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First time to Yosemite and First hiking trail...I loved it great work out..

1 day ago

Did this hike and added the Grotto Trail. The Upper Pool is crowded and is difficult to get pics without people in the Pool. Many People were in the Pool with no Consideration for others taking photos. I wanted pictures of the Pool, not pictures of people in the pool. Not to mention your not even suppose to be in the Pool.

Great hike. Can get crowded in the summer.

we just finish the trail in vernal waterfall, it's so beautiful there and I will give 5 stars for the trail!

Possibly my favorite hike in the world!

Beautiful views of Soda Canyon. Ranger Jackie was very funny and informative. My mother was able to do the ladders and tunnels. Would rate hike as easy. Kivas and structures were stunning! So worth the $5. Also saw some hawks circling around the canyon!

Great warm-up hike to start your day. Do this hike every day of your visit to get the juices flowing.

Family hike in mid June...on a Wednesday. Got to the trail head parking lot around 8am and there were still a few parking spots left. Much later and we would have ended up at the Yosemite Village lot.

You’re looking at this hike because you know how amazing the waterfalls are so I’m not going to comment on that other than it’s definitely worth going all the way up to the to of Nevada Falls.

We followed the Mist Trail up to the top of Nevada Falls. There was plenty of people on the trail but It wasn’t crowded that time of day. The steps heading up to Vernal were very wet (from the mist). It took about 3 hours to get to the top of Nevada...we were hiking with our 11 year old twins and 8 year old daughter. It was tough for the 8 year old but she made it with minimal complaints. We had lunch at the top and then decided to take John Muir trail back down...HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!!! Looking at a trail map it added about a mile on to the hike vice going back the way we came, but it avoided having to go down the wet stairs and going against the traffic coming up. I’m positive it was faster then heading back the way we came. The John Muir trail joins the Mist Trail about 0.5 miles below Vernal Falls. Once we got back on the Mist Trail (now about 1pm) it was very crowded.
If you are concerned about the wet steps or step switch back you can take the John Muir trail up as well, but you will miss Vernal Falls and some great views along the Mist Trail.

This train is hot but there is a great place to cool off at the top AND when you get done, get in the water! The Virgin River is relatively warm and shallow and a great way to end the hike.

I took my four-year-old with me. The $5 is worth it. There is a 30ft ladder you climb followed by ruins followed by a tunnel you crawl through followed by two 15 ft ladders. I'd recommend watching the history video at the museum first.

Best hike ever! Took misty rail up to vernal falls and it was very crowded all day. Make sure you go early to avoid the crowd.

Finished this hike in about 5 hours with lots of stopping and admiring the waterfalls. I was very thankful we only went up the Mist trail since the stairs seemed somewhat precarious/slippery to go down. If you’re inclined to spend more time on this hike, bring a swim suit! There are great pools both at Vernal and Navada falls, but of course be extremely careful of the strong currents. Both falls were really beautiful, but if you had to do only one, Vernal is really impressive and beautiful. Luckily it’s also an easier hike :) I did this hike 5 month pregnant and did fine. There were also several kids doing this hike. If you’re in reasonably good shape, it’s very doable. Give yourself the day, plenty of breaks and water, and you’ll see some of the best of what Yosemite has to offer!

Beautiful hike! From the valley floor to Vernal is harder than Vernal to Nevada. I enjoy using the JMT to avoid the stairs on the mist trail, especially coming down. This is a popular trail and you will be around a lot of people.

My all time favorite hike just the scenery lost track of time and was out there with my brother and cousins it was 9 at night no light but our phones and only the stars over the narrows walls to guide us out most memorable moments in my life and then hit “Casa de Amigos” after...

It’s really pretty if you go to the upper pools, there are a lot of people and kids who almost knock you over coming up. Beautiful sights the whole way up the upper pool is breathtaking. Please remember not to go in the pools as it is a source of water for the wildlife

Awesome hike! Totally worth climbing all the way to the top of Nevada fall.

12 days ago

Quick. Shady. Some good views. VERY crowded. Simple hike to do with the family. We seem to stop in at the pools after doing a few other hikes.

