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Nice lollipop loop featuring Civil War era iron furnace. Route entirely follows two-track old roads including an iron haul road and a stagecoach road. On the harder side of easy due to length and several small hills. There are also many single-track mountain bike trails here, but if you end up hiking on single-track you have lost the main loop. Overall, a quiet, fairly easy hike with an historical flair.

Just a note I work for the Cullman Parks & Recreation department that owns this land and operates the property and all trails. We have 3.5 miles of officially marked trails so it is longer than the 2 miles listed here. There are also some unofficial older trails that could make your hike closer to 4.5 miles or more. We are in the process of putting new signage all through the trails with new trail maps at the trail head and picnic area of the park, as well as online.

I haven’t been here since 2011 and was surprised that it was unattended and a bit run down. It seems like wherever there’s a human presence there is trash.

Other than that this is a lovely place. All three waterfalls were running and the wild flowers were just beginning to make a presence. Headed back today!

Very pleasant with several blue holes and a spring. On weekday mornings this time of year I usually have the place to myself.

15 days ago

Short, flat and moderately trafficked. Good for an afternoon hike. A few nice views by the river, but not especially scenic. A few mud bogs even on a dry day.

Great little trail.

It was a great hike for my wife and I. I seen people say it’s only 30 mins but that is not true if you hike the trail that is shown on the map it’s about 3 miles and took us about 3 hours which we stopped a few times looking at what God has created for us.:) the trials are somewhat “hidden” in places and you can easily get off track. The twilight tunnel could be easily missed if you don’t know what and where it is... we suggest taking the lower trial first which takes you straight to the tunnel and eventually brings you out the “high side”. We did it backwards which was pretty confusing for us.

A simple trail for when you need a break after classes or work. You can also see the beginning of a river system inside of a cave!

This is a nice little surprise in Cullman. The loop up to the cliffs and small cave is worth taking any time of year

We chose this trail because it was a short one as it was very cold out with a wind advisory. I was very impressed with the trails and the park. Even though it's small I loved it and after hiking decided to take the cave tour. It was very much worth the time and money. Great way to spend the day. Good place to take younger children as well as the trails are easy.

great trail for a quick hike. I completed in 30 minutes. it does have it's challenging parts. great scenes all around. I was the only one on the trail.

This is your basic trail. Nothing fancy and there’s no good views. The park is a great place with history but for a good hike you have better places like Oak Mountain and the Pinhoti trail in Alabama. This trail is easy and great for kids for a hour or two hike but if your looking for great views and more of a challenge look elsewhere.

3 months ago

Nice place for families and for groups of people with different fitness levels. Lots of activities in addition to trails.

3 months ago

I'm a Hilltopper, and having a flat trail to walk was incredible. The area by the river feels like such a hidden gem. Well-maintained, easy to navigate.

This is in between a pleasant stroll in the woods and a hike, but closer to a stroll. Well maintained but not necessarily wonderfully marked for beginners.

Be careful with the trails after the twilight tunnel no signs and hard to navigate afterwards

Simple hike, perfect for bringing children.

Nice walk enjoyed

We love coming to this trail. It's a pretty easy one (except for the paved hill near the trailhead, wowza!) and we love taking our dog there; so many places for her to play and swim and chase her tennis ball! A great little hike for a day out.

Great hike. Great views. The only complaint is the lack of trail markers. All in all wonderful hike look forward to coming back.

Great on a week day.

Took the kids for a day hike. It was great. Less stars due to rednecks throwing water bottles on trail. Pick up your trash.

Very nice hike. I took several kids ages 14 to 21, I myself am 46. There were several parts that were moderately physically challenging. The trails are all fairly well marked although a bit confusing at times. The trails are fairly well trekked and clear but in need of some repair in places. Someone has been recently doing work on the trails though so that is promising. Overall a great two hour hike completely around with quite a bit of sightseeing. Right about 6500 steps to make the entire trek.

No waterfall in July but only a little trickle. Came to jog based on the reviews but no way! Too many rocks and roots. Forested trail which brought some relief from the heat. Trail led to creek and back up again. Nice loop for beauty and some exercise.

Great adventure for the kids lots of different trails to walk be sure to go to the twilight tunnel. wish I had pics but phone ran out of juice.

A mini stress reliever! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

This trail is not marked & that would help but doable with the All Trails map. Good hike with 2 adults & kids 17, 8 & 6.

8 months ago

The trails are very well maintained and are suitable for everyone. The park is beautiful.

8 months ago

Amazing! Well worth the drive! I will be back after my knee repairs itself! Mulched trails are a plus!

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