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Summer 2017 Map
mountain biking
1 day ago

This is mainly a mountain biking trail. Hikers and dogs should use caution. This is a lot of downhill terrain so mountain bikes are moving fast.

1 day ago

Beautiful well-marked trail. The last mile to the trailhead is on a very rough road that requires a high-clearance vehicle.

1 day ago

It was a great hike. Trail was clear in the way in, but wind knocked down some trees and the trail was obstructed on the way back. Camp close to the hot springs so the walk back wet is short. Amazing views! The only wildlife we saw was snakes. The hot spring on the other side of the river is the warmest.

Pros: 70% shade
Cons: no signage, manure everywhere, no cave access— walked by 3 times, but never found, no good views.

4 days ago

This is such a lovely trail with gentle up and downhill sections. It can be accessed from Navajo Basin Trail or closer to Telluride at the parking area marked “Kilpacker “ which is where we started. I think this is why our trail map is so different from the sites.

Over 7 miles to first camp site.
Springs not marked

Great trail minus the 180lb mountain lion I spotted about 40 yards from me on my way up. Was about 5 min from reaching top and once I saw I could be cat food I stood tall and slowly started stepping backwards. I think I came down in record time.lol

Beautiful !

12 days ago

CRATER LAKE/ANDREWS LAKE/MOLAS PASS AREA. Guide books talk this one up and I feel they’re right!
What contributed to a good experience today is that it was a Wednesday afternoon start and we had realistic expectations we weren’t going to make the full out and back plus the weather was perfect—no chance of rain, nearly cloudless and 70 degrees even at 11,000 feet!

I made it to the Snowdon meadow though I found out from an overnight hiker on his way back (Ben) that I had picked an alternative path. The usual way to go to Crater Lake is the right fork of the “Y” that presents itself at the register box.

Memorable moments: Seeing a Western Osprey loop repeatedly over Andrews Lake both as I showed up and departed—then seeing a second one! Noticing the texture change underfoot as I went from sturdy dirt trail to mushy marsh then to crunchy dried pine needles littering the forest floor.

I will certainly be pleased to trek all the way to the lake. It’s a “definitely do it again” alpine hike with no-sweat trail access. Lovely!

Beautiful lake - the trail could use some better markings - it is easy to wander off but overall a good portion of shade and relatively flat.

trail running
14 days ago

Very nice trail until you reach the saddle between sharks tooth and Centennial then if you want to proceed up sharks tooth it’s pretty rough,tons of jagged loose rock! Overall lovely hike would def check out this trail again!

The employees at Purgatory/ Durango Mountain Resort Let us know that we had every right, as hikers, to be on those trails. They said best to hike beneath the chairlifts. We took to the more easterly side. Bikers were courteous and I was fast to side step off the trail as soon as I saw one in the distance. We had the keep our 6 year old aware of the fast and furious dangers posed by them.

Be aware lift closes 4pm and plan accordingly.

Nice and steep for a short workout. Definitely will get acquainted with bike-free trails around here for a safer and less ‘high-alert’ experience.

17 days ago

Trail is very pleasant but could have better markings. Great for day hiking with family or pets.

19 days ago

Decent trail. Did just the North loop. First mile is overlooking the paved roads of the camping area. First good view doesn't occur until 1.7 miles in. Once you got around to the rim you had a nice view of the canyon, but also of the park road across the canyon. Saw plenty of signs of big horns, scat and tracks, but no sheep. Saw a few short horned lizards though.

Every section offered a new, breathtaking view. The trail was pretty easy - clearly defined, nice paths. A little more incline than I expected but still overall pretty easy. We passed a few people but it definitely wasn’t crowded. Our total mileage was closer to 11 miles and it took us under 6 hours to complete. We did sit at Crater Lake for awhile. The grazing alpacas were a surprise treat! Do this hike!

21 days ago

Very nice trail. Difficult to navigate. Lots of beautiful scenery, a couple waterfalls, cool mining site. Lots of shade. Worth the trek. This is also a horse trail so watch out for horse poo.

