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Some would call me an idiot for hiking alone, some would call me an idiot for hiking in the winter while pregnant (there’s ice on the hill especially); but sometimes a hiker’s gotta hike.
Beautiful day to be out and a great loop to get some exercise.

Really enjoyed this trail, although it was a total challenge. We only managed to get out there in early November and we committed to hiking it in one day. We were able to complete it in just under 5 hours, but that was really pushing it because we were short on daylight. I wouldn't recommend a November hike because it was also very swampy. But the stony elevations and the views and the micro-environments were fantastic. Challenging but satisfying!

What a great experience! We loved the boardwalk loop and all other trails it leads off too!

10 days ago

What a gem! I was so pleasantly surprised by all that I found upon arriving at the entrance gate to the conservation area. I paid the entry fee of $7 for one adult and parked the car in the spacious parking lot.
The trail head gave great direction to 3 wide and well marked trails in 3 different lengths. I chose the longest ( purple 8 km round trip) This was obviously the less traveled of the 3 but was wide and clear and mostly flat with forest, and a few ponds to view. Around the halfway point was a fire pit, picnic tables and plenty of fire wood. A great place to stop and warm up and have lunch and due to the longer trail and distance there are very few children.
The yellow trail was very flat and very smooth and possibly acceptable for a fitness strolled. Lots of families and children were on this trail. Along the way was a rest room and several random table to stop and take a break.
Upon arriving at the falls there are several tables and a big fire pit with plenty of seating and wood to burn.
There is a set of stairs that take you down to the bottom of the falls and is a great place to take photos.
This trail was not a difficult or strenuous trail but beautiful.

Things to bring: marshmallows, hot dogs, bird seed to hand feed the birds.

trail running
12 days ago

We’re regular participants of the trail. I did my first 10km run on Christmas Eve and second time on New Year’s Eve.

Great views! We went in January so there weren’t huge crowds. Maybe a dozen people passed in the 4 hour hike. Would definitely go again.

Out on this trail today with a friend; absolutely beautiful. Definitely very muddy in parts but completely tolerable if you’re wearing proper hiking shoes. Trails are well marked but make sure you’re paying attention and have time to go to Crawford loop - we went out in afternoon and didn’t notice we made wrong turn and ended up in Crawford trails (only planned on 7.8 loop) - our loop turned into a 16k - we started later in day so we’re worried about losing sunlight. That was our bad though and still a beautiful detour. Look forward to doing this again.

Many trails, many levels of hiking. Always a great place to go.

13 days ago

Great for fall, summer and winter hiking!!!!

15 days ago

Great trail, great views. lots of elevation and good camping. recommend going in the fall

16 days ago

I like going early May or early sept never any problem with bugs Faya and Harness are by far the quietest and most peaceful spots

16 days ago

Pretty easy trail if you’re used to hiking out West. We went on New Years Day. No snow this year. The trail was fairly dry, some mud and ice. As long as you are in good winter boots you’re good to go. We hiked in -4C and were totally fine in gear for cross country skiing. We hiked with both our dogs and saw less than a handful of other people of the trails. Well marked. Easy loop. I’m not sure if it is 11.5km as our phones racked between 8.8-9.2km in and out. Saw a porcupine. Others on the trail saw groups of deer; our dogs were too noisy I think we scared them off. We were out for about 4 hours total.

22 days ago

one of my favorite places to camp and hike to the grotto. Amazing boardwalk

Amazing trail with stunning lookouts. Hiked it with our two dogs.
Bring lots of water and wear comfortable footwear as it’s up and down most of the way.

27 days ago

The path to the falls is a nice walk, lots of birds to see, take some seed to coax them down, there are fire pits at the falls for roasting marshmallows and warming up in the winter time

1 month ago

Great narrow, long and challenging trails. Excellent for walking, running and mountain biking. A lot of fat tire bike riders are enjoying themselves.

Someone has crafted a lot of miniature houses (doors) in trees along the trail and other funny things. Very enjoyable!

An incredible view with interesting side trails. Well marked and easy to follow, I'm excited to try it out again!

2 months ago

First time on this part of the Humber River, and was pleased with how wooded this was, yet also a part went under Rutherford, so it's not that remote in case of an emergency. Families with young kids were out for a walk and on bikes, an one mountain biker came out of the woods. Plenty of photo opps, and the chance to go fishing and see wildlife. Did 1.5 hr.

Well great hike. From rattlesnake to Crawford lake. 13.54 km. But I forgot to turn off the app on the way to dinner. Oooops!

We started early just stopped raining a couple of hours ago. It made no difference, it was an easy hike, yes with some very muddy places between rattlesnake and Crawford lake on the orange trail. But nothing anyone would cry over. At some points we thought the mud would have eaten our boots. It was just so funny. We did the board walk trail around the lake. It was so nice to hear laughing and giggling all the way to the other side.
We had lunch and a good break at the visitors area at Crawford centre and we were ready for the return hike.
Lots of people everywhere, nice to see families even with strollers which I wouldn’t recommend, but everyone was having fun. At the end skies cleared and were amazing spots for photos.

Pretty typical backcountry loop for central Ontario. Views are good but not spectacular. Terrain is fairly challenging if you're carrying several days of supplies but not that rewarding as it doesn't lead to any terribly special locations.

So beautiful and well groomed campsites! Very peaceful.

A good hike from Crawford lake to Rattlesnake point and back

A little confusing on how the trails were marked. We started with a little mist and high 2 degrees but it didn’t matter.
We did extra km than what we expected but had a great time in such a beautiful place.

2 months ago

Nice fall family walk to the falls and back. Wide flat trail makes it an easy outing. Fire pit at the falls is an amazing payoff for the kids if you remember to pack the marshmallows!

nice trails & confusing to maneuver for rookies like me. Dog's paradise !!

Loved hiking it during fall and seeing the beautiful autumn leaves. What a pretty hike.

Well marked very pretty
Felt safe
Plenty look outs

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