Nice, fairly easy trail. When we went the pool levels were down so not as scenic as it normally would be in the spring.

13 days ago

Great hike in Zion, trail leads to three different stops. You can take the paved trail to the first pool and then turn back, or go on to the other two pools. The trail gets more difficult after the first pool.

14 days ago

Yesterday, I was standing about 50 ft from Mckinley tree when a 100 ft juvenile sequoia fell on the trail where I was taking a picture. Managed to sprint out of the way, but have wood dust in every nook and cranny! What a spectacle! Will beat any bear sighting I guarantee!

Really fantastic trails are kept up lots of wildlife beautiful views a little hot quite a few people but you can’t beat it !!! The falls are magnificent an absolute must see

We hiked up to Vernal Falls via mist trail and then over and down the John Muir Trail. Recommend this route if your not going any further.

We went early morning and would highly recommend as on the way down was VERY crowded.

Amazing views / don’t forget to stop and look around as every turn is spectacular.

I found the first portion of this hike from trail head to bridge to be the most difficult. I enjoyed the steps up to the falls and loved the views looking back from the John Muir trail.

16 days ago

Easy, crowded, but a fun hike to all three pools (upper, middle, lower). The upper-pool isn't much to see (honestly), but the lower waterfalls are gorgeous! Short, quick, easy hike with cool views of Zion features.

16 days ago

Easy hike and awesome falls.
there are many view points to stop for photos

We went Monday 6/4. Very crowded! We tried to get there early but still took about 1hr to get on the shuttle the 40 min ride up to the trail. We got there at 7:30am the line for the shuttle was already long but the shuttles seemed to be running slower then the day before. Once we to the trail the first mile is up the river walk. Nice easy hike. We also rented the gear only $20 well worth it. The socks help keep your feet warm an the boots give good ankle support you are waking in the water just about all the way over rocks. The stick also helps out. Just made the hike more enjoyable. We saw others without the right gear and the were complaining and having a hard time. It’s easy to sprain an ankle in there. It was a very hot day out but the narrows it was cool. We even had a jacket on till later in the day. We hiked up to the split and went to the right. The slots got more narrow and there was a water fall up there. Then we headed back. We didn’t make it to Wall Street. We had seen enough. It was extremely crowded. We spent about 6hrs doing this hike. The hike was amazing, beautiful cannon walls. Water wasn’t to cold once you got use to it. Nice places to swim in there. Take a lunch nice beautiful spots for lunch. Take your time and enjoy it.

One of the most famous hikes at Zion. Began in the morning, maybe around 10am. I hiked this at the end of June, and the water levels and the current weren't too bad. The water was never waist height for as far as I went. There's not really a trail here, you just follow the river for as far as you want to hike, and then turn around whenever you've had enough. My friend and I hiked maybe 3.5 miles up the Narrows and then turned around. There were a ton of people when we went, so if you're trying to avoid crowds, it is probably best to go earlier in the day. There are great views, the water is relaxing, and there are tons of places to stop and take breaks. All in all, a great hike!

This is such a beautiful trail and it’s the one that started me on a hiking craze! The stairs were very doable, and if you work out a few times a week you’ll be completely fine! The views are so pretty going up the trail and it’s a huge sense of accomplishment climbing up the waterfall! We climbed up to the base of Nevada falls and then backtracked to the John Muir and took that route down due to time constraints. It’s worth noting that it is quite a bit more climbing up steps to reach the John Muir trail from above Vernal Falls, however I’d still recommend that route rather than going back down the steep steps of the most trail. Can’t wait to complete the entire trail up to the top of Nevada falls one day!

17 days ago

Great hike! A little strenous if you’re not used to high inclines. From happy isles bridge, there will be lots of incline walks, so be prepared and bring lots of water! As you pass by the vernal falls bridge 0.8 mi, you get close to the stone stairs up, then you’ll see the mist and you’ll get wet. Vernal Falls is so pretty! Little more high stairs up to get up to the top of the falls. Great view up there and you’ll see how high you went up. You’ll also see the Emerald Pool.

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