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Great hike even in the steady rain. Trail head is tricky to find since you have to park at the mud creek trail head and walk back toward town along the road. You just have to look for the foot path. It’s a beautiful hike and worth it to enjoy the hot springs pools.

Great hike! My husband and I hiked up to the hot springs today. There were posts of rattlesnakes and mountain lions but this did not deter us from the hike. The trailhead is easy to find if you pay attention. Just head south outside the main entrance and follow the road to a post marked 44320. Turn left there and follow the signs. You cannot miss the entrance. It’s about 6 1/2 miles to 7 miles round-trip but worth it.

easy hike appropriate for all ages. Enjoyed the drive to the trail more than the trail itself.

18 days ago

Although. The falls are nice, compared to other walks in Colorado, this one is 3/5

18 days ago

I agree with Dixie!!!

Okay, here is my review-

Bathroom- YES, at start of hike
TRAIL- starts flat and gradually builds near side of mountain
Poop from wild animals/horses is on the trail...

My dog and friend’s dog loved this trail. The flat at start was great to warm it up and get started. The hike up the hill wasn’t too bad, but I did get sweaty. The top is gorgeous!!

Take a pic of the map, if you aren’t inclined to naturally know where you are. I’m glad I did, as it isn’t just a loop, there are other connecting paths you can do too.

There were many bikers, but they were nice. Super fun and not in the woods at all. It is nice to have a foothills climb and not be stuck amongst trees.

Two Dachshunds give eight paws up!!

This trail is a very pretty, quiet walk around a beautiful lake. The day I went there were a lot of gnats. The trail was very dog friendly.

24 days ago

This was one of the most fun hikes we've been on. It was a perfect out and back with beautiful views, and lakes to stop and enjoy.
at the third lake we took off our boots, and waded out into the cold water. Their were quite a few people on the trail, but it wasn't over crowded by any means.
we will definitely do this hike again in the spring.

Great hike, the falls are gorgeous, not much room for viewing but it was fun.

Probably a beautiful hike, only putting 1 star because we were not able to do the hike as there were WARNING signs of recently sites Mountain Lions (mother and cubs) at the at the start of the trail, hence the walk trail was overgrown so we turned back! Just to note, the Lions were sighted 1 month ago here and then on 13th Sept at the start of the Mad Creek walk just beside this walk (which we also hiked but did not realise there may be mountain lions until after).
Beautiful hike but please note above and check the news!

Very short trail to a cool waterfall. If you are passing by you should take a few minutes to check it out.

Does have a pretty view, but it is absolutely swarmed with bugs unfortunately. The bugs made it hard to enjoy the walk even with bug spray on.

1 month ago

Great hike for families or shorter distances. Took our 4.5 year old and 1.5 year old (in child carrier on back) and they both did great! Trail has a nice climb initially and parts of the trail are pretty rocky. Great views of Gothic Mountain and the overlook of Judd Falls was beautiful. Continue on the trail past Judd Falls and go into Maroon Bells Wilderness (trail also gets easier here). A few mountain bikers coming down the trail in the first 0.5-1 mile of the trail, so be aware.

Go before 2:00 when the storms start to come in. This was truly amazing. The bristlecone pine were just stunning and the views were incredible. You can even see Denver when you get above tree line! It was rocky but our 3 and 6 year old loved it and did great. We went sept 1 and were comfortable wearing a hoodie or long sleeved shirt. After this hike, drive up to the top of Mt. Evans on the highest paved road in North America! It closes after Labor Day. Dinner or lunch at the lodge was also nice with a great view of Echo lake (one of Colorado’s oldest lakes) if you can get the right table. :). They also have a campground at echo lake!

1 month ago

Very beautiful but no bathroom nearby so make sure you use the bathroom before you get there.

Great hike for beginners and to take the kids to. Gets a little rocky but doable. amazing views of Mt. Gothic! You don't really head down into the falls, it's actually an overlook. But beautiful nonetheless.

on Boulder Falls Trail

1 month ago

A small walk to the falls. Something that shouldn't be missed. Glad the trail is back open

Nice and short walk to the falls. Absolutely beautiful

Easy trip up and back!

Easy trail, but has a decent amount of gravel and rock. I expected to be closer to the falls in the end but it is still a spectacular overlook

great short family hike

Amazing trail! Part the hike had hundreds of Butterflies! Length of trail way off! Really closer to 4 miles from car to Strawberry Park hotsprings! (one way)

2 months ago

On a whim I was looking for something relatively short with some elevation gain since I just moved to Denver and hunting season will soon be upon us. Driving there was pretty easy as the road looks like it was just graded this spring or early summer. don't get going too fast or your tail end will try to come around! There's a five mile dirt road approach that looks highly seasonal, but is fine for all but the lowest cars if you're careful and avoid the potholes and go slowly over washboarding.

The hike itself is nice and relatively gentle elevation gain. I'd recommend some trekking poles for the rocky path you have to take, or perhaps just some sturdy ankle support wielding boots. I'd absolutely come back here, it looks like the trail goes further than the last lake but I didn't have a GPS and it began to look like a goat path. For another day then.

off road driving
2 months ago

Beautiful and relaxing. The road isn't too bad in the warmer months. Winter time - you might want to consider a larger 4 wheel drive or take the shuttle. The pools were a bit dirty but the overall 'natural' ambiance of the entire place was wonderful. Biggest bang for your buck here, as far as hot springs go. They could use some more changing rooms though. Everybody seems to use the bathroom stalls, which makes it difficult when someone actually needs to use the bathroom.

2 months ago

Lot was full by 10am but we squeezed on the road. We read there wasn’t many backpacking spots - and I found maybe 3, but were too close to water or the trail. We found if you go past (between) the final lakes and keep going (careful, the trails spur and we got turned around), you follow a stream on your right after 1/2 mi to approx 3 sites spread by a few hundred feet. It was a good first backpacking trip for my 7yo. There was plenty of water, moderate temps, and while we saw a bunch of bugs, only really got one or two bites. We encountered a cow moose about 30 feet off the trail about half way up!

I think technically this is in the Indian Peaks Wilderness and you need a permit in summer, but, sorry, it is ridiculous to print a form and mail a $5 check or to go to the office. Let me do it online. https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/arp/recarea/?recid=80803

2 months ago

Overall it's not a trail I'd be super excited to get back to or take anyone to, but it was a nice short hike with shade most of the way. The final lakes/ponds are pretty with some views of the surrounding ridges. The lakes are small with quite a few people crowded around fishing or lounging. The first lake you pass is mosquito heaven and pretty yucky.

Great trail but be careful, a mountain lion was recently spotted.

Hiked one way to the hot springs. Enjoyed the sound of the stream running alongside the trail. The incline was gradual and the trail was mostly shaded. I was recording the hike and it showed the trail ending before I reached the hot springs. There were people camping near the end and they assured me that I was almost to the hot springs.

“Not the size that counts but the motion of the ocean” lmao...ok ok but its perfect for this trail. Super short but alot of motion. Bout an hour drive from denver w construction traffic so bring lunch and enjoy it with the misty roar from the falls.

I like this trail, but I logged about 6 miles instead of 4.8 like it says. Just be aware!

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