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The ground was frozen but exposed for the first 2.5 miles of the trail, then turned to about 6 inches of hard crust. My wife used crampons for the top section and I used snowshoes. Traction devices are a must for the final push to the summit! The snow crust became thicker near the top, but didn't seem to get deeper than 12 to 18 inches. Took us about 5 hours with our dog. Thanks to the couple we met returning from lunch at the resort's summit lodge, who took our photo. Beautiful hike on a clear day for the views. We can't wait to return in the summer!

Nice trail!

11/17/18 definitely challenging with lots of snow!!! Finished in about 5 & half hours... Grateful for Coopers lodge to “warm up”

2 months ago

I took the south trail and its a great and free hicking zone! Moderate is a valid rating for this hike. The view is fanrastic! Can be done in less than 2 hours total easily :)

2 months ago

A rewarding steady-steepness hike to a wonderful view. I went 4 stars instead of 5 as the summit is shared with the gondola station for the ski area, so it lacks a bit of the pure pristine wilderness feel that I prefer. The wind at the summit seems to be ever-present, so bring layers and be attentive to the hourly weather forecast, as conditions at the top can be quite different from those at the trailhead or in the forest that covers most of the trail.

As most have pointed out, this hike is very easy for the first 1 1/2 mile. It definitely gets tougher though! The last half mile (as of 10/19) was very icy. It made for a do-able, but challenging ascent to the top. Make sure to dress in layers, as the top of the mountain is significantly colder and has high winds. With all that said...the view is worth it!

2 months ago

A friend and I went on this hike hoping to see pretty foliage but realizing we were a little too late and most leaves were on the ground. She is a more avid hiker than I am, I typically stick to more moderate trails. Looking at the reviews people said it was pretty decent until the very top so I thought I’d go for it. Needless to say this trail kicked my butt, and hers too, but I struggled the most. The last quarter-mile is intense like people say especially now as it’s covered with ice. But even the mile before that is pretty much straight up with lots of rocks, mud and fallen leaves, even some patches of ice. So I think we hit the trail really the latest time in the season before it gets kinda dangerous. You definitely need micro spikes to get up that last quarter mile with all the ice. But overall it was an adventure is hike and Cooper’s lodge with a nice place to stop and rest and even a great place to spend the night if hiking the Appalachian trail.

Great hike, the last 200 yards I stopped, too steep for the shoes I had and did not want to take a chance on falling. But I will be back to get to the Summit.

I went into this hike figuring that the top would be socked in with fog. I won't repeat what everyone else has described about the challenge of the trail. It is accurate. The final climb did have some ice though that added to the challenge. I hunkered down for a snack at the top behind a ledge. Just as I was starting my descent the fog lifted and I was able to get some really neat pictures. Totally worth the effort. My first 4,000 footer.

Got to be in pretty good shape !!! Not a beginners trail!!! Great hike !!!

Très belle randonnée! Des points de vue magnifiques et spectaculaires. À faire en famille!

3 months ago

Took the North trail up and back...Views at the outlooks were amazing. Steep in spots but overall it was mild-moderate in difficulty. Took about 3 hours

Beautiful views

3 months ago

Great hike with my wife and brother in law. Great view from top. On a clear day you can see Montreal. Near the top you have the option of crossing the ski trail and continuing a short rock scramble or just walk up the ski trail while enjoying the beautiful view.

What a beautiful hike

Seems like a breeze, until you’re JUST about at the peak! Didn’t realize there was tram service up there until we redirected some not well-dressed tourists back to the tram as they started making their way down the steep rocky long trail in loafers and polos! Beautiful waterfall stop highly recommended to sit and listen to the white noise of nature.

Very nice trail! The end of the trail is much longer than you would expect. You keep getting the sense that you are almost done, but then it just keeps going on. It connects with the old trail near the end. The end of the trail is not difficult, but it is a bit risky with steep rocks to maneuver over, so people who are afraid of heights or ledges won't make it all the way. There are still views they can enjoy without going all the way to Eagle Rock. Gorgeous views all around! One more piece of advice - when traveling there, be sure to go through Barton, not Westmore, as that side of Wheeler Mountain Road is not well kept.

Fantastic hike! Made it in around 5.5 hours. We hiked this mountain in October and the view was incredible!

We completed this hike in beautiful weather earlier today. Everything that the others have written about the trail starting gently and then finishing with demanding scramble is ‘spot on’. The views from the top were however absolutely magnificent and rendered all of the hard work getting there, worthwhile. We would thoroughly recommend this walk.

Loved this hike! Went up the Halfway House Trail to Long Trail then down Sunset Ridge. Long Trail was along the ridge so the views were incredible. The hike wasn't that hard. It was perfect fall hiking weather (~55 degrees) and it was pretty crowded at the top. The views from the top were incredible!!!

Great hike in an amazing forest. The last 30 minutes to Eagle Rock is quite technical. The views are phenomenal!!

3 months ago

Nice short hike. Don't miss the western lookout past the summit. If you're hiking with a dog, you'll want to keep him/her on a leash, since the trail is never far from dizzyingly high cliffs.

The rock face at the top is breathtaking, photos will never fully capture the majestic feel. The views are spectacular.

on Jay Peak Trail

4 months ago

Beautiful trail but quite steep and rocky. We chose to walk back down by the ski trails to the ski parking lot. From there we had to walk back to the beginning of the trail on the main road uphill. I'd personally rate this trail as "hard/difficult". The views from the top and the walk down the ski slopes made it an unforgettable hike. Plan 5 hrs return.

súper belle expérience.

Beautiful trail! Like everyone else mentioned, starts off easy peasy with most of the elevation gained during the last bit which can be a bit challenging. We were blessed with clear blue skies and a gorgeous day to complete this hike up Killington. Highly recommend.

Not much variation in the trails since it’s a ski mountain, but the view is gorgeous!

Incredibly dangerous with the wet boulders. I slipped ~10 times myself but didn't fall nor get hurt. Be cautious!

Great trail. A bit muddy with slippery rocks on the top. Only one viewpoint at the end. NOTE: I lost a broche on the trail, piece of wood with a silver leaf. Let me know if you find it! marie.dupuis@gmail.com.

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