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Ended up being an 8 mile walk where we had to just turn around and go back the way we came. Darlington trial had nice orange trail makers but at one point the markers take you off the "loop" that is in the map picture and you go way off base. No view...won't do the trail again.

4 days ago

Beautiful, well maintained trails

nice trail..great pics to come

16 days ago

Path had been flooded and nothing was really marked so I basically just stumbled around the woods for two hours and then got stung by a bee. That being said, the moss and ferns are gorgeous and I did see a cool purple mushroom.

Just near the AT museum there's a road to the right, old shippensburg rd where you follow that all the way to the end. There's some parking there where you meet to trail head.
The climb was a great steepish uphill to the top. Unfortunately, I had to turn around at the second rocks bc of a big black bear greeting me. That was fun! A copperhead was laying in some rocks at the top too so they are around. Beautiful hike what I could do though! Near the parking there's a turn to the AT also that walks by a river.

Our family did this a few moths ago. Great hike

on White Rocks Trail

17 days ago

loved this hike. didn't make it all the way out to the end. went in the evening and lost the light. will be revisiting.

Great place to hike during the hot summer!

Not sure why it says heavily trafficked, I only saw 2 people on the trail and a father and little boy right near one of the lots. Pretty rugged trail in places with a lot of ups and downs so a good training hike or just enjoyable as is. People were not kidding about the spiders! They usually never bother me but after my hair and shirt had plenty of spider silk (plus what I wiped off my face) I started using a long thin stick to clear them as I walked. Some great views of the river but found the gulley you go through in the middle just beautiful and serene. Have hiked a lot of miles since moving to PA and this is my favorite so far for solitude and beauty.

Great trail system. Part of my cycle of trails that I hike often

23 days ago

Very very overgrown! Made the mistake of continuing on when the trail became nearly non-existent and I honestly felt like it was the closest I’ll ever get to naked and afraid. We hiked through tons of thorns and poison Ivey. On the bright side, some parts have really pretty views, places to sit and it was a GREAT workout. Definitely turn around when the trail gets overgrown lol

very challenging and rewarding hike. was very busy when I went the last week in July. beautiful photos from the overlook. met a through hiker who started in GA in March and was making his way to ME!

trail running
1 month ago

Love these trails! A bit of everything...wide pine needle paths, narrow roots/rock single track, grassy hills. All with great wildlife and lakeside views.

I love Hawk Rock. I've probably hiked this over 20 times in the past few years and I'll do it again and again.

Beautiful view, but I don't like so many rocks.

my favorite rock

1 month ago

Great spots along the river and good bouldering cliffs. Very overgrown at beginning of trailhead (poison ivy)

My family of five, (6-12yr) trekked this trail and had a blast! Views were worth the steep hike to the top.

Horribly marked trail. Only went a little under half mile in then turned around. It was a little later in the eve to risk it.

Steep sections, some crazy rocks, and very narrow at different points. Nice challenge and great view at the top.

The trail and scenery are beautiful. I was a little taken aback by how many people there were wearing flip flops and carrying pool floaties though....I guess that's what I get for going on one of the hottest Saturdays of the year so far!

One of the best in the area!

Some parts of the trail were hard to make out. We didn’t see a waterfall or mill. I would never take my dog on this trail.

2 months ago

Nice quick loop trail. Much easier than it's rating.

2 months ago

My first hike. Short but full fun. Gradual uphill as you start. Definitely need good shoes as most of the trail in rocky. Some rock climbing too. Well blue marked to reach Center Point Knob and then another trail starts. It was busy obviously due to nice hot weather. Good short adventure...will try more challenging ones now but will hike again here in white rocks.

Bring bug spray!

Been going here for over a year now! It’s a blast and usually isn’t too crowded! I usually follow the yellow trail to the white trail. This trail follows beside the water and then takes you up for a decent view of the water in fall when the leaves are fewer and more colorful. The white trail will take you back to the beginning of yellow trail and parking.

I hike this a few times each years. Stunning in the fall and the gorgeous greens in the spring are worth the climb. Week day early evenings aren't too busy but weekends get crowded. Typical PA rocks on the trail and some of the climb can get steep at parts. Totally worth the views, fresh air and wildlife. Make sure you check for ticks as I've found a few after this trail. Mostly shaded by trees which is nice and keeps it cooler in the summer.

Although it is not marked, this trail is sweet, offering one of the best speed hikes one could ask for -- too bad I had to cut it short. I used GPS the whole way, but that was fine; I'll take it. The trail itself made up the difference. ATTENTION: Section 1 is still closed; park ranger stopped me right in my tracks. If there is an alternative way to get to Section 7, please post your recording. Thanks.

I really liked the grassy hill challenges. Not many trails offer grass for hill climbs, so that was nice. Also, there were nice views, great shade on a sunny day, and I saw turtles. Not much for wildlife, but I'll take that, too. It is an enjoyable trail, and I would like to do the whole thing. Can't wait until Section 1 is back open unless there is an alternate way.

Beautiful little trek down to the river and back.Theres a few different trails to take, so you can do something different each way..It trails what to me is a trout stream ..tiny waterfalls..I love taking my children. It's a mini adventure for them..There are some part of trails that are steap and at times slippery.. Overall, be going for years. And I definitely recommend checking it out!

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