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same trail as Stomp Pond Loop, just that this one brings you through the parking lot that charges $15. it's definitely an easy hike completed with my dog in a little less than 3 hours with stops at the stream. it can get a little muddy but the most of the trail is flat. if you have a few hours and want to relax definitely recommend it.

Beautiful views!

road biking
14 days ago

Awesome. Second time. Parked at the soccer field on walker st. Rode my bike, instead of walking. Bikes 11miles

road biking
14 days ago

This trail is NOT DOG FRIENDLY. You are only allowed in a small area and once you have to cross the street, you are not allowed to bring your dog.

Nice trails for all ages. Map is well marked and trails are too. Walked the blue trail. Great for camping. Has boat rental (rowboats). Bring your bug spray. Worth the walk, run biking anything.

Better trail maps would have made not getting lost a little easier. However it was a nice day and we all had a good time.

mountain biking
1 month ago

You don’t need a mountain bike for this trip. Easy and nice leisurely ride. Good for a quick trip and if you have family.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Compounded paths. Nice and easy.

1 month ago

You can either hike/trail run or mountain bike this trail, both are great times!

There are lots of twists and turns in the trail that keep you engaged. And logs are set up to create hills or obstacles.

Some fun things to stumble upon include a shelter made of pine tree branches, evergreen trees decorated for the holidays, and interesting metal debris that could be old car parts or not. Deer/wildlife and foliage are great for viewing here.

I hiked this on a rainy day and the tree cover kept me relatively dry. The pine needles kept the trail soft and stoped it from getting muddy.

Fun trails to run! Buggy tho!

Wonderful trail for biking, running, walking and even roller blading.

Friendly to all ages and families and dogs.

During the spring, summer and the beginning of fall you can see lots of wildlife. Especially ducks and geese. If you’re lucky you’ll see swans.

Plenty of people fish off the bridges or near the shore of the lake. I’ve even seen people wade in the river when it’s nice.

Wonderful local trail run for LI

Beautiful view!

on Belmont Lake Trail

3 months ago

Nice place, good environment for family with kids and dogs. Easy to walk. Good for picnic and barbecue. Unfortunately, most of the restroom doors are unable to close and lock.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Excellent single track trail. Decent signage and great log climbing. Late season growth but otherwise top notch.
Wish they would extend to the west. Potential is endless. Great place with great parking.

Loved this as a beginner mountain bike trail, nice and flat but curvy with options to up the challenge if you want. Bring your phone though, pretty big and easy to get lost with so many crossing trails

Scenic, fairly easy with a few hills.

great trail took 16 yr old and 13 yr old they were tired but finished and had fun

5 months ago

Great place to bring the dog . Nice trails

Hiking, was looking for a trail with some nice elevation changes. Good work out for a 76 year old. First hill about 1/4 mile from start is an ass kicker, good time. Ill be back, prepping for a September hike fir 4 days in the Grand canyon with my granddaughter. Plenty of time to get in shape.

I do this trail once a week and it rarely disappoints

6 months ago

Trail markings could have been better.

Relaxing hike.trails were clearly marked. saw a few birds, unfortunately the pond was still frozen so that limited the amount of ducks to see. definitely will go back .

Went for the 6.6 with a weighted rucksack. Great trail

nice trail all year round. easy walking.

Great, comfortable hike. Quiet and scenic.

I really enjoyed this trail today. In my opinion if you want to go all the way around the lake the blazes are easier to follow if you go clockwise. That is the direction I went today and had no problems at all. The last time here I went counter-clockwise and had a bit of trouble

paddle sports
8 months ago

This is a great place to kayak during the summer. one of my favorite places! It’s a decent length, I believe about 5-7 miles. I visited back in April 2016. The people who set you up are pretty friendly and help get you set up so that you feel comfortable. It’s definitely worth checking out.

I’ve done Blydenburgh probably about 2-3 Times. It’s a light hike. Relatively easy. Very nice in the summer months. But great all year round.

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