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8 days ago

Very well-marked and beautiful trail. Challenging at some points. Amazing views!! Unfortunately I couldn't quite make it all the way to the firehouse- had a scary ice wall that I just couldn't cross. So close!! Will definitely go back to make it all the way to the top.

Hiked in April of 2016. amazing views all the way up. theres a dip in elevation between peaks so be aware. took about 2 and a half up. Great hike.

By far one of my favorite hikes. Not too challenging amazing 360 views with some shelter on top. Already can’t wait to go again.

FYI trail is closed . April 1st - May either 1st or 31st , we drove over and hour and 1/2 to find this out. We were there yesterday which was March 31st and it was closed !

Good views for a quick walk. The first questionable `which way do i go' head to the right.

This is great hike for kids & adults. Views are awesome!
Parking can be tricky on busy days.

Kasey Marsters


I didn’t actually intend to climb Chocoura when I went (originally there for the falls) so I was a bit ill-prepared. Like most will say, the views at the top are killer....however. It’s February but for some reason the temps were in the 60’s so I figured it would be a great day to get out. Don’t make that mistake on this trail. The whole mountain was melting causing the trails to become rivers of either slush or solid ice. Even with micro spikes it was incredibly tiring. Many sections of trail looked like solid ice but ended up being 8in of slush. That left me with soaked feet for the whole climb. Definitely plan your trip during nicer weather unless you’re a sucker for pain.

2 months ago

The trail itself is nothing special, though it is very well-marked and easy to follow. The view from the summit would make fighting your way through 3 miles of thorns and vines worth it, though. I climbed twice last summer, yesterday was my first winter ascent here and spikes are an absolute necessity. It was icy from bottom to top, with several sections of extremely hard, thick ice that showed evidence of people sliding once you got past the ledges. Full crampons wouldn’t be overkill, I brought mine “just in case” and we saw several hikers wearing them. Make the effort to really stamp your spikes in, and if you use poles drive those in as well.

It was a bluebird sky almost all the way up, but clouds started blowing in when we got near the summit. The views were still amazing, my partner was huffing and puffing his way up after 3 months of forced rest from a bad mountain biking wreck and he thought the views were worth the effort. The temp was maybe 5F, with 20+mph winds, so the 15 minutes or so we spent out of the wind in the fire tower after getting our pics were a nice break before the trip down.

Total time spent on the mountain, including breaks, was 6.5 hours. It was a very enjoyable hike, one I won’t have any problem doing again.

2 months ago

I completed this hike in October. I’ve never seen such a beautiful colors...or stunning views of New England fall foliage before this. The loop is challenging, but rewarding. Do this as an in and out if you want to avoid very steep climbs and a chimney climb. Not for the faint of heart.

Amazing, beautiful hike! Very ICY! Take proper precautions

This trail is groomed in the winter so it makes for a good winter hike. You should wear microspikes as there are some icy sections. Winter views are better than summer.

Was a nice hike! I would say moderate is correct, rock scramble may be a little challenging for some but do-able! Went up the Blue and down the Yellow, yellow trail is marked very poorly so give yourself time to walk down. Have to stop at each yellow marker and find the next at a few points on the way down making it very confusing due to the logging that was done...

The views are incredible. Be advised that currently on the southwest trail it’s slabs on slabs of ice. You will want micro spikes for sure. Great challenge though. Definitely going back

Really fun little rocky climb, especially towards the top! Beautiful views as well. Chocorua reminds us that it doesn't have to be big to be challenging and rewarding.

My favorite hike in Maine! Good mix of terrain and amazing views!

awesome veiws

Stay on the trail to the left when leaving the parking area. It takes you over to the Bald Knob with unobstructed views. If you continue over the Knob to the Old Canney Rd. (see local topographic map.) Keep bearing right and it will bring you right back to the parking area. By a map, or go with a guide familiar with the area. It's about a four mile loop along well defined woods roads. Good luck.

Great view from the fire tower at the top! Trail was steep in sections. Nice view points along the way with lots of rock face towards the top. Micro spikes were a must!

Moderately hard almost all uphill trail to fire tower on top of mountain with great 360 degree views. Great cardiovascular exercise. Families were doing it with young kids but it is a rigorous hike.

Could have used microspikes on the top 1/2 of the trail as ice has appeared on the ledges. Managed to travel around the icy areas. Be careful if traveling up this time of year.

4 months ago

Nice hike. The top mile was icy. I’d recommend spikes. The view from the tower was worth it!

Starting to get chilly up there now. Lots of icy sections about 1/2 way up the mountain. Microspikes were essential yesterday.

trail running
5 months ago

the trail was pretty technical due to ice and storm damage. a few trees across the trail but only one you have to bushwack around. This trail has a much more forgiving grade than others on the mountain.


Lot of fun on this hike today. It is steep and jagged at the top (and a little icy today) but doable if you take it slow. The views at the top are amazing.

5 months ago

Not well marked in a few places and we went a 1/4 mile off the trail when we hit the granite. It was the beginning of November and already getting icy at the top. The hike was steep as others here have said. The views did not disappoint and we loved the fire tower:) I came down some of the steep spots on my butt but all in all we had a great day!

Great hike, fantastic workout. Starts off nice and easy but gets much harder as you go up. Can get slippery in some spots where there are only rocks, but the view from the fire tower is amazing. Don't be fooled when it looks like it opens up, there is still around a mile left! Definitely more strenuous of a hike than we thought it would be.

Great view 360°, especially when you consider the easy climb it is to the rock out crop on the left trail.

Such a great hike, the Loop trail is not for those who don't like vertical climbs up rock faces and through chimneys, but I loved it for being fairly new to this kind of hike. It also doesn't seem to be dog friendly-- I'd take the Brook trail if there are children or dogs. I took the Loop trail to the pond, and descended via the Brook trail.

a note on the chimney: packs don't easily fit so it's best to haul that out first.
Also I would rate the loop trail as a moderate hike.

Also the Loop trail isn't well marked, so pay attention for the trail markers, especially near the top.

The Brook trail is much more accessible.

I did this hike in late September. It was beautiful!

Love this hike the view and the blueberries where amazing. The logging they have done on the yellow trail make it difficult to navigate bit for the most part you stop at a blaze and you can see the next one just takes a little extra time.

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