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Very nice trail. We saw very few people on our hike. The old farmhouse and cemetery were awesome, as was the old hiking lodge. Debris and fallen trees along the way, I cleared out what I could but I'm only one man and I didn't have a chainsaw. Beautiful photography opportunities if you take your time along the river and explore.

nice short trail. easy walking.

This hike was beautiful, I recommend going here, Loved It

It was really nice!! Def good exercise and worth the view!!

We hiked the entire loop today (Jan. 6, 2019) and it was absolutely breathtaking! The arches are stunning in person, and hiking the whole loop feels like you’re traveling through different terrains. We stopped at Jakes Place, about half way through, and had a picnic lunch by the creek. Beware, when we were here it was VERY muddy on the trail, so just something to consider when choosing footwear. I had on Chacos and it was fine, but muddy lol. Also, our gps navigation said we walked a total of 6.3 miles, and it took us 4 hours from the trail head to finish! Highly recommend!!

Wow! Awesome hike to a sprawling bald. Low effort, high yield. Just be prepared for hoards of people at the top on a nice day. Fortunately there are off-shoots and other trails in the vicinity you can explore to get away from the crowds. Definitely would do again, and would plan a camping trip to see sunrise from there.

This place is one of my absolute favorite! I did an overnight backpacking trip here and the view was beyond breathtaking. My now fiancé also proposed here at sunset and it was so dreamy! The hike isn’t bad and only took 15 minutes to get to the top. I would recommend wearing boots as it can be a little muddy.

14 days ago

sketchy! has graffiti and trash everywhere. the regulars are questionable...but the hike is difficult, short but not easy once you start going up. but once u get to the top it is such a wonderful experience! you can hear traffic all the way and even more at the top but there is a feeling of being on top of the world. will do again..just wish people had more maturity and self respect to not trash a beautiful place...

Cool short hike on Devil's racetrack. Hike to the falls isn't long or difficult but felt like we lunged for a mile to get to the top to overlook the interstate. Nice view. Only bad thing is you can hear the cars on the interstate but really not that big of a deal for the view.

15 days ago

Great trail. It was really muddy on a lot of the trail, as it had just rained the day before. Prepare to get dirty. The waterfalls were beautiful.

I went up North Old Mac and camped on a boulder at the Panther Gap Rockhouse because the actual rockhouse was flooded with running water from recent rains. It would be pretty cool in dry weather. The forest sounded pretty dead, no birds, squirrels, etc., except for the constant sound of running water from the bountiful springs, creeks and branches. I took South Old Mac back to the parking area. The total mileage is around 7+ miles. The elevation gain/loss is close to 4,000 feet. With a 22 pound backpack it's a solid "moderate" hike. I only saw 3 other hikers and one pileated woodpecker on the
entire loop. The trail turns to more like a "goat path" for a good bit of the hike, and due to the heavy rains was pretty slippery most of the way. There are no overlooks unless you go to the firetower.

It’s a really cool short hike. All Trails says 2.2 miles. My GPS said 3.3.

Parking is limited to spots you can find on the side of the road near the trailhead.

Overall it’s scenic and fun, especially at the top. But it’s the most littered trail I’ve ever been on. That’s why I docked it a star.

Really nice trail running along the creek the entire length to campground 31. There’s about a mile section at the beginning that is a wide, gravel path suitable for anyone. At a mile there is an old farm area with a couple of restored/preserved buildings. Kind of cool to walk around.

After that the trail narrows a bit, crosses the creek a couple of times, and begins a moderate climb that you will need to get used to. It isn’t difficult, but continuous. On the way down the rocks and roots will make you be aware of where you step so I’d say this falls a little between moderate and easy.

I’m the fall you will have great looks at the creek at almost every turn. There was a lot of rain recently so it made for a really high water level. I’d almost give this 5 stars but I think I’m the summer it would be less enjoyable because the leaves would obstruct the views, and in the spring I’d bet the trail is wet. Anyway, it was a really nice day


Very much enjoyed the hike.

19 days ago

Great easy trail.

December 27th hike around 12:00 noon.
We parked on the road not knowing about the upper parking lot and went in around the AT, I think.
Went up to the summit first, back down and then around the backside of the trail to the main parking lot.
We then walked back to our car down the road about 200 yards or more.

there was a bunch of snow and some ice, as well as crazy wind at the summit.
We loved this trail and can't wait to see it in the spring or summer.

25 days ago

We enjoyed this water fall the best!

We went the first week in November and it was amazing! The leaves were fantastic.

This trail offers one "or two" of the best views around. The trail itsself needs work.

Great trail, narrow at times, but very diverse in terrain. December visited.

1 month ago

A little steep, but great views at the top! Very well marked

1 month ago

beautiful hike but the campsite is not secluded. right off the trail. but beautiful none the less.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike at the beginning of December. It was hard to follow the trail in a couple of places because the trail was blanketed with wet leaves

1 month ago

Great hike with 2 kids, ages 9 and 4. The river was beautiful!

east overlook has best views. lots of rock formations. parking can be challenging.

One of my favorite hikes of all time, hands down!

1 month ago

Awesome trail all the way around. We went a day after a heavy rain, so the waterfalls were at full force. Beautiful trail, and an easy trail too.

The views were breathtaking! Short, somewhat muddy walk up to the summit. Once there, it’s the most incredible 360 views of the smoky mountains! It’s right off the interstate, and the ride up the mountain was just as fun and gorgeous.

Absolutely stunning trail, I may be biased since I'm a geologist but the sandstone formations are gorgeous and you also have the arches. North arch is by far the more photogenic but they are both exceptional. The hike down to Charrit Lodge is well marked and well graded. The lodge was a great place to break for lunch as they have many picnic tables. The hike up through Jake's Place and back to the top was a fairly consistent uphill grade that never was strenuous.

The arches and around the arches were cool.

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