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Great little trail along the Missouri river. The Lewis trail is shorter than the Clark trail. You can do one or both but they can be easily done in a day. Good for children and pets but be warned, bring Bug Spray because the mosquitos get very thick in areas.

Nice winding trail, very peaceful. Has some stretches that I would love to come back and run. Also, according to the paper map provided on-trail, it is 14 miles.

Good trail with a couple of places where you get a nice view of the river.

Easy trail. Only saw two people on a weekday morning. Very well marked. Easy parking.

LOTS of ticks!! It was a really great trail and a great challenge but the amount of ticks hurt my experience. I’d recommend wearing pants.

First time here today and using this app! The trail was amazing! I finished a little over an hour and a half. Beautiful views a doe ran about 20 feet in front of me across the trail! Perfect spot to train with alot of ups and downs! Wear tons of bug spray!

Enjoyed the bluff view. There are a lot of mountain bikers. Lots of mosquitoes.

This trail was a really nice hike! Definitely bring your bug spray but other than that we had a great time!

1 month ago

Hiked this with my three kids, 12,9 and 5. They aren’t ones for long hikes, but they enjoyed this 5 mile out and back with a great lookout at the turn. Close enough to civilization that you have cell service in the event you suddenly hear thunder and need to check radar, as we did. I highly recommend this trail for families in the STL area looking for a nearby hike.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Fun trail good for beginners like me

This is one of my favorite trail systems in the area that I can get to quickly from my house. You can kind of get it all here, for Missouri anyway. Right off the bat you quickly hit a nice, scenic Missouri River view, and as you continue along the bluff there are multiple spots for stopping at lookouts. I usually take a 20-30 lb. pack and use this area for training, you get some steady, steep inclines out here that will knock the wind out of you and get your heart rate up. This highlighted Clark loop is usually busier than the extended Lewis loop trail.

A couple of things to note, at certain times of year the mosquitos can be absolutely abysmal. I've been here when it's really just impossible to stop moving, and you can see a literal cloud of them chasing you, like little buzzing, blood-lusting zombies. Coming prepared with deet spray and a mosquito net, long pants and sleeves is a requirement.

This trail does have potential to get muddy at times, so be prepared for that as well after it rains.

mountain biking
2 months ago

I’m relatively new to mountain biking, but could not imagine a more enjoyable, picturesque trail.

Low water section of trail along Meramec covered. Cut my hike short by 4 miles

well groomed trails. a bit rocky so bring along shoes with plenty of padding.

Hiked the “Low Water Trail” in 3/14:18 and it was muddy...but fun! The middle part of this trail (which follows along the Meramec) is mostly flat and at this time of the year is bug-free.

4 months ago

Good overall Trail with little bit of everything, along the river, along a vertical bluff, then a little elevation, forest, a little stream, culminates into a picturesque valley view with a river running through it, and then back.

great hike with some awesome views of the river as well and the cliffs. Clark trail is a little over 5 miles

Love the Lewis and Clark trails. Understand, there are two. The Lewis Trail is 5 miles and the Clark trail is 8 miles. I have been running the Lewis trail over winter and have run it both CW and CCW; and I tell you that CCW is much easier than CW. On the CCW direction, you basically have two long, steep climbs that will kick your butt. There are several long gradual descents between them. Running the CW direction you have those multiple long, descents, which are now climbs. CW is easily 60/40 uphill; if not 70/30. But don’t let it scare you, either direction is awesome and will give you a great workout; CW just a little more so.

Been 15yrs since last here and that was on a MTB. Still as rugged as I remembered. Good stuff though.

Easy to get to, challenging but not too hard, scenic, good elevation changes, well marked.

Very muddy today but a good hike.


The first three miles are uphill and rocky, the next 3 or 3 1/2 miles are flat river valley. Not bad at all when one is fresh, but that last three miles on the way back are pretty rugged if one is not expecting it.

Very steep at the entrance by Lone Elk Park and the exit off Lewis Rd. In between it's beautiful and winding with lots of views of the river. Some areas are technical, especially on a mountain bike.

This is my absolute favorite trail in the St. Louis Area. The elevation gain is sufficient for hikers who like a challenge. The environment changes from rocky flint hilltops to low grassy prairie in the Meramec floodplain then down further to the river basin itself. The eastern section of the loop is the Flint Quarry Trail. Along this trail there are small bowls and trenches dug out all along the trail and surrounding area, these are the remnants of prehistoric quarries cut by indigenous people. The flint was used for tools by those people and is the highest concentration of prehistoric mines in North America.

For more history of the area check out this webpage below the author provides a vary detailed timeline of Lone Elk, Times Beach, Tyson Valley, West Tyson and Crescent Hills.


Very rocky. I have no idea how people bike this trail! lol

Great scout trail for hiking.

Very enjoyable.

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