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Beautiful views the whole way up. Park your car at lake Poway. $10 parking fee on the weekend. They open at 6:00. I started at 6:30 and it was already pretty busy. The trail is very well maintained and marked. Moderate hike.

3 days ago

Starts to get difficult but the views are beautiful! I did run into a lot of fresh bear poop! Everywhere so I turned back. Definitely hike in groups

I've done this hike several times. Unfortunately, the way back up never seems any easier (but what's a hike without a little or a lot of heart pumping and sweat inducing glory?).
It is very steep though, both down and up. I would recommend people with bad knees or ankles to keep braces handy or bring trekking poles. And water, it's not a nature stroll in the city so come prepared.
Due to it's difficulty it's normally a very secluded trail which adds to its loveliness even more.

4 days ago

Hike down and up was not especially scenic. River spot was awesome. Good swimming and rock jumping. Water is crystal clear. No one was out there when I went.
I did hike down around 4 pm mid September. The bugs were bad. Really really bad. I inhaled/ swallowed a dozen at least. They swarmed my dog and my face constantly even though I’d used bug spray. Felt like the only break I got from em was when I was underwater.
The elevation gain from the bridge back up to the trailhead is less than 2K per my Garmin. Nice for a quick work out.
Oh and when you’re driving out there there’s a right turn before you get to the restrooms that provides awesome views of the canyon. Beautiful sunset spot

Burney Falls is amazing, the trails around it decent. There is a parking lot on Lake Road which is a five minute walk up a paved slope, so the falls are easily accessible, though there are a few stairs. We parked at the parking lot off of Clark Creek Road which gave us a ten minute hike through some of the surrounding forest before reaching the lake road parking lot and down to the base of the falls. The hiking around the surrounding area is decent- but you’re really here for the falls. Since it is on the more accessible end of Oregon waterfalls, expect to see a lot of people.

on Rubicon Trail

8 days ago

This is the most beautiful trail I’ve ever hiked in Northern California! Absolutely recommend & will definitely be doing again!

Did it today. Good Lakeviews and well maintained one. You have to pay to enter the park. There are places where you can get into the lake near emerald bay.

on Missouri Bar Trail

9 days ago

It was an excellent workout. It was beautiful, peaceful, and everything a day hike should be. The river will call your name, as it did ours. So on the way back, we dove into one of the deeper swimming holes. So refreshing, especially after the uphill and down hill trek. I can’t stress this enough, bring bug spray.

on Rubicon Trail

9 days ago

Awesome trail. One of my favorite hikes.

Great! Food and gallon of water very important. Beautiful view.

14 days ago

The trail was nice and relatively easy. Itself the trail would only be 2-stars. The treat was coming across the soda spring and circa 1900 resort at Glen Alpine Springs with cabins and other buildings designed by Maybeck.

Nice variety, lots of scenic vistas. There are lots of parking lots along the trail, so there are constantly a lot of people doing shorter hikes and carrying things to the beach. At times it was one step away from waiting in line to pass the steep parts. A lot of the hikers were unprepared for steep sandy slopes so dealing with people half-falling down the downhills was also a negative for me.

Did this yesterday with family. Spectacular!!! Everything about it. Up and down, rocky, flat, gorgeous views. We parked at Eagle Point campground and stopped at Calawee Cove beach. Out and back trail. about 7 miles there and back. Would definitely do again.

Great trail!

Must see trail for NorCal.

Make sure to go early if you’re doing this as a summer hike, as the trail has little to no shade most of the way. Bring more water than expected if you do leave early in the day. Very high incline for most of the hike and switchbacks until about 3/4 of the way through.

Walking on rocks the entire time, not very scenic. This has to be one of the worse in Lake Tahoe

The hike back up was definitely hard. Bring bug spray, there was a constant swarm of gnats in my face along most of the trail.

The hike was awesome!!!
I hike with my dad,and we had fun with great views.
And if you want to go drive to mountain,you need to pay 10 dollar, but hike was that much worth.

Very hot day, hike with my 11year old son. The trail was easy walk with great view. Path was very stable, just fun!

Okay rear

started at the rubicon trail in eagle point campground, went to calwee cove
and back. . beautiful views of the lake, cool rock formations, several water access points along the way. dont let the relatively flat terrain fool you. the distance and elevation change make this a worthwhile effort even for the avid fit hiker. our trek total was 15 miles due to some misnavigation. the swimming and rocks at calwee cove were a perfect mid hike refreshment. total time for us was 6 hours.

on Rubicon Trail

19 days ago

Hiked from Eagle Point campground to Cadawee Cove & back, and it was a varied & scenic trail with plenty of places to stop for a swim., good mix of sun & shade. Well-traveled but not overcrowded mid-week; I felt very safe hiking alone. Saw some folks in sandals without water, but if you plan to hike more than a couple of miles out, I recommend hiking shoes & sufficient hydration.

21 days ago

my favorite hike in the Tahoe basin. 80% of trail has lake views. trail is well maintained and plenty of shade. We took jet ski to D.L. Bliss beach and hiked to Emerald Bay and back.

This was a great hike... just strenuous enough but not a total killer for one of medium ability... thanks to previous reviewers... it did take 4 hours when you factor in occasional breaks and lunch and a stop to explore visitor center. Thanks also to this app for helping me navigate... made a few wrong turns but was able to quickly correct thanks to gps. The sometimes mediocre signage is why I am only giving 4 stars. Could be greatly improved upon. Bring plenty of water and plan for a work out. I imagine the view can be spectacular but alas it was too smokey when I did the hike to see all that was there.

just did it yesterday. beautiful hike started 0700. all incline. scary jump needed to reach the chip rock. got help from a nice man. worth the photo op. going off the rock 2 options: 1. go back the way u jumped but requires help from people who could lift u. 2. go down to right. requires treks on shoes midway just slide down while laying down.

Great hike. My 5 yr old was able to do it all by himself no problem.

Nice hike but can be over crowded. The earlier you go the better.

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