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12 hours ago

This hiking trail has the most amazing views! It is fairly easy although it has a steep incline. Took us about 40 min to get up. Really enjoyed this scenic hike.

on Beacon Rock Trail

2 days ago

Awesome scenic views. For Oregon residents, be prepared to pay for Bridge of the Gods toll and get Discovery Pass.

I hike this trail twice as a kid with girl scout camp. So beautiful! Time to go again

great views! if you are scared of heights this is not for you.

Didn’t make it to the falls, vehicle was not sufficiently equipped for snow. The road leading to the falls is paved and narrow, and currently has a decent layer of ice and snow. Vehicles without snow tires or chains should proceed with extreme caution.

Very interesting how the water flows out of the rocks.

22 days ago

Quick huff and puff. Always good

24 days ago

Such an awesome little hike!

26 days ago

So glad I chose to hike this trail. it is beautiful! Trail mainly consists of switchbacks but the views are perfect at every turn

We drove around where it was supposed to be, but did not see any signs :-( ended up hiking a small portion of the PCT instead. Clearer signage would definitely be helpful.

Gorgeous falls with very little effort to see from the viewing deck. Google maps directions were accurate to the trail/parking. It was nice the road was paved the whole way. There's spray painted words and arrows on the road pointing to the trail. Also be sure to look up when on the road, as there's a small sign nailed to a tree above the trail with "Trail no. 137" on it.

1 month ago

Great hike with amazing views. My husband and I really enjoyed it all!

Great hike with incredible views. Do not be mislead by the trail that takes off from the parking lot--the actual trail starts down the gravel road a little ways and is marked by a sign about not spreading seeds and a boot scrubber. The route that takes off from the parking lot is a social trail that has been created recently--unimproved and poorly routed, don't add to the damage by taking this route! The actual trail is well maintained, with a few slippery spots and two small logs to cross. Dog friendly. Please respect the cultural significance of this site and not disturb any rocks at the summit. It was disheartening to see how much disturbance has occurred in the last couple of years.

My hubby and I happened to be stranded in Portland for the weekend with our truck in the shop so we rented a car and decided to hit the trail and we came upon this one. We had a wonderful time and found the hike quite entertaining. I would consider the trail a fairly easy hike to the top with plenty areas to rest and take in the views..:.would definitely do this again

Not for the faint at heart, but breathtaking views! We did this quick hike with 2 young kids (7 and 5). The railings made me nervous for the kids, but that is coming from someone who had a small fear of heights.

Would recommend to almost all ages and abilities.

1 month ago

"Climb" might not really be the right word here (though if you're a rock climber you can do that too here).
becon Rock is about 850' tall, but if you hike it, you start about 200' from the parking lot where the trail swings around and mainly takes you up South West side of the rock. Most of the path was paved some time ago and once you're taking the switch back son the side of the rock you have hand rails and even few small bridges. The grade of the trail is easier then Multonoma falls, with the switch backs that range from 25'-100' a with each turn.

As a older and fatter hiker, I really didn't have any problems going up or down, other then stopping a lot to take photos of the views you get from here. You only need at best a liter of water on you, and I saw numerous kids easily handle the trail. This included 1-2 year old being carried by their parents (the trail won't handle strollers).

Most of the hike is on the south-western side of the rock, but just when you think you've reached the top, the trail takes you to eastern side for the additional views. The top part of the hike is probably the easiest as a whole too. You raise up about 850' from the base but keep in mind that you start from north side on this hike, you skip about 200' or so feet of the full elevation climb if you use the trail. Easy good hike for all ages.

Great views of the falls but I did not do the entire trail because it was closed. This was one of 3 waterfalls I was visiting so I was not too disappointed that it wasn’t much of a “hike”. I was treated with gorgeous views of a rainbow over the waterfall. I assume on any sunny day this occurs. As others have mentioned it is difficult to find. You will park at a gravel parking lot right off the road on the right and then you will need to cross the road by foot to find the trail head right off the edge of the road.

Here is a video from my day where I visited panther creek falls, lower creek falls, and spirit falls - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KasE9uJGAOA&t=630s

Travelers info:

Forest Pass: YES
Parking fee: no but forest Pass needed
Driving: about 2 hours from Portland, potholes on the road up to panther.

Phenomenal! This is a short hike so I combined it with two other waterfall hikes nearby - Panther Creek Falls and Spirit Falls. I did the lower creek falls hike first early in the morning. I was the only one on the trail. Every waterfall was beautiful. I did all three waterfalls from 7am -,4pm. Short drives in between. Here is a video from my day on the Washington side of the gorge - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KasE9uJGAOA&t=630s

(If link doesn’t work search Dabai’s Adventures in YouTube)

Travelers info:

Forest Pass: YES
Parking Fee: Forest Pass! No parking permits available!
Driving: about 2 hours from Portland. The road out to spirit falls is easy and any car can make it. The roads out to lower creek and panther creek are full of potholes and loose gravel... better to take a vehicle with some clearance.

Enjoy the Trails!


Too hard and far to drive to there.

Very difficult trail. Very cold weather.

Definitely an hour well spent, but the views from the top were obstructed by trees. We spent more time admiring the views from the trail than we did at its peak.

2 months ago

Amazing views. We could see mount rainier, Adams, hood, and Helens.


Gorgeous views! A little slippery in spots but not too bad considering it was rainy. Kinda brutal, uphill alllll the way.

Don't take Berger Rd! It's terrifying!

2 months ago

Great introductory hike for a newbie. Not saying it was a breeze - my legs definitely felt the up and back but due to moderate length well accessible to all with the right shoes (I had tennis sneakers which were not ideal!) Anyway this walk has now got me up for more - !

2 months ago

Nice hike and views on a clear day! Amazing two guys built this in 3 yrs. The hired technical guy was buried in the little cemetery east of the rock, left on hot springs rd for the rest of the story.

2 months ago

Completed 9-23-18

Had some steep hills, a bit slippery with the wet leaves and dirt! Gorgeous trail and views!

great easy trail for dogs too.. . yes there is a decent up hill but nice trail.....amazing waterfall. totally recommend....a must see

Great easy hike with a beautiful waterfall.

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