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This is a beautiful hike. Follow the app and preloaded map, and you'll be fine. I had to stick to the wider path a couple times because the original line of this track is overgrown or covered by water. This is going to be a regular spot for sure. Veer a little off path towards the sounds of Rapids when you reach the back of the high school against the river for a great view. Fantastic.

6 days ago

Beautiful trail. Need to start very early because the views are against the sunlight when you get to the top, making the lake ordinary as supposed on the west side of the lake, the lake views are exceptional, like in heaven. Because of this, I gave 4 Star. The non-lake views are great though.

Actual hiking time 8 hrs 20 Min. But it took us 9 hrs and 15 mins to finish the whole trail because of extra time to enjoy the view, wild flower and to take short breaks for food and drink.

On one part of the trail, a lot of California Poppy and some other wild flower are blooming ( mid April).

Definitely need to download the map before you go because you would get lost, like other reviewer said, in rocky area where the trail is not obvious. Easy to get back in Trail with navigation in the app.

Trekking poles are recommended because 2-3 area is very steep, and some area is sandy slippery and you are on the edge of the slop. Most area are slow ascent and decent making the trail easier to climb.

Having seen review with ticks, I used bug spray on shoes and lower legs, and had no problem at all.

Bring at least 3 L water and add electrolytes powder. (Costco sales it). Even at low 70 degree F temperature, I drank more than 3 L. Half of the trail has no tree, no shade. Not recommended in hot day.

The trail is very quiet. We did not see any another people. Thanks to the other review, we looked for and parked at the sign of 20 mile mark. Maximum 4 cars could park there. We felt a bit uneasy and unsafe leaving our car there. But no problem with our car when we came down at Sunset time.

Wonderful walk and physically very easy to do. What was hard is finding the right paths and trails - the signage lacks! However, using this app which I just downloaded this morning-made it workable

The GPS navigation kept me going down the right pathways. Totally would have been lost with consulting it from time to time.

Lots of colors from wildflowers along the trail. The American River was high from recent rains and was running very swiftly down towards Sacramento.

All in all a nice walk in nature - would do this trail again. I would have not have discovered this trail system with this app.

Loved this trail! So beautiful! Loved feeling out in nature. Easy to get to, lots off side trails, water - so pretty! This moved to our #1 trail for this area. Looking forward to next weekend to go again.

Great hike with a little bit of everything — flat trail, inclines, rocks and streaming water! The pathway is very narrow. Enjoyed seeing all the greenery and a few small critters!

26 days ago

Challenging yet worth every bit of it. Trail is not too overgrown. still in good shape, only few parts of it are slightly water-damaged. Overall all great hike, a true workout. Make sure to bring at least 3L water with you on a hot day :)

on Folsom Trail

1 month ago

Great afternoon walk. We went on a Friday afternoon and while we did see a good number of people biking/ running/ walking, it was by no means busy or crowded.

not much of a scenery except the lake, yet decent and not crowded all day hike. 15.5 miles

2 months ago

Lovely trail for a lovely day.


2 months ago

Luved this hike even though i managed to do half of it due to time constraints, challenging but the views are amazing. I will definitely do the entire hike next time.

3 months ago

Nice meander trail with a lot of options to get off the main path and enjoy the lake!

If you're planning on hiking the path listed I strongly suggest using the app or a map. Even using the app we got a bit confused. Very rocky, so wear comfortable shoes. Some nice wildlife by the river. We saw plenty of birds and some sunbathing turtles. Not too many people on the trail when we went. Lots of dogs.

Love this trail. Beautiful and not very busy usually (except for holidays in the summer).

On arrival you come to American River Canyon Overlook park. Dont bother with doing the first loop or heading to the very end of the black trail marker. The area is fenced off so it forces you to go around.
Look at my return tracks.
The start of the trail is across the parking lot from the out building behind a big metal Flag pole in a chained off area. Drop down behind the flag pole and head left at the gate.
First impressions of the place was "what a dump"!
Things got better after the first mile and the views are nice. Typical river views.
Wear your muck boots as its obvious the people using their horses over feed them.

I'll return to the area to use some of the other trails but will consider parking at another location.
Lots of runners on the trail.

4 months ago

Great trail - really easy to get lost though.


4 months ago

Beautiful hike along the PCT. Unfortunately the trail right before Tamarack Lake was covered in about 2 feet of snow. Not knowing this, we only had hiking boots. Ended up camping the night at Tamarack Lake which was just as gorgeous and isolated.

4 months ago

Beautiful! Well worth it. Definitely going again.

This was fun.
My friend and I started at 6:30 from the WS trailhead. We saw a chewed up deer leg right near the beginning. Then we saw 3 or 4 live male deer and a couple females along our way.
We are training for a backpacking trip, so this trail was nice because we could wander around on many different trails.
There are some steep areas, depending on the trail you take.
You continually run into people. The only reason that is a bad thing is because there are not many flat areas where you can wander off to pee, so I was usually right off trail with my friend having to warn any oncomers. :P

Love this trail. Get a camping permit and stay the night to really enjoy this lake.

Love this place. Beautiful, moderate hike that's not crowded at all. I go here a few times a month.

5 months ago

Definitely a must do trail. Although late October there wasn't much of the lake left. It had snowed two days before which made the hike beautiful. The Sunny Trail along echo Lakes in the partially Snow covered mount Ralston across the other side was incredible. The hike is a little rocky in areas stiff sold shoes are nice. Because of the snow and warm weather it made for some soggy trail, I'd advise waterproof boots for the hike. Nice warm days but in the 20s at night. Brrrrr

Trail was very nice but I lost my ray-Bans on the way down :(

5 months ago

great ride, bikers can be more considerate

Cool trail--well maintained. Today was a lovely fall day. We saw a dozen or so trail runners, one other hiking party, and a bunch of turkey buzzards. We'd do it again.

6 months ago

Beautiful hike, i did a backpacking trip in desolation and stopped here one of the nights. Flowers were blooming and very lush this time of year. Also stopped at zatela and four q.

6 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous!

6 months ago

Absolutely amazing! Beautiful scenery, dog friendly, multiple lakes to hike to! The parking at echo lake is packed so show up early! We encountered at lot of other hikers along the trail, but once we reached Lake Aloha we basically had the lake to ourselves! Would definitely do this hike again :)

So I accidentally ended my beginning of the hike at robie point and then had to restart my track lol but this hike was AMAZING! Did the entire 8.8 miles starting at American canyon overlook park. Plennnnty of places to park there. The hike was definitely a challenge, especially on the way back up. Bring lots of water! There were really nice views of the river and it was cool to cross "no hands" bridge! Interesting to read about the history on the plaques. There was also a nice little waterfall and small bridge to check out :] Definitely planning on returning to this hike in a few weeks! I really enjoyed the variety of sights to see along this hike and there were a few spots that were prime to sit and take breaks (bench/picnic table). That uphill really gets your heart pumping!

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