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Great views! Great foliage in the Fall!

Gorgeous at any time of year!

I loved this trail. The views over the river were beautiful and the fairy houses were adorable.

I wish that I could review it. The trails were very poorly marked. We had a wonderful day of walking, but never actually located Zeke's trail.

great spot

3 months ago

One of my favorites.

We did this trail today and we were not dissapointed! It's not very well maintained, so it would rate this as a moderate hike. Great views of Camden Hills and Acadia National Park from the summit, you have to find the ledge! Towers up top will guide you. A few blow downs, and the trail is marked with orange tape and not blazes. I wouldn't take kids under 6 up the mountain but could be a nice hike for adventurous families! #lovemaineadventures

Easy hike with awesome stone bridges and a stream.

It is a very easy walk through the woods. Beautiful water, lovely stone bridges. But.... the trails are not marked. it is pretty much a loop, but there are off shoots. My intention was to do the loop. When I came up on a couple and asked how the hike was they way they just came, they said it was a dead end and asked me how to get back to the parking area. I told them the way I had just come through. I then continued on my loop and a 3 generational group came walking towards me. The child was in panic mode and said they were lost! I told him he wasn't lost but on an adventure! The small group was about to go the wrong way when a third group arrived and said they needed to go down the other path to get back to the high school. I do hope they put signs up "you are here".

4 months ago

Great walk!!! Autumn colors made our walk be wonderful. The view is incredible.

There was only one trail sign to Mount Megunticook and that was at the beginning. We thougth we were on the wrong trail because when we followed it we were no where near the All Trails location. Turned back to check signs and there was no mention of Mount Megunticook at the last signage. We continued on and the summit is actually the X with an elevation of 1312. There is no view but if you go about another half mile there is a gorgeous lookout over the harbor. Trail was mostly in the woods with a few outlooks.

4 months ago

Last hiked it on August 31, 1997. What can I saw that has not already been said by many visitors about this spectacular hike?

I would not rate it an "easy" hike. Although that may be due to the fact we hiked it in mid October with alot of leaves down the day after rain... The trail itself is not very long but it is very Rocky and rather steep in parts. That in combination with extra layers of clothes made it feel a bit tougher.

5 months ago

Very pretty walk

A nice hike but I would rate it easy, not moderate.

Great trail - I think describing a trail as "Easy, Moderate or Hard" is all relevant. We completed this trail in a little under three hours. It was a gorgeous trail, with limited views until you get to the lookout and then to the summit. We had a beautiful day to hike, but definitely needed some warmer clothes at the summit, as the stuff we wore was wet with sweat and it got quite chilly while standing still taking the necessary peak photos. I would rate this trail as moderate - it will get your blood pumping but it is worth it. Check out the cabin on your way up/down and take a minute to read all the notes and scribbles inside left behind by other hikers.

Great day. Great hike!

My wife and I loved it. Beautiful hiking! Rated moderate but wasn't all that difficult. Rated a little higher than easy would be better to say. The views were absolutely fantastic. The cross and story associated with it was very sad but good.

5 months ago

Great hike not too far from Monson. Starts easy on a gravel road with plenty of switchbacks. There are cutoffs if you don't want to do the switchbacks. Once you get past the ponds, the trail gets steeper. Fun scrambles near the false summit. Moderate to heavy traffic. Amazing views at the top.

I want to let people know that aren't athletes or experienced jokers. This is very doable. It is not easy by any means, but it is very much worth it!!!! Remember lots of water and bug spray. And do not forget your camera!

Nice moderate to easy... smells like pine trees and Christmas

6 months ago

Just a little rugged. Very well marked. Wear mosquito repellent!! You will be eaten alive.

6 months ago

Great hike. Had some great views at the top.

I would've enjoyed this more had I not had an image of "hobbit land" in my head. It was simply a stone bridge with some small falls that made up the hobbit land idea. Mind you it was beautiful, just not necessarily worth the travel time it took for us to get there. We did find some fairy houses along the way with were pretty fun to see!

This is a nice trail, but I would definitely rate it an easy trail, not moderate. The last part of the trail ends at the transfer station and wasn't sure where to go from there. The trail was marked but I did find that a couple places where we went off the trail. It's not just a loop- has a bunch of overlooks before the cliff, some didn't offer much of a look, but he too was nice.

The water was so pretty and unique. I'll definitely go back.

Great trail with beautiful views! Well maintained and marked, though we did wander off trail a couple times without meaning to - there are many "subtrails" so really pay attention to the white blazes. Challenging ascent to the cliffs, but nothing too terrible (no ladders or ropes needed). Many roots along the entire trail so I recommend hiking boots over running shoes. My friend's dog had a blast; there are some spots with sharp drop-offs so bring a leash. I'll definitely hike this trail again.

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