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great trail took 16 yr old and 13 yr old they were tired but finished and had fun

21 days ago

Great place to bring the dog . Nice trails

Hiking, was looking for a trail with some nice elevation changes. Good work out for a 76 year old. First hill about 1/4 mile from start is an ass kicker, good time. Ill be back, prepping for a September hike fir 4 days in the Grand canyon with my granddaughter. Plenty of time to get in shape.

I do this trail once a week and it rarely disappoints

2 months ago

Trail markings could have been better.

Relaxing hike.trails were clearly marked. saw a few birds, unfortunately the pond was still frozen so that limited the amount of ducks to see. definitely will go back .

Went for the 6.6 with a weighted rucksack. Great trail

nice trail all year round. easy walking.

Great, comfortable hike. Quiet and scenic.

I really enjoyed this trail today. In my opinion if you want to go all the way around the lake the blazes are easier to follow if you go clockwise. That is the direction I went today and had no problems at all. The last time here I went counter-clockwise and had a bit of trouble

paddle sports
4 months ago

This is a great place to kayak during the summer. one of my favorite places! It’s a decent length, I believe about 5-7 miles. I visited back in April 2016. The people who set you up are pretty friendly and help get you set up so that you feel comfortable. It’s definitely worth checking out.

I’ve done Blydenburgh probably about 2-3 Times. It’s a light hike. Relatively easy. Very nice in the summer months. But great all year round.

very easy walk. wide trail not very woodsy. popular

4 months ago

Nice and quiet. Disagree about review about mean neighborhood. It was really nice, people were super nice on the way. Almost no traffic noise. Really peaceful walk.

great hike/walk took approx 2hrs

4 months ago

As an avid road bike rider I was appalled ( we walked approx 8 miles ) of the lack of concern and safety by the bike riders to everyone else. NO concern for safety .

Our favorite local hike.

I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful the park is. Especially at this time of the year when the leaves are changing color. As I walked around the lake I took many pictures of the water and the reflection of the trees on it. The trail is an easy course, that is well marked by blue and white blaze. It was very quiet on the trail because it was a weekday. There is an old pink house on the grounds, and what seems to a building that reminds me of a grist mill. I would have given 5 stars, but I was disappointed in the fact that I found people on the trail with unleashed dogs, and also people leaving bags of dog feces along the trail. Why can’t they just take it out with them and dispose of it properly.

Hiked up to the thinnest part of the lake. Great walk, not too challenging. Lots of dogs off leash for some reason.

5 months ago

I used to love it here and been coming for 20 years. But now all the people there are very stuck up and very unwelcoming. From the moment you park your car, they are watching you and they don't want you there. I've came back to my car and found someone drew a line on the road around my car with chalk with the time that I had parked there. Very creepy. The moment sunset begins, they will ticket you $150 if you didn't make it out the park in time, even if you are on the way out. The people who live near this park are horrible people who don't want others to enjoy "their park". They stand outside their house on the street and stare at you and your car until you remove yourself and your vehicle from their sight. My car was across the street and 5 houses down from one guy that was standing out his house watching. Why does this concern him? Another person called public safety to make sure we left within the 2 hour timeframe that was allowed, which we did and would have done without their hovering. Its unfortunate since I lived in this town for years and like to visit the park I sort of grew up in. To be treated like a criminal for taking a walk.. its just outrageous.

nice and flat. good with a dog and baby

5 months ago

Blazed primarily for riders; if planning on hiking, be aware of your surroundings. Good variety of terrain and a good, physically engaging trail. Give riders respect and receive it in return.

If anyone is ever interested in having a hiking buddy for this trail or any other trail.. text me! (631)428-4999

Lots of different elements to this trail. Beaches, hills, lakes, streams and a mini waterfall keeps it interesting for sure! Make sure you bring bug spray and toilet paper because this is a long trail.

mountain biking
7 months ago

Great trail-awesome to get a solid workout in on limited time. Really fun features.

nice view but theres tons of nats.

One of Long Islands best. Great scenic views and a ton of wildlife. Very noticeable of how well this park is kept. Spotless!!! A wooden walkway has been built over the marsh part. Big help. Treat for bugs before as the nats are a bit annoying.

This place is great! There are so many different trail options which gives the illusion that you're one of the only people in the park! You can rent row boats if you get tired of hiking

A nice, relatively quiet loop trail. Not challenging (mostly flat).

I love this park.

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