down. Several super steep sections some with ropes not all. Motto of the story, stop at the first waterfall or prepare for a hard hike.

Was a super fun hike, it was overcast when my boyfriend and I went so it wasn’t to hot. Lots of beautiful overlooks and it was definitely challenging but an all over fun hike.

A more beautiful hike than White Pine, but the lake itself, while still gorgeous, isn't as beautiful or blue as White Pine in my opinion. Great hike that can be done in a reasonable amount of time.

Great recon hike for Pfeifferhorn in a few weeks.

Great hike. 7 Lakes. Started at Silver lake , Solitude, up and over to Twin Lakes, over to Lake Mary, Martha, Cathrine, and Dog Lake. Caught the tail end of the flowers.

24 days ago

Loved this hike. Partially shaded on the way to the meadow with a fairly steady but feasible climb. After the meadow, I continued on almost to the peaks. It gets very steep, loose, and difficult to keep your footing right before the summit. One of the most difficult hikes I have done, but you could turn back at the meadow for a more moderate hike (I think the 4.2 mi round trip distance is if you turn back at the meadow). Includes gorgeous views of the meadow, wildflowers, peaks.

27 days ago

Beautiful trail. Fairly high traffic but still a great hike. Strenuous enough but manageable. Wildflowers everywhere. There was a big bull moose about 30 yds from the trail. Had a blast!

Awesome hike! Really not that hard of a hike we ran into a group with little kids that made it up there! So it’s possible! Only took us 2 and a half hours to get to the upper lake lake.

27 days ago

Fun hike. Wildflowers were still in full bloom. Intermittent shade. We saw 3 bull moose. They were right on the trail but we were able go around them.

Our family enjoyed this hike. The arch was beautiful and so was the view under the arch. It was a little steep to get up to the arch but we braved it and no one got hurt. Round trip our phones clocked 2 miles.

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