We did this walk with kids (both under 10) and found it fairly easy. Most of the trail is nice - unremarkable - but nice enough. The sections along the creek are pretty and the trees provide a bit of shade on a hot day. The kids also liked the old mine and other remains along the trail.
We did not do the section that over looks the lake.

A challenging trail with amazing views! Our family loved it!

The views from the top are really nice, but this trail is very steep, and very narrow in some spots. Pretty sketchy as you get up higher and as you walk along the top of the ridge. I probably would say it's difficult more than moderate.

I had so much fun on this 3 day trip.. very good trail, rolling hills and climb.. both ways are good exercise but still easy/moderate. We had a lot of visitors like deer, birds, chipmunks, etc. I highly recommend this trail for a day hike, or backpack, or even to get someone hooked to the outdoors, because the views are breathtaking and the rewards are high.

scenic driving
1 month ago

There were plenty of stops on the road to see cliff dwellings, pit houses, and stunning canyon views, plus we saw a snake in the road that was around 5 FEET LONG!

1 month ago

Just did (7/6-7/8) Williams Creek Trail (587) to Williams Lake Trail (664) ending at Williams Lake (returned same way total 24 mi). Lots of deadfall trees (125 trees and i did count them) on trail, but crew clearing trail should be done by now. Crew said they cut and move 50 trees/d. Hats off and thanks. Heading up you pass a nice campsite on left with large meadow and creek access at about 3.5mi. Trail crosses Williams creek twice on way up. Can rock hop across this year with relatively low flow (years past you get wet feet). I camped at last large meadow on right before the steeps at about 6.2mi. This site has good terrain for camping and the creek is close, but lots and lots of black flies. Trail surface is good to excellent all the way to the lake. Intersect Williams lake trail at 8.2 mi. Lots of fair camping locations in this area. Lake at 10.6 mi and is above tree line. This year lake is green with high temps and low flows. Monsoon season has begun with high probability of afternoon and evening rain, hail, and lightning. If you can get beyond the abundant dead blue spruce trees, this is a very nice hike with excellent exposures of varied volcanic geology. Trail offers possibility of connection to Continental divide trail (beyond Williams lake about .8 mi) and a return hike via Squaw Pass and Cimarrona Creek Trail.

on Haviland Lake Trail

1 month ago

Shady trail. The first part is great because you hike near a creek and come across an old mine. Trail isn’t marked well so it was a bit hard to navigate. Bring your lunch and enjoy it overlooking the lake!

Great hot weather hike! Very serene with some short interval hills. Much of the hike is tree covered for great shade.

steep and scary. great workout though.

Warning: Initial ascent to the upper ridge on the Durango side is steep, with insanely steep, deadly, drop offs on both sides. There is only one way to go, and that is up because the initial assent makes a turn, creating fall potential on three sides. The footing is loose shale and you will learn to pray on all fours very quickly if you attempt the ascent. Not one to be afraid of heights, I finally found my fear of heights and slowly made my way back down, backwards. Sign your will (and bring a pick-axe.) My legs felt like spaghetti and I was thankful to be alive in Durango that day.

1 month ago

In the end, it was an amazing weekend (6/29 - 7/1/18) There were 194 downed logs on the trail which added hours having to climb over/under, go around them. We ran into a horse crew on the way down that said a crew was going to be there 1st or 2nd week in July. Wouldn’t do it again unless clear.

There was an upside; didn’t see another soul at the lake the entire weekend. Beautiful spot in the world. GREAT fishing so take your fly rod. Day hiking was accessible and the divide trail only 30-1hr from lake. Wildflowers were going off. Smoke was varying all weekend due to fires.

1 month ago

Thank you thank you whoever cleared the trail, takes about half the time to get to the spring now.

1 month ago

Started out around noon to hike to the springs. Fair warning, there is not much shade on the trail. Got to my destination in a little over three hours, set up camp, then had the hot spring all to myself! Perfect end to the day. Camped there overnight and hiked out in the morning. The trail is clear and beautiful!

on Crater Lake Trail

1 month ago

Great trail and so worth it! It’s actually 5.7 miles to the lake (11.4 round trip), so it’s longer than advertised. Easy grade and well worth it though! Particularly if the flowers are blooming

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