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great hike today, the ice caves were awesome the access hole was open we put a safety rope down in there, the trails was well-marked and easy to find

15 days ago

Stone staircase gets you onto the mountain. trails loop around the crown, passing by the foundation of what was once a fire watch tower (there's a cell phone tower on the mountain now). ascent/descent occasionally steep, often rocky. We hiked it shortly after Christmas, 2018, on a warm day so not much icy, but lots of wetness. A fun, relatively easy 2-hour hike. Nice views, dog-friendly.

Nice trail! Not overly trodden; Short time to get a view, and the views on top (in my opinion), are some of the best in the state!

A fairly easy fast hike with some great views. I've brought classes of students as young as 1st grade up here!

I brought 2- 8 year old boys on this hike on the 1st day of summer vacation. It was a lot of work for them but well worth it. What a great day!!

We've been here a couple of times. It's always gorgeous!!

We've done this a few times and love it each visit.

Great hike. Some parts were muddy and rocks slippery but an awesome scenic overlook and view at the top.

Beautiful in December

really great for a fun, easy winter hike or snowshoe. parked at the fishery as I didn't want to take my car down the snow covered road with no area to turn around in for fear of getting stuck. Probably added a mile by walking to the trailhead. The trail head is difficult to find so keep that in mind, it is next to a large sign on the left side of the road. Really fun after a fresh snow, the top loop feels like Narnia.

very nice

great time with your family easy hiking great trails

great trail. there is a cave tunnel on the ledge facing craigs pond on the ledge if your on top of the summit and you look down towards the trail you come up on it is the ledge next to it on the left there is a wooden bence and it is in front of it slightly to the left look for the crack in the ledge you can shimmy down into it and walk threw a tunnel about 20 feet and come out the other side of the tunnel

tougher than moderate in my book. was very wet with leaves made it more challenging.

Beautiful hike. Great views in the way up. the summit was surrounded by tree unfortunantly. But very worth the hike for all the views!

Fun trail fairly easy with some steeper hills. Lots of roots and unsteady ground. Beautiful views. Great little ferry homes kids and grown ups created all along the path.

What a beautiful trail! Hiked it Columbus Day 2018. The weather was PERFECT! Could not have asked for a more perfect day. The foliage was in FULL bloom! Trail is moderate to difficult with a lot of ledge at the top. New trails since the last time I was there and a lot of history as well! 360 views at the top! Simply amazing!

Great path ! Took my friend and me around 1h9m. We did stop at the overlooks and take pics . Our average pace was about 18 -20 min/mile - so it could be completed in around 40 minutes! A few things about the trail ; very very rooty! Also it had down poured yesterday and a lot of the trail was still mucky. Neither of these are cons - just information I would personally have liked to know before I hiked so I thought I would share.

Enjoyed this trail October 27th, 2018 with my dog Sonny, my daughter Brianna and her pup Piper...it had snowed during the week so the further we climbed the more snow we found...about 3 inches...made some rocks on the steep incline a little challenging..pretty hike with the trees covered in snow..marked out spot at the cabin...made it to the scenic overlook, beautiful!! It was windy and cold, a storm was brewing so we turned back. A bit of a challenge but worth it!!

Great hike! Short, sweet, easy and great views. Tried to loop over to Maiden's Cliff and that was hard to find, but gorgeous hiking all through the park.

This was the first physical activity I had done in 6 months, upon walking..I was exhausted and felt like I was going to pass out, it is not an easy trail. But it was well worth it! Even after sunset and close to dark it was so stunning.
There are roots and small rocks scattered around, so it’s a good idea to bring sneakers with grippy soles or hiking boots. You definitely have to watch your step.

Excellent short hike with stunning views of the tidal flats. My wife and I hiked this gem on Friday. We saw seals fishing as the tide retreated. Can be hiked in sneakers like we did but highly recommended a good pair of boots due to the roots and uneven footing.

Oct 17th great little hike with a wonderful view .

Beautiful, light filtered, hike in the woods. Great view on the top. If you have your dog off leash, be sure to mind the signs to releash your dog near the top. They are not kidding when they say it’s a sheer 150 ft drop.

3 months ago

Very nice and beautiful

Stunning Views follow this fairly rigorous hike. Plenty of friendly folks on our way up and down the trail.

A fun, moderate hike with nice views, especially on a fall day like today.

A good rewarding, moderate, hike. Today was my second time climbing it. The views going up and from the scenic outlook were amazing. Cloud cover prevented most of the views from the top.

Incredible. Just hiked this on Saturday October 6th. Absolutely beautiful. Ran into only two other hikers the entire hike. Must have spent an hour at the top. Took me 3.5 hours counting that and didn’t find the trail strenuous at all, and I’m not in the shape I used to be!

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