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18 hours ago

Whew that was a doozy! I started at the Hike the Y Parking Lot. Took Slide Canyon up and connected with Squaw Peak Road. Despite reading the reviews I STILL missed the damn cairn! Keep a careful eye for it lest you will have to resort to backtracking or bushwhacking straight up the mountain like I did! Definitely arduous and a good test of endurance, but well worth it!

Ascent : 4 Hours 45 Minutes

Descent : 2 Hours

Beautiful hike. Hardly saw anyone else on trail. A bit confusing when you get closer to the waterfall but we were able to find a nice shady spot near the water.

Great hike. Many trails, easy to get off on a different path

LOVED this hike. Took about 2.5 hours round trip and it was so worth it.

7 days ago

July 24, 2018. This hike deserves the 'hard' rating. It's long and steep, but does have unique and beautiful views down onto the Payson Lakes area, Mt Nebo, and towards Mt. Pleasant/Moroni valley. It's well marked and clearly used by others. Some moderate overgrowth of trees/shrubs onto the trail through some of the lower areas. Moderate inclines for first couple miles with decent shade cover. Then you hit a grueling incline over dusty and gravely/shale trail while fully exposed to the west (afternoon sun) for about 1 to 1.5 miles. I started this hike at 11am and regretted not getting an earlier/cooler hike. Both up and down were very exposed to sun for most of the hike beyond the first couple miles. You'll reach the first ridge in a saddle atop the mountain and have partial views down into Utah Valley. From this point there's still a few miles to reach Loafer Mtn or Santaquin Peak. That really steep portion to this saddle is followed by long moderate inclines across scenic grass covered alpine meadows/slopes, then further up into a very pretty alpine forest just below Loafer Mtn's peak where you can see views down towards Spanish Fork canyon. Then there's about one more mile across open rocky trail to the top of Santaquin Peak. Hard to keep good footing on the way back down the really steep west-facing slope. I was just over 11 miles out & back - and was completely spent. I consider myself in average shape and was exhausted by the time I got back, but do attribute some of that to the late start and hiking throughout the afternoon heat. Except right near the trail head there's no streams or springs so come prepared with lots of water. I had used all of my 64oz hydration pack by the time I got back to the trail head. Although it has beautiful views I think it will be a 'been there, done that' trail. I don't know that I'll plan to hike it again soon.

This is an awesome trail for a quick hike.

Anyone giving this a bad review probably just has a bad attitude.

The falls are beautiful, and there are some great views.

Sunday afternoon was a great time to do this. I only ran into a few people.

did this hike today. very steep in places very beautiful wooded hike with the sound of the river always near and the falls at the end was amazing. well worth the hike.

We looked all over Utah valley area trying to find a good hike for our small family reunion—something young kids, grandparents and pregnant women could do but also something that outdoor enthusiasts and avid hikers would enjoy. This hike was perfect. The drive is scenic and beautiful. The trail is lovely, albeit short, with meadows and (sometimes) flowers and spectacular views right off the path. The view right before the last ascent of the hike is lovely, and those who felt unable to climb the last bit felt satisfied to stay there. The views at the top are splendid though, and it’s not a long climb up the steep part. We enjoyed this trail so much we’ve been back twice since.

off road driving
14 days ago

Decent trail for off roading. There were a few hills where I felt like my Truck got some good exercise. The view up at the top is amazing!

Not a great hike but its short and has a decent view of the valley.

Great easy hike with incredible views. Our 3yo hiked the whole way no problem.

16 days ago

It's a fun trail to do at least once to get a great few of the valley. I powered through it so I was able to get through the whole hike in 3.5 hours. The very end felt like the hardest part because of it's continuous incline

Fun hike! We went mid-day and we're grateful to have some occasional shade. I would recommend doing this hike in the morning when it is not as hot. The waterfall is definitely worth it when you get there!

Incredible views! Stunning evening hike, beautiful all around, with the perfect amount of challenge!

24 days ago

This is one of my favorite hikes, if you live in the area it’s especially fun to be able to see all the way into Nephi, Utah county Payson Lakes and even into Birdseye and Fairview. The hike is beautiful the whole way and you’re almost always in shade unless you get to an area that opens into a beautiful view. I’d highly recommend this, even to people who aren’t experienced hikers, it would be challenging but do-able.

D & I hiked this trail, 6 hours round-trip. Enjoyed all the butterflies. Stinging nettle blistered, but the blisters/rash had disappeared by the time we finished the hike.

Only passed two other hikers (who were hiking together) once we passed the main Y trail.

My favorite time of year for this hike is late spring/early summer. Nothing better than running through Bear Flat and the scent of mountain mint wafting up around you.

off road driving
1 month ago

great drive the thing I believe that makes this hard is a bypass trail that leads to the mountain ridge and the steep incline. my wife and I were able to complete the bypass trail in a stock Xterra with AT tires. 9 inches of clearance was enough for all of the obstacles but 4 low was a necessity, lockers would be nice but not needed. this is a single lane trail so go slow and watch for traffic.
great view of utah lake once you get up to the radio towers.

1 month ago

As hikes go, this one isn't great, but I give it an extra bump because I felt like I got a pretty good workout. I got lots of side eye from teenagers sprinting sporadically from turn to turn until the Y because I had a full day pack. Anyway, the trail is super overgrown, which is fine. Despite knowing there would be lots of stinging nettle, I wore shorts (downsides of getting dressed while half asleep). Regardless, I didn't have any issues with the nettle. I think I had a few stings, but nothing that left blisters or even hurt that bad. Decent view of the valley and pretty minimal traffic once you pass the Y if you're looking for seclusion.

trail running
1 month ago

it's a pretty difficult hike that isn't all that pretty. it's just straight up on a gravel path for a while. it's worth doing it at least once while you're in Provo, but if you want better views and hikes consider going up slate canyon and hobble Creek.

A great hike! The trail is definitely overgrown about 3 miles in, as others have said. Watch out for stinging nettle! All 3 of us that did this hike got some on us. Beautiful views from the summit and a really green and pretty hike once you get past the ugly and steep Y trail.

1 month ago

Pretty steep, but not bad if you hike a lot. Took the turnoff with the black rope, to see the bottom of the falls. Rock climbed, next to the falls, up to the upper falls.

Was an enjoyable few hours with my brother and his 10 year old daughter. She was a champ and handled the hike very well. She also rock climbed up the falls with us.

Packed on the weekends, so if you can do it on a weekday you'll be glad you did.

Scenery is beautiful and it's not a real long hike.

A ton of loose rock on the trail knocks off a star for me - other than that this hike was great. The waterfall is unbelievably cool and it's one of the harder 4-mile hikes around.

If you love Rocky terrain and lots or horse doodoo this is the trail for you. It's a great workout with very little to see when you get to the falls (if you can find it) not much shade and only a couple of trees to sit under. I wouldn't recommend this trail to anyone!

Hiked this trail by myself yesterday morning from 8:30-11:30am round-trip with a few minutes to enjoy the view and eat a snack at the top. As the previous reviewer mentioned, the current vegetation/undergrowth makes the trail very hard to find in some places. If I hadn't hiked this before, I'm not sure I would have been able to find my way. Though the mountain is quite green, the wildflowers are mostly all done blooming by now. I think the hike is prettiest during the middle/end of June. Also, according to my GPS, the trail is actually 7.3 miles round-trip. Overall, I think it's a nice hike with some beautiful views of Timp and the valley. Great workout. Would recommend!

1 month ago

Did this hike yesterday July 8 just for the “workout” and it was a workout! Started at 12:30 pm temp was around 90. That afternoon it hit 103! This hike has VERY LITTLE shade. The going was normal until I got 2 miles into the hike where the vegetation had completed covered the trail. The plants were 3-4 ft high, it was like trail blazing in the jungle. I was the only hiker past top of the Y. I gave the hike 4 stars for the workout value. Best to go with someone who is familiar or it would be very easy to loose the trail.

1 month ago

We went up via Slate Canyon and it was gorgeous! It adds an extra mile or so but well worth it. The final ascent is about 2500 ft of elevation gain over the last mile and a half so prepare yourself! Drink lots of water the day before to avoid cramping like I did! I’ve done around 15 peaks in Utah and this is by far the hardest. That being said it was absolutely gorgeous and worth the effort

This was a tough trail. I’ve done it twice. Not recently. It was harder than Spanish Fork Peak, Y Mountain, Squaw, but not as tough as Timp.

Beautiful! 5 and 6 year old did it with no problem.

1 month ago

Did this hike beginning of June. Started around 6:30pm from the Y trailhead. Booked it up to the top of the Y to catch up with some friends that left earlier. HOT AND SUNNY for that portion. Probably my least favorite hike ever, but what's beyond the Y is always worth the trek. Temperatures cooled down a lot once behind the mountain. Some parts pretty steep so watch your footing. Got to the top right before sunset. Beautiful view over the valley. Once the sun was down, the temperature really dropped. Glad I brought a jacket! Hiked down in the dark with a strong flashlight. Back to the car by 11pm. Giving four stars just because I hate the hike to the Y, and I think there are several better hikes than this that I would rather repeat. Worth it to say I've done it, though :)

Greats hike and views!

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