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12 days ago

Quiet sandy trail. Good footing. I walked this with my 19 month old and she happily walked 4 miles.

trail running
16 days ago

I run this trail often with my wife. It's very fun trail with an easy to moderate difficulty based on which end you start from. The northern end of the trail is harder than the southern end.

3 stars for a good clean walk. One side is more scenic than the other.

Good paved trail

road biking
1 month ago

this trail was beautiful and relaxing. It's very peaceful and well kept. Only issue is that I assumed kid-friendly meant flat, which is not so at all and took my still-using-training-wheels kids down the trail and the hills made it stressful, mainly for worrying, but I got extra exercise and overall was a great trip. I would definitely do it again, walking for sure though.

So nice wandering around off the paved path. VERY easy. Highly recommend.

Super easy with nice woodland scenery

2 months ago

Very pretty area, we do the trail several times a year. The best time to go is when the leaves change, very pretty.

trail running
2 months ago

I love this trail! The trees are beautiful and the bridges add a nice touch. The trail is pretty shaded in the afternoon. There are a few steep hills that are a great end to a work out if that’s what you’re looking for. My doggies also love to walk on this trail! Perfect for fur babies.

2 months ago

Great trail for all activities. Shady, toilets , birds and friendly users. Easy terrain but many hills.

Nicely maintained path which I have enjoyed many times over the years with my four Shih Tzu companions in their dog stroller.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Super bummed with this trail. We left from the Oyster Point campground, and it was great for about .35mi...until it was completely washed out. No warning or notice from the trail start. Definitely had potential but poorly maintained and would have been nice to have a heads up that it was closed or something. Hopefully we will get an opportunity to try it again.

Although we only walked 1 mile into the trail, I loved what I saw so far. I can’t wait to come back with my bike to see the whole trail.

nature trips
3 months ago

We took our grandchildren on this hike....We had a picnic also.. the kids loved it and so did we!!

as far as rail trails go, I thought this was a nice one. It is shaded in most places which is nice in the hot sun around here. It was quiet and I didn't find it boring or creepy. Did 3 miles with the dog. Did see quite a few people but they were far between so it didn't feel like a busy trail.

pretty boring trail. Thought I was getting a nice river walk, but the trail is seperated from the river by a thick row of trees so you don't get that river walk feel. Had meant to walk the whole length but got very bored with no interesting scenery and ended up turning around after just 3 miles. Busy little trail with lots of cyclists, walkers, and runners.

Nice easy stretch of pavement for decent running without leaving the city. Easy parking at the soccer complex.

About the only place in Wilmington with any (albeit slight) elevations. Peaceful and clean.

Great trail for distance running or biking but nothing too extravagant about this one. Perfect for dog walking.

I enjoyed in the cold weather, i dont think i would ever hike this when its warm out or bug season This section had some impressive boardwalks.

Haly Burton is a leisure walk along a paved path. Great choice for the family with bikes or scooters! With covered picnic areas, a playground and a visitors center with small animals to view, there is fun for everyone!

I go on this trail all the time, great trail, dog friendly

kind of boring.

Nice easy trail near where I live so it was a nice find on the app. Flat terrain except for a few tree roots exposed on a few of the trail routes. A few of the trails had a few puddles from the rain the day before but nice none the less. Highly recommend for a nice quiet hike with a group or just alone as I did it.

App didn’t follow trail but the views were pretty good and had Military jets flying over head a few times.

trail running
5 months ago

This trail is a flat hard packed sandy soil surface trail that runs 5 miles between Erwin and Dunn, NC. The address I got off this site was not correct. The correct address to find the trailhead in Erwin is 115 E. H St, Erwin, NC. The 13 St address takes you somewhere else.

This flat trail is probably about 8 feet wide and has markers at every 1/10 mile telling you how far you are from both the Erwin and Dunn ends of the trail. If you start from Erwin there is parking right there at the trailhead in front of some businesses.

I don't have an address to give you for the Dunn end but we did drive to it and couldn't find any good parking and a family member who lives in Dunn says there are sometimes loose dogs on that end of the trail. I didn't see any loose dogs when I checked it out.

For jogging, walking, or biking this is a nice trail.

5 months ago

Local beginner hiker and I just found this trail. I am in love. It is definitely muddy after the rain and I would not call it stroller or wheelchair friendly. Especially the northern section along the river. There is definitely erosion after the recent storms. Not that I minded any of that and can’t wait to do the entire trail. I like that I can hop on in several different areas when I am out solo and for just a few hours. Using my poles I got quite the workout even on the flat areas. Enjoy!!

Very nice trail. Dog friendly, bike friendly, good scenery and well maintained. Great Job Fayetteville.

6 months ago

Had a blast on this trail, it is very diverse in the different biomes that you experience. The northern half is very beautiful running along the beach for a few miles, it also has a good amount of elevation change. The southern half is a little easier however if you go after there has been rain be careful of mile 5-4 or 4-5, depending on the direction you are going, it is extremely wet and muddy. The camps are well spaced apart and are great spots to set up for the night.

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