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Trail has essentially no markings and is too often just a logging road. There are some really nice shaded, forested sections, but no really spectacular views. The last part of the loop (1/4 mile plus) is the paved road to the parking lot at the reservoir. Glad I had AllTrails map and a good compass. Take lots of water and snacks.

5 days ago

Easy to find and mostly well kept trail. Picking through the rock slide was difficult as the trail there wasn’t well marked. Beautiful view and not busy on a Sunday morning! Sure I’ll be hiking it again

13 days ago

Amazing views and interesting geology and flora/fauna. Nice road, easy for any type of car.

Nice scenery , easy ride

I want to emphasize that you should start from the Indian Beach parking lot and picnic area, not the lot the navigation leads to. The Ecola Point Trail is closed, and I wouldn’t recommend pushing through passed the “trail closed” sign like I did.

Hiked this in early August and the trail was still very muddy. The trail itself was not that hard (would rate moderate only due to length) but the mud and fallen trees on the trail force you to parkour around a bit, making it mildly more strenuous.

The trail itself showcased some beautiful rainforest areas and views of the ocean. Very peaceful. I would not recommend doing the 12mi there-and-back. The walk back was pretty soul-sucking and exhausting. Leave a car in Seaside if you can.

Very muddy! Would consider this a more than moderate hike and very slick. Need proper hiking gear as well

This is a wonderful hike... make sure you have a car on the other side.

Beautiful hike. Follow the signs to the trailhead - GPS was incorrect. The roads to the trail were well maintained.

on Horse Creek Trail

26 days ago

Trail is overgrown at the beginning. Bring long pants or a machete. Other than that nice hike.

easy trail. very enjoyable for a Saturday hike

27 days ago

My daughters and I did our first sunset hike on this hike last night (7/21/18). Started the hike around 5:45pm and made it to the top just as the sun was starting to set. This was an amazing hike. Many different types of terrain to hike over. Challenging...Beauty all over to gaze at. Then we hiked back down in the dark with headlamps. This is one of the first times that this app was way off on mileage and we stayed on the trail (on the red line). My other app mapped it at 9.31miles round trip not 6.9.

Good all around stiff hike. A little nerve wracking hiking over the boulders under the headwall, but no casualties. From the view at the top,we realized you could see Mt Hood down past South Sister, that's half the state of Oregon from North to South. Clear-cutting below is a bit embarrassing. Oregon hikers are the best - courteous, friendly, and eager to share the narrow trail.

Great trail! Not very crowded. We went a couple weeks ago on a Sunday. Took my 7 year old and we were a little slow but he did great! A couple places it seemed a little hard to know which trail was the actual trail but we did just fine. I would recommend it for sure!

Great for trail running! I run here almost daily. Perfect amount of incline and plenty of shade/ cover from rain or sun. Love it.

1 month ago

This is a fabulous Trail. In fact, Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery actually took this trail from their winter quarters to Ecola to trade with the Native Americans.

I have noticed that many people have said the Tillamook Head Trail is closed. That is not correct. The trail is open. I think people are confusing the Tillamook Head Trail with the Ecola to Indian Beach Trail. The Ecola to Indian Beach Trail is still closed about half way in, but to be crystal clear, the entire Tillamook Head Trail is open from Indian Beach to Seaside -- and there is a parking lot at Indian Beach (in addition to the Ecola parking lot).

One-way, this is about a 5.5 mile hike with about 1,300 feet of elevation gain. If you do not want to do the 11 Mile in-and-out hike, you can leave a car in Seaside and park one at the Indian Beach parking lot (which is in Ecola State Park).

I have seen people do this hike in everything from flip-flops to serious hiking boots. I would definitely recommend hiking boots, especially if it has rained recently. But many people choose to do this hike in tennis shoes and do fine. We hiked it again last week and it was mostly dry. I would also suggest bringing some insect repellent.

This is a wonderful hike with some great ocean views and lots of old growth trees. I am in decent hiking shape and would classify this trail as moderate.

on Table Rock Trail

1 month ago

If you’re obsessed with mountains, go on this hike! You will get the most beautiful view of multiple peaks if you go on a blue sky day. My husband and I hiked with our toddler in a framed pack. It was a moderate hike, but some areas felt hard with a kiddo in tow. Bees were Everywhere, but the wildflowers were so pretty. We really enjoyed it!

1 month ago

Amazing view of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, and North, Middle, South Sister! Will be doing this hike again!

Does anyone know the address?

1 month ago

Beautiful hike with dramatic rock formations, sweeping boulder field, and massive views of wilderness punctuated by the sight of multiple peaks on a clear day. Note: this hike is difficult, especially when crossing the boulder field where the trail is tricky to keep track of and traction is limited. The last 5 miles of the road leading to the trailhead are gravel/dirt, albeit relatively well maintained, and narrow.

1 month ago

Great trail and nice campsite approximately 0.25 mile up river from trail ending. The climb out is killer. 1200 feet in 2 miles. Good hike to get ready for the season.

1 month ago

6-30-18 Got an early start today before the crazy busy Saturday rush, we were the first to the top and it was a clear day. Saw every peak but Rainer and Baker. I think this was number 19 trips up for me today and it never gets old.

beautiful view at the top- wildflowers all over- basalt collumns and an easy gentle incline. This hike seems to be less crowded than others

Good trail with a little of everything. Flat, steep, rocks, roots and lots of flowers. Supposed to have a good view from the top, but unfortunately it was cloudy and we had limited visibility.

Great views from the top. The trail is a bit out of the way so it’s not very crowded esp on weekdays. Arrived at the top at noon on a Tuesday and had it all to ourselves. One note- the directions to the trailhead via the directions button on this app failed about 10 miles out from the trailhead but the signage on the road was good.

1 month ago

Oregons oldest old growth, you will see things here that you haven't before unless you have been to a temperate rain forest.

I was not expecting to do the NF-715 trail. My intent was to do Pup Creek Falls but couldn't find the trail head. My Texas Heeler, Geena and I trekked this one. We made it to mile marker 3. The ups are no joke. With a narrow trail in some spots and rolling rocks, I thought for her first official hike, while carrying her backpack she did really well.

1 month ago

Awesome view!

We hiked Seaside to Indian Beach today. No trail closures, but some areas you have to get creative to get through.

I love this trail. The first time I did it, I planned to run from Fish Creek to Indian Henry. I quickly realized some parts are a bit dangerous for running (steep, narrow tread, and loose material). I just ran as much as I could, and I made it to the end before dark. This trail was clean and well maintained. Pretty accessible as it's close to town.

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