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Great loop. Didn’t see anyone else on the entire trek. Moderate with a 3.5 year old on your back. Very pretty and well maintained!

2 days ago

Decent hike. Could hear highway the whole time and see from “window” view. Still pretty, especially when you first walk in. Great hike if you are looking to go all the way to Camels Hump!

Beautiful hike through the woods (with some rocky scrambles) to an amazing view! Great workout.

5 days ago

This was our first hike in Vermont and we thought this trail was fabulous! It is short but challenging. Wear good shoes because there is lots of rocks and scrambling. We ditched our packs after the first mile at the backcountry campground and I’m sure glad we did! The second two miles were straight uphill and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much with 50lbs on my back. We made it to the summit later in the evening, so we ended up being the only ones up there. The views are amazing! Definitely recommend this hike!

Loved this trail. Went up Forest City/LT and down Burrows. The last mile up to the top felt death defying! A scramble on the edge of a cliff. Outside our comfort zone and that made it scary - and awesome!

This was a fun and sometimes difficult hike. The top 1/3 has many rock scrambles and is fairly steep. I will definitely go again!

I would say it’s hard. Mostly because you need to bring a lot of water and marple trail part is not good for children and unexperienced pets.

Take Deans Trails to Long Trail up for a more exciting hike with some rock scrambling, then Monroe to descend. If hiking with kids or dogs, I recommend Monroe up, it’s a steady incline and not exposed. Be prepared for a lot of people at the summit during summer, unless you start the hike very early, 6am-ish.

7 days ago

Trails were wet and rocks were slippery. Recommend sturdy boots and trekking poles. Overall fun hike, but challenging. Not for anyone with bad knees. Beautiful views. Definitely will go back and try other approaches and trails.

Short enough to be a low pressure, take-your-time hike. Challenging enough to make it interesting. The final section is particularly rocky and steep. Great views at the top make for a rewarding payoff. Dog friendly, but not for pets not accustomed to hiking. Smaller dogs will struggle at the top and there are no water sources along the trail.

This trail is very easy as you can drive most of the way durring the summer time. This trail would be excellent for young kids ( perhaps 4 and up)

7 days ago

Great loop. The fire tower is difficult to get to in winter though, so prepare to just get to a lookout in winter unless you’re daring or have crampons

1.5 hours to Taylor Lodge and back. Great moderate hike, some steep rock steps, good views.

This hike is really beautiful... amazing views from the top and it’s all shaded in a forest on the way there. A few things; VERY dog friendly. This was really nice because most of the East Coast doesn’t allow dogs to be off leash while they hike, so for someone from the West this trail was a breath of fresh air. There is NO WATER. No lakes, creeks, streams, nothing. Bring your own. Finally, I would classify this trail as heavily trafficked, at least on the weekends. It is basically straight up and then straight down so bring your hiking poles if you have them. Happy trails!

My family and I hiked this in 2017 and loved it. This was an easy hike and well worth it when you got to the top. If you are not looking for too much of an effort and just an easy-going walk through the woods with a gorgeous view at the top, I would highly recommend this.

One of my favorite hikes in this area. A beautiful trail with a beautiful view. Bring a jacket for the summit.

Nice shaded rocky trail up to Taylor Lodge. When you get to the lodge take a quick left up to the lookout over the valley for a beautiful view.

one of my four hikes in Vt that I go back to. really enjoy this hike.

Great trail! Probably my favorite so far in the North East, and I've hiked in NY, VT and NH. If you have done anything in the White Mountains, this will feel a bit like the Franconia Notch Loop, but a little more technical. I did the Wampahoofus to Butler lodge trail and got to go through a cave (really cool). From there you take Rock Garden trail back to the main path and that had some really cool stuff as well. I also took the offshoot to Cantilever Rock and that had a great view. Overall, the majority of the hike is a breeze but there are a few sections that can be tricky. It was sunny and dry when we did it but I think it would be very tough in rainy conditions as much of the hike is on rock faces that have grip when dry but not when wet.

The trail up took us around an hour and forty five minutes (with a few, short water breaks). It is definitely continuously steep throughout, and the second half was wet. The falls are lovely and the top was wonderful and breezy. There were definitely a lot of people on the trail today. The trip down took almost as long as the way up.

I went running on this trail and enjoyed SO much! I had trouble on some of the muddy spots when I was running and slipped!

I’m more of a beginner hiker, so I found this hike difficult. But it was beautiful and totally worth doing again. Great 360 view from the fire tower (just ignore the radio tower). I love looking back across to willoughby gap.

Not easy but managed up and done in 6 hours a beginner. Amazing views. Glad we did it!! Recommended.
Made it to Ben and Jerrys before they closed for the day.

17 days ago

great hike! challenging but worth it for the views.

17 days ago

This was a challenging hike to do in the winter without snowshoes - very icy and could not make it to fire tower. however in the summer I have done the full loop multiple times by myself and with my younger siblings very beautiful and interesting things to see on the way up such as the balancing rock and an old house foundation!

Hiked up Butler Lodge Trail to Butler Lodge. Pretty quick and easy, and a nice view from the lodge. Decided to continue up Wampahoofus for the first time to the forehead thinking it would be fairly quick and easy.. wrong!! It was so fun though! But a little intimating! I had to take off my pack a few times to hoist myself up slippery rocks, had to walk through a cave, but what an adventure. Once at the forehead, I decided to continue to the chin so I took Long Trail North to the chin, not too windy despite cloudy weather, then on the way back, Long Trail South to Wallace Cutoff back to Butler Lodge. Keep in mind going down LT south is a little daunting, those ladders going down can be scary if you don’t like heights and a few points where if you mis step, you could fall down some rock crevices. All in all I’m glad I did that loop, exciting adventure 8.8 total miles.

19 days ago

first of all.... moderate? maybe if you do this a lot. "a few rock scrambles"? more like the top 1/3 of the trail is a rock scramble. while i may not hike weekly, i go often enough to believe the only reason this is not rated as "hard" is because someome feels 1.7 miles up is too short to be hard. if you dont hike a lot, don't be fooled by the rating and peoples humbragging. it's hard. it's also beautiful and i'll be doing it again!

Doesn’t take very long to get up and down. Most of it is done up on the ridge. I added Bad Weather Pass as an option up top which was fun although you have a few up close encounters with cliff edges. Fun trail all in all.

20 days ago

Did this during November of 2017 and it was snow covered and beautiful! Well marked and not very difficult. Would rate as moderate!

20 days ago

Beautiful views- I would rate this as an easy hike- took some friends that are beginner hikers and it was perfect for them. Views are fantastic and you will be greeted by two friendly Golden retrievers at the top! So yes very dog friendly hike!

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