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Did this hike in a full day in the middle of October. The fall colors made the landscape even more breathtaking. We went first to Colchuck Lake and it seemed the best way to go for this trek. We started the hike at 8:50 and came back to the car at 18hs (given that we spent about one whole hour just enjoying the view at Colchuck Lake). If you like to take pictures, I would advise to check the time the sun sets behind the mountains so you ensure your great shots at both lakes.

16 hours ago

Very beautiful, with at least three great overlooks to accommodate different difficulty levels. I would call this overall Moderate, not Easy, but our group (and dog) had no problems getting to the Middle Falls. The final 1km Upper Falls stretch is marked Hard.

Pretty good hike. Got more tired towards the upper falls. Wasn’t expecting it to be as steep. But overall a great hike. Went in the morning to avoid crowds and was pleasant. Though noticed a few people with dogs off leash which was not awesome. For that reason I wouldn’t be able to bring my dog next time I hike this trail.

A tough hike and dangerous spent the night with Olive my Welsh terrier definitely would like to do again the views spectacular

It was beautiful!

trail is great, we'll maintained. more moderate than easy. really pretty woods and falls. weekends are packed, and there were some dog owners with their dogs off leash (and not well behaved) which was not great. would go back, but would be more careful on timing to avoid the crowds.

Wonderful hike! Long but moderate in comparison to other