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My favorite Long Island trail I’ve hiked so far. I’ve been there 3 times and always a pleasure. I have never had any problem with too many bugs and never had a tick on me at this location. Lots of Long Island spots have tick and mosquito problems. Nice loop trail around the lake, it’s good for anyone including children. They have rowboats and campsites for rent, but I have never done either of those. Really beautiful spot and it quiet. Horses on trails as well. Kind of a secret spot on Long Island. Trail is mostly flat, no overwhelming hills. I’ll always return to this spot.

same trail as Stomp Pond Loop, just that this one brings you through the parking lot that charges $15. it's definitely an easy hike completed with my dog in a little less than 3 hours with stops at the stream. it can get a little muddy but the most of the trail is flat. if you have a few hours and want to relax definitely recommend it.

Beautiful views!

Light walk with a beautiful field of flowers at the end of the trail as a surprise. There is a great change of landscape as you walk from the pond to the field. Great for beginners and folks with families

Incredible gem tucked away right next to the marina. Built and maintained by a local family, the space is full of beauty and positivity.

Nice easy walk for after work. Well maintained.

Nice trails for all ages. Map is well marked and trails are too. Walked the blue trail. Great for camping. Has boat rental (rowboats). Bring your bug spray. Worth the walk, run biking anything.

1 month ago

Beautiful and well-maintained! There are, as expected, mosquitoes in the pond area. The swans in the pond are lovely.

You can only walk 2 miles in from Smiths Point. There is a break in the land with a strong current so you cannot walk or swim to the other side but this map shows you can. You cannot.

Great little family hike!

Better trail maps would have made not getting lost a little easier. However it was a nice day and we all had a good time.

Smooth paved and no cars. Does it get any better ?
Highly recommend for all types of bikes and all level cyclists.

Good riding
Boardwalk now open to cyclists

Fun trails to run! Buggy tho!

trail running
1 month ago

This place is perfect for dog walking/running. They really stress on keeping them on a leash. When it’s not as crowded and you have a dog that is trained on call back like mine, it’s five stars!!!

Wonderful local trail run for LI

nice path

Fantastic and so pretty! The trails are somewhat marked, but they can get a little confusing, especially since the map at the trail makes the trail seem a lot larger than it really is. But it is gorgeous, and a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Paved path 1.5 there and back makes it a comfortable 3mile hike on flat land, does weave thru the "campground" and playground but decent coverage and trail "feel" on the north end closer to the parkway. Cut across when you get to the end and explore the dirt paths on the east side of the park, large 10ft wide paths are easily navigated east towards the golf course or back south to link up with the paved path

mountain biking
2 months ago

This was a great trail even for a novice like me. There was a variety of different terrain some were a bit challenging but I feel that anyone can get through it. I decided to stay on the main loop. I knew there were more difficult trails that branch off the main loop for the more experience riders but I didn’t realize there were so many. The one and only thing i didn’t like about the trail was that it needed more signs at intersections to direct you. There were times that i came out onto a main trail and not know whether to go left or right but I would definitely ride this trail again!

I live by the Avalon and it my go to trail when I want to hike on a whim. It’s got a lot to see at the opening of trail at the duck pond. Once you cross the street you get more trails. My dog loves it here and it’s very peaceful once deep in the trails.

Beautiful view!

Nice easy hike. Some light hills. Good for an afternoon walk/hike after work.

Love this trail for the changes in elevation- it’s great for getting the heart rate up even for slow walkers !

Saw bunch of dears twice :) trail near the pond is heavily trafficked but very well maintained. The nature trails were a bit confusing.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Scenic, fairly easy with a few hills.

Very busy by the pond , but the further you venture the better it is . Trails wide , hills but not steep and you can pick the trail to match your time .

It's a fun place to hike and bring your dog but the only bad thing is. There's a lot of bugs so bring your bug spray.

Great trail, especially for winter hiking and in the snow when the ticks are dormant. Quiet and good prep with its distance and rolling hills for bigger trails and summer hiking.

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