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Shortcuts to black’s beach

Something scenic

Not trafficked often which is nice for the pup

Nice flat hiking BUT NO PRKING M-F without UCSD permit.

This isn't a hike, it's more of a stroll along the beach, but the view is amazing and perfect for sunsets. However, please don't ignore the danger signs. My best friend's cousin was scrambling there, fell, and barely survived with a broken back, rib cage, face, and damaged internal organs. He had to be airlifted, and it went on the news and everything. It's relatively safe BUT DON'T IGNORE THE SIGNS

Not much of a hike but so much much fun and absolutely beautiful

So beautiful!!!

There is a sign that says dogs are not allowed.

Beautiful views of the beach and ocean. There's a large parking lot. Only drawback is that the trails are not clearly marked and it can be confusing. Some graffiti which is really unfortunate and a few people walking around with their dogs off leash. Still amazing views for being a free park.

trail running
1 month ago

Decent. Not special. Every now and then a homeless man asks you for a cigarette. Makes you wonder why one would ask a runner for a cancer stick. Do smokers run/hike? So many questions...

Fun trail with beautiful sights! Definately suggest getting there early to walk around and stay until sunset.

Amazing views! Easy walk, but again such astheics.

The view was spectacular and the cliffs were fun and easy to walk around on. Lots of cool surfers to watch!

I'm not sure if it's just me but two things. Where is this trail and where is the parking for it!?! I landed at the circle K via my Maps app and didn't feel comfortable leaving my car there. Is there a designated parking place for this trail?

Took advantage of the super low tide today. Great trail.

Easy to park, not crowded, nice views, short and easy hike.

2 months ago

Nice walk. Be careful of cliff drops!

Nice and easy trail. Good for the kids.

it was great, i went with my friends anda take a picnic, and amazing photos

Nice view of Mission Bay but the trail is a little underwhelming.

This trail is a series of dirt paths through a stand of trees on the UCSD campus. We went on a weekend, but I don't think it would be anyplace worth going during the week since it's going to be impossible to park. It's a nice little trail but overall it doesn't feel like an escape because you're always very close to traffic and the location makes it feel like something that is mostly for student use.

Amazing views and central location

mountain biking
5 months ago

Trail is pretty fun with a good amount of hilly areas. Crashing could mean fatal injuries in some areas due to ditches. Also the trail crosses a busy road so hope to god your amazing at frogger.

5 months ago

A decent trail, but there are many places in the middle that have water erosion and small rocks. Footing in these areas is a little iffy, with sprained ankles a possibility for those not as sure-footed.

6 months ago

Such a short adventure. We walked through some caves and emerged to the edge of a cliff. Had to jump off and swim back. More of a "mosey around and explore" than a hike I think. But def a good time!

Great View. Very short easy hike on top of the cliffs.

Awesome place love it!!

Getting pretty overgrown, not well maintained. Not well marked.

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