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Hard but fun!

26 days ago

Hard with new snow. Only one person on trail to summit (Sunday). Snowshoes necessary past Y fork.

Not really what I expected, wanted to hike to the top to see the view but didn’t want to be shot by a stray bullet from the groups of people shooting at the base of the trail -_- turned around and left

My wife, two small kids (6 and 8), and i hiked this during one of the warmest winters in history and there was still a lot of ice. Not a very hard trail but you will need something to deal with the very slick conditions. Plenty of photo opportunities, gorgeous views, but come prepared.

This Hike is my most favorite hike all year.  They river is amazing in the spring.  It is about 30 feet across, and it winds and turns along the trail, and creates gorgeous scenery.  The Horse tail falls are breathtaking and so incredible, but I think they are probably missed by many that come up.   It is called dry creek, so I am worried what happens to this river later on in the year.  I have a feeling that it is pretty seasonal, and when the snow finishes melting, then the river becomes less dramatic.
   To get to the hike, take the Alpine exit.  Travel East on Timpanogos Hwy to 5300 W (Alpine Hwy).  Turn East (right) on 200 N to 200 E and turn North (left) on 200 E. When the road forks take Grove Dr. Turn right on Box Elder Drive. 
We took the main left trail down to the river. The river is wide and so windy that it was gorgeous to watch. We walked along the river for 5-10 minutes, and then found a a few logs to cross the river. Do not cross the river if this is slippery or not safe. The trail on the right side of the river also goes up to the falls, and gets closer to first waterfall then the trail on the north of the river. The trail is narrow and is very windy, but has enormous charm because of the moisture of the air, and the area being so lush and beautiful. There are many pines, oaks, and wild flowers. The trail is almost soft at times from all the pine needles. There were times when the trails was a little steep, but there always seemed to be something close to grab to help from sliding. There was only one spot of the trail that I thought was a little dangerous. The trail headed down at a steep angle right towards a cliff into the river, but you can grab lots of things and take it slow to make sure you stay safe. I'm sure the trail will soon detour away from this area. It took us about an hour and a half to make it to the waterfalls. It was on the right side of river falling off the cliff. We were so excited that we made it to the waterfall, that we almost stopped. My husband had viewed this area from google earth, and he wanted to make sure there was not more, and just up a little further is the most amazing waterfall. It reminded me of the beautiful Oregon Waterfalls. I fell in love with it a little more for it has the same characteristics as the windy trail, and the windy river, for the waterfall falls forever while it twists and turns. This is an absolutely stunning falls. I can't wait to go back.
The hike on the north side is difficult, but amazing. It does get tricky and dangerous with 2 things on the north side of the river. First, getting close to the falls feels dangerous no matter how I go down. People have died here, so be careful. Second, one of the times I went up here, we lost the trail for a good 15 minutes. We just couldn't find the Carin to get back on the trail to head back. We finally spotted it hidden in the back of a little clearing with a fire pit in the center. Just pay attention to the Carins if you brave the north side.
The hike is approximately 3 hours round trip. 

great hike

Really fun hike, way down was real slick cause of all the snow. But deffinetly worth the trip

Awesome hiking. Some snow and ice spots so walking stick or ski pole would be very helpful. Falls were beautiful and didn’t see a single other person on the trail (it was Thursday morning however).

This is one of my favorite places to hike just because it's so convenient to my house, and it's easy to adapt to the amount of time I have to hike. Just past 3.5 miles from the base (dirt parking area), there's a rocky trail that cuts off to the left. It's not bike friendly because there's lots of rock. However, it's my favorite route to get a nice view about 1/2 mile from the top where the cell phone towers are. Past the outlook, the trail is all rock, so you'll want sturdy shoes. It would be terrible up there for the casual hiker in flip-flops. Also, if there has been rain, the main trail (also traveled by bikes, 4-wheelers, and Jeeps) gets very muddy! Like hiking-in-cement-boots muddy, so this hike is really best for either dry or snowy weather.

2 months ago

Pretty easy, beautiful hike after the Y. Great option to to more hiking past the peak.

It was a fun hike! Beautiful waterfall; especially in the snow! It was pretty steep on the way but was worth it!

This is a great trail. Nicely done with signs and explanations on local wildlife and environmental life. It’s a steep steep trail though. Everyone knows that. But it gets you to the “Y” quickly where the view is amazing. That’s another thing I like a lot about this trail, almost the whole time you get an amazing view of the valley without huge trees blocking your sight. It’s relatively short but it is still a leg burner. Fun “during the week” hike. Takes about 45-120 minutes depending on your health

3 months ago

One of my all-time favorite hikes. Great place to go in the summer--you are going to want to get in the water by the time you make it to the top.


3 months ago

Very beautiful hike! The path to the lower part of the falls is hard to find, it’s off to your left as your hiking up. You go down a little path and can use a rope that is provided to get down the steep incline. We also saw a dead horse that was off to the side near the beginning of the hike.

This is a beautiful hike with amazing views.

Love it

I went on a mid-November day after a light snow the day before. Magical. I can't imagine the conditions can be improved upon this singular perfect day. Cue the Lou Reed. Make sure to continue straight past the sign and scramble over some rocky terrain all the way to the falls. Don't deprive yourself of the payoff at the end. Quite grand.

4 months ago

rocky, steep, and dusty. a great workout. but the trail is so rocky it kind of ruins the hike....unless you like rocky trails.

I didn't love the first bit of the hike, but the trail gets gorgeous once you're past the Y! Fewer people, and way more wildlife.

Tough hike but once you get passed the Y, the view is absolutely spectacular and worth all the effort.

It was a great, hard little hike with a gorgeous view at sunset!

Hiked this route this morning. Took about 2.5 hours to summit and 1 to return. This hike has portions which are incredibly steep, and the addition of the trail being largely loose dirt and rock makes for both a difficult ascent and descent.

This trail's one saving grace is its view into AF Canyon throughout the majority of the route. I was a little late for the autumn foliage, but I can imagine that it would be gorgeous in early October.

Fairly rocky and steep in spots, but well worth the effort!

Super fun hike. Not for anyone that hasn't hiked quite a bit or is very active. I consistently run 50 miles a week and had to take many breaks on this hike. extremely steep. round trip is about 5.5-6 miles. this hike is no joke and I would consider it extremely difficult.

Just don't hike it during Spring. I hated every single time of it.

5 months ago

Rewarding hike with wide somewhat steep trails. It took me 1.5 hours (I’m not a couch potato or a marathon runner; I land somewhere in the middle). Nice walkway to start with more rocks further up. Passed large boulder on right, then about 2/3 the way we passed a little meadow. Before crossing three streams, we saw a lookout on left. Well worth the 2 minute detour and path merged again with main trail. After passing three streams we came to sign in fork of trail, we went left and looked for little black rope on left. Would have been very easy to miss as it’s a tiny rope on a small trail. Amazing views at the end of that trail!

Going to the “Y” isn’t that great, but once you go past it, the trail is a lot prettier. The view from the top at sunset was perfect!

5 months ago

It can be a bit grueling, but worth it!

The trail is much prettier after you turn east into the canyon.

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