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9 days ago

Beautiful trail that goes up and up and up and up. I finally made it to the rocky observation point out of the woods and turned back there.

30 days ago

Great hike, lots of trees, can do just this hike or add Indian Trail into it.

It was a really challenging trail for me. It’s a good trail to overlook the city, but not much of an escape. I would recommend it for fireworks watching. The traffic, planes, trains, and emergency vehicles are audible all the way up the trail. The work you put in doesn’t feel like an equal output.

1 month ago

Enjoyed the challenging hike during the cooler temperatures. Very peaceful at the end to relax.

Beautiful trail with fall colors this time of year. The trail is dirt packed and slightly damp from the cool weather with lots of fall color leaves on the ground. Getting to the overlook is fun with some pretty easy switchbacks, but be sure to keep hiking till you get to the wooden bench and don’t stop early despite the trail map. The views from the overlook are gorgeous with a great mountain view and city scape. The dogs and I had a great hike!

Trail is a nice trail, packed dirt. Went on 10-5-18, and fall colors are amazing. the view at the end is well worth the hike. stunning overlook views throughout the hike. Took parents who are in their 50s and not acclimated to the elevation and they were able to make it the whole hike (they are in decent shape though). Took us 1.5 hours to get to the top at a slowish pace and 45 minutes to get back down at a quick pace. From car and back, my phone tracked the entire hike at 5.59 miles.

1 month ago

Not a bad hike, definitely worth the views. Cold and windy at the top, great way to spend the day in the mountains. Took 6 hrs 40 mins with spending about 30 mins at the peak.

It was a bi sketchy going to the trail. The road to get there is off road and I would only take a vehicle that you know can make it up. I was taking my F-150 and it was very tight at times right on the edge of the cliff with other people coming down.

1 month ago

Fall colors are showing. Great in the early morning.

1 month ago

Did approximately 3 1/2 miles round trip. Nice climb

2 months ago

My favorite trail in Davis County. Be forewarned, it deserves its “Hard” ranking. Also, I have seen plenty of rattlesnakes so watch your dog very closely.

Fun trail with a nice overlook at the end. Hiked a weekday and very few people out.

Great trail, locals and routine hikers know of an abandoned mine shaft to explore off the trail

This trail was pretty over grown in places and got pretty steep. There were a few times we had to guess which way to go, but ended up making it to the end. We were a little disappointed with how it ended so we climbed up a little higher (made our own trail) and had a great view! Made it totally worth it!

2 months ago

After the fork ( don’t go across bridge, that’s Indian trail) trail quickly becomes over grown , almost disappears at times. It was like the trail was playing hide and seek. Towards the end the “trail” is a dried creek(?) bed and very steep and rocky. If your waiting for the grand finale at the end, you’ll be disappointed. It’s pretty closed in with almost no views. This was my first and last time using this very primitive trail.

Good hike with lots of shade. Unfortunately, there are no signs so we ended up on Indian trail. We backtracked and finally took the saw mill route. Had to bushwhacked but did not make it to the end - it got very muddy and we saw fresh moose tracks. Ended up hiking 5.2 miles round trip.

2 months ago

I did this hike by myself and for starters I would say it was harder than moderate... I’m a distance runner so I would say I am in pretty good shape and this hike kicked my ass! Very very steep and there’s hardly any shade so it was sooo hot. I didn’t have a lot of water left and I was dehydrated and I was alone so I didn’t make it to the top because I was nervous about fainting so I turned around after 2 miles. Pretty hike and very challenging. Would like to do it in colder weather for sure. If you’re looking for a challenge this is a great hike to do. When you turn off the indian trail pay attention bc I missed it but thanks to this app I found it quickly.

Great trail. Pretty stacked with mountain bikers.

My husband and I and our friend Erin completed this hike on July 28.

We started the hike at about 12:30, and made it down around 3:30 (although we did jog part of the way down). It was a 100* day, and only 10% of the trail is shaded, so we were roasting. The trail is moderately inclined the entire way, with sections that are severely steep. We stopped probably 10 times on the way up.

The views at the top were great.... we're glad we made it! My only complaint for this hike is the directions. I've been on the Indian Trail multiple times and never noticed the turnoff for Hidden Valley.

Would definitely recommend this hike for anyone who is in good shape and ready to take on a serious climb.

This is a well-maintained, mostly shaded trail with a gorgeous view at the top. The hike took me three hours round-trip, including a half-hour stop to soak in the view at the summit (I am a pretty novice hiker). I started the hike at 6 pm on a Sunday evening and I had the trail to myself, other than two polite mountain bikers and one large moose.

This is a great hike for most people in good health. The trail is well marked and very few rocks. The scenery is very beautiful and the payoff at the end is amazing. We did the hike in about 2 1/2 hours including spending about 20 minutes at the top. It was 100 degrees in the valley and about 72 at the summit which was very refreshing.

My husband and I and Scout dog completed this hike on July 22.

This was a wonderful hike! Most of the way up is a mild-moderate incline, and the trail is partially shaded. The day we went was overcast and a bit cooler, so we didn't even need to stop for water on the way up.

The trail is easy to follow, and has a great endpoint. Would definitely recommend this trail to any hiker!

Great hike! At a quick pace it will take about 2 hours to complete.

3 months ago

Steady incline and amazing views of Pineview. Make sure to bring lots of water for you and your fur friend as there is no creeks or springs. This will be fun to snowshoe too!

3 months ago

Only did 9 miles of it. I was pressed for time. Saw bobcat paw prints. Get up the switch backs quick, limited shade.

Love this hike! It’s probably in my top top 3 in Ogden ❤️ it’s definitely a steep climb but the climb is worth the view!

This was a fun, quick hike that would be great for families, because there aren't any rocky/bouldered areas to negotiate, and the incline is really gradual. Certain areas were shaded, but others were fairly exposed to the sun and somewhat overgrown -- which worried me a little bit, because there are some prime rattlesnake spots, so do be cautious. It took us about an hour and forty minutes round trip, but we took it at a fairly quick pace, so I'd allot 2-2.5 hours for a more leisurely pace.

4 months ago

This was a moderate hike with good shade. There are mountain bikers but we weren’t bothered by them. We took the dog who enjoyed the little steam and pond at the bottom. Great views at the top.

Love this hike, but we ran into a rattlesnake this morning (July 6) so we ended up turning around. It’s also possible it was a gopher snake. It was only 7:00am so we totally thought we were going early enough. Just be careful on the warm summer mornings.

Good hike for kids. Amazing views at the overlook.

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