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This hike is ALL uphill! A good workout, but not the relaxing hike I was looking for. Lots of lizards and some small snakes, bugs, and tons of poison oak if you’re not careful (it’s all off the trail, but keep an eye on dogs). The view was pretty, but no mountains. Hardly any shade too, glad I went on an overcast day! It was fine, but I didn’t expect it to be so steep.
There was a family with 3 small kids that started before us and we didn’t pass them on the way down so hopefully that gives you a good idea.
Trail head is just as others stated, there’s a pull off on the left to park, go past the gate and shortly after on your right is the entrance. Private property at the very end so you turn around and go downhill.

It was one of my favorite hikes

great low key hike!

9 days ago

Flowers and the view here are great, also a nice easy trail to bring older family on.

10 days ago

The mosquitoes and the biting flies were the bane of my existence on this hike up to Blue Lake. It was incredibly beautiful but even covered in DEET I was swatting flies and mosquitoes for three hours straight. I could hardly enjoy myself.


trail running
12 days ago

Solid run with a lot of inclines. A small waterfall is located quite close to the AT trail head as listed on their map. Mostly shaded trail with no scenic views along the way.

Unfortunately no rattlesnakes. Was looking out for them after reading previous reviews.

Wonderful hike with great views, but watch out for rattlesnakes. Two times ago I had a way-too-close encounter with one. Otherwise I’ve hiked this many times without problems.

1 month ago

An easy hike with amazing picturesque views of Mt. Hood. We did this hike on a hot day in July. We came prepared with lots of water and sunscreen, since there was very little shade. Definitely use the map on the app—we almost made a few wrong turns due to poor signage, but the app saved the day! Brought the kids (ages 3-8) and they enjoyed it too.

Does anyone know the address?

Great, relatively short hike. Beautiful views.

Must do on a clear day!!! Views are amazing

My sister and I tried to do this trail Saturday morning. At a place just above the highway the trail splits, and you are supposed to turn right. We accidentally turned left, so we didn’t end up doing the actual trail, but it was still a nice out and back. Not a lot of trees so bring sunscreen!

Took a few days to visit Mount Adams at Takhlakh Lake. The snow is semi melted so the roads are passable in any vehicle (we made it in a prius). Hardly saw any other people which was great. Took a 1.1 mile hike around the lake which is rated as great for families but half of the trail is covered in snow, some places a few inches amd others a few feet so it can be hard to find the trail at this time. We also did the offshoot trail of about the same distance up to Goat rocks to see views of Mount Rainier. Camp ground officially opens on the 22nd of June.

great hike! great views! love it!

It was a hard hike for a desk jockey, but well worth the pain. Even saw three mountain goats.

Nice short walk with my pup. As others mentioned, there are many trail splits and no signage. When you enter from parking area, take the gravel farthest to your right. This will go down hill shortly and cross a stream. When you reach the power lines, take the right hand split if you want to follow the AT route. The trail is all gravel or small loose rocks. There are no waterfalls. Nice views of Mt Hood on a clear day. If you make this a loop, the last bit is on the street back to your car.

Really enjoyed the wildflowers and views of the mountains. Not too busy for Memorial Day either.

Perfect time to go -- sunny spring weather. Just warm enough to play in the creek.

Great hike! Pretty flowers & breathtaking views.

2 months ago

This trail is absolutely stunning when you reach the top. It has a good incline but with steady steps and a few breaks it's very doable.

Be prepared for a lot of wind depending on the day. Our visit the wind was shoving us around at the top which can be a bit scary with the drop offs. Keep an eye out for Mountian Goats.

You won't find a better viewpoint though. Pick a sunny day and you'll be completely amazed.

When you look at parts of this area on Google Maps you can see acre sized clearings of forest that resemble gambling dice. There is a 5, 3 and 2 I’ve observed since satellite maps became public. Only one news article exists regarding the phenomenon, explaining scientists started the ecology experiment in the 90’s. But trees in the clear cut areas seem much older than that. Why is the experiment only happening in this forest? There are no other forestry centers in the world that are doing this. I’ve measured the height of the trees by their shadows and what time of day it was. It doesn’t add up to the 90s clear cutting story and timeline. The Colombian News article is brief and doesn’t site any specific departments, or go into any specifics for that matter. It only mentions generic organizations. There is also a wrecked military plane out there with no back story.

