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Suches July 2018 Map

This is a really fun hike! An amazing view 1.5 miles in makes it so worth it and gooch gap is a really cool little spot in a valley 2 miles further.

This was a really fun trail, not very long of a hike and really fun! Even in the cold there was ice and snow everywhere and a super view at the top. If you’re anywhere around you should put this one on your list

8 hours ago

Hiked in counter clockwise. The weather was cold, and do to a front that moved in the night before, everything was covered or dusted with snow. The trail looked amazing. I branched off to the Appalachian trail at the split. It’s a bit confusing with the way the sign reads but it’s a left toward Neals Gap if you’re wanting to do the loop. A good majority of the little runoffs were frozen over so water wasn’t available until I reached the base of Blood Mountain. Going up to Blood Mountain overlook was challenging as many of the steps were completely iced over. I would recommend having some spikes available for these parts if you plan to venture out in the same conditions. I stayed overnight at the summit for the Super Blood wolf moon lunar eclipse. Pretty impressive from up there. The following day I hiked down and finished the Slaughter Creek trail to complete the loop. More running water on that side of the loop. All in all a good hike.

Great trail overall. Preachers Rock was sweet, but the better part of this trail is towards the end when you have to short spur. There is another view that’s just as pretty and much lower volume for people. Busy trail, good for dogs, not good for young kids.

Excellent trail. Moderate elevation changes. Only took 3 hours. I am sure the views are great but today was steady rain\clouds\mist. The good thing was I only passed two other people.

Good hike love the water fall at the end

Very crowded but great hike with awesome view. And there is another great overlook if you go past preachers rock.

20 days ago

Love this trail, it’s a go-to favorite for me and my dog. After lots of rain, be prepared for trickier creek crossings and to get wet. I’ve a 40 pound, nearly 7 year old terrier who is a seasoned trail dog - he had to scout the water crossings and find his way, wouldn’t recommend (after heavy rain) for a puppy or smaller dog. I was grateful for my hiking poles! Downed trees require some amount of ducking or scrambling over. Pretty view
at overlook and so so pretty throughout. Always a super fun afternoon! Dog was exhausted for two days; fantastic. ☺️

Super groovy hike. It rained a good bit before, which made it super muddy and fun. There were some pretty interesting creek crossings that really made the hike.

22 days ago

Love this trail. Beautiful walk along the water. Not hard but it does have some hills that may be hard if your not a hiker. Will differently do this hike again.

Nice views from the top. It’s borderline moderate. Not as strenuous as others. Finished in about 2.5 hours.


Really nice, fairly quick hike. The view from Preacher's Rock is outstanding. Overall not too strenuous.

Great drive up and gorgeous hike! A bit steep in some areas so you’re in for a great calf burn but the falls are totally worth it...beautiful clearing great for family photos or a picnic!

Easy trail all the way from Springer Mountain. Some nice camping at Three Forks.

1 month ago

Great trail. Could use some trail maintenance over the creek crossings and some more trail markings along the trail. I get panicky (wife does) when she doesn’t see markings. Dogs were worn out

Used this as our first little backpacking trip. it was wonderful. beautiful campsite at the top.

very fun hike, we went with a big group and it was freezing but there was still quite a few other people there regardless. Super fun and not a difficult hike!

Pretty trail that’s probably amazing in spring. As mentioned, Jarrard and Slaughter trails not well marked. Therefore, I felt like Moses wandering through the desert. AT section is nice. $5 fee for parking, cash or check only.

Atlanta trails has better info on route to take and landmarks. Highly advise starting at Jarrard end and not the Slaughter end.

A really nice hike on a beautiful fall day. Easy to moderate is the correct rating. Walking poles always a plus. I recommend hiking in the fall/winter when the leaves are gone. The real star of this hike is the many cascading streams with their tumbling waterfalls. Many of which would not be visible in the spring/summer due to foliage.

this trail was a lot of fun. However having done this just after several days of rain I'd say this trail is fairly challanging when wet. several of the creek crossings were very wide and required light wading to get across. Nothing a good pair of high top hiker boots couldn't handle.
also it was very slick. leaves covered the mud and made some parts rather difficult. a few downed trees also required climbing to get around.
all and all it was a great hike.

2 months ago

Nice trail for a stroll through the woods, you kind of have to watch your step right now with all the leaves covering the rocks and roots.

Beautiful, easy hike to the falls. Great setting with easy, safe photo opportunities. This trail was active with many groups of hikers of all ages. We started our day with 3 Forks Trail Loop across the trail head and then ended with this hike to the falls. We are glad we made the extra effort to see the falls. Also appreciated that the loop we did first was quieter and less traveled. The two hikes together give the best of both worlds if you are fit enough to hike 7+miles in a day.

We went last Sunday and loved it!! Lots of little waterfalls and a beautiful view. Had to climb over a couple fallen trees and hop a few streams which was no trouble. Great hike!!

Perfect time of year to hike this trail! Beautiful colors and scenery. Recommend stopping mid-way and taking the steep little trek to the smaller falls before the larger falls . . . both are amazing!

Great trail , two really great views , colorful !

Beautiful scenery.

Always have enjoyed this hike. Preachers Rock has wonderful views, and because of that can be crowded. Don’t let it scare you though, it’s worth it.

It was a perfect day for spending a few hours on the trail. The little bridge over the tree roots was creative.

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