“Researchers from the Pacific Northwest Research Station, the Forest Service, the University of Washington, Oregon State and the University of Oregon all worked or are still working on the project.”

When is the last time you heard of all these organizations working TOGETHER on a specific project of this scale, this well organized? Especially during the 90’s when most of these centers were just starting to get consistent funding. I’ve gone out trying to look for clues as to why these die really exist. The magnetic lava bed makes compasses worthless and gps gets buggy in the valleys. One time a black SUV with 5 men in suits was parked out there. Another time I saw 3-4 black-hooded individuals walking along the logging roads with no transport vehicle for many many miles. They had zero hiking or camping supplies and looked extremely out of place. When asking locals you get mixed reviews.

One armature website briefly mentions the die and assumes it was done by board loggers but the tree growth around it seems to say it was done in the 1930’s or 40s. Given the frequent Hood River logging bank robberies back then I have a theory the acre sized die are laid out to give coordinates to buried loot. With the die totals providing a solvable equation to a safe.

Anybody else smelling a D.B. Cooper type of story? I’ve studied this casually for years but now I need real answers haha. If anyone else is curious or had any strange occurrences out there email me at scott.wray.media@gmail. I may produce a show or documentary about it if other’s have had similar thoughts or curiosities about the clear cut, acre sized dice. Thanks!

2 months ago

First off.. the last two miles of the road to get the trailhead are rough... starts out as gravel then turns to uneven pavement with tons of deep pot holes. Not the smartest thing I’ve done by myself in a tiny car. I actually said a prayer! Lol. Also, I am shocked this is rated as moderate. I had to remind myself a time or two that I don’t give up on things while on this one. To put it easy - it’s 4 miles of incline and then 4 miles of decline, appreciate the flat parts. Wildflowers, butterflies and a hummingbird made it worth the ass kicking.
BEWARE OF TICKS. Now that it’s been 3 days since this hike, my dog has now been to the vet - 1 tick turned to 23 ticks very quick. 28 days of antibiotics and now a preventive pills every 90. Careful with your dogs out here

2 months ago

This trail has some nice views and healthy hill climbing. Pretty flowers of many varieties. My Lab loved the creek. Wish the signage was better, as I crossed thru the creek unnecessarily, not realizing there was a bridge just left of the crossing.

2 months ago

My best advice for this trail is to use the AllTrails map and your GPS to make sure you’re on the trail you want to be on. The most visible trail from the parking area goes up to the left but this is NOT the red trail shown on the AT map. We hiked well more than a half-mile before I decided to check my app and realized we were not even close to the trail the map showed. We backtracked and picked up the trail and ended up having a nice hike with good views of the Gorge closer to the end, but there were no waterfalls on the loop route we took (again, the red trail shown on the app.) Also, when you get to the creek that you need to cross early in the loop, look to your left as someone built a walking bridge across it. We nearly missed it and would have had wet shoes for the rest of the trip so were thankful it was there! Not much shade on this hike and decent elevation change so carry water. Surface is also quite rocky so have to watch your footing.

Ticks and poison oak! Only made it a mile in (hiking with a three year old), and my dog had two ticks on him before we made it back to our car. Huge buggers, might I add. We all had bug spray on us as well, and this apparently did not deter them. I will not be returning to finish the hike like I had hoped.

3 months ago

Beautiful but confusing when you get to the upper reaches of the trail. Lots of varieties of wildflowers in bloom right now!

a hard hike but so worth it.

Great Mothers Day hike with the dogs. Most of the trail is exposed, so pretty warm on a hot day. Vast Gorge views.

3 months ago

Beware of numerous potholes on FSR88. Trailhead marked well.
It’s a brisk climb right away on this trail, and it doesn’t let up until you near the top. The upper portion of the trail leading to the summit is snowed over but still passable until the last 1/4 mile. We scrambled over some precarious rocks to reach the peak. Snow free up top but lots of loose rocks so watch your step! Killer views of Adams, Rainier, St Helen’s, and Hood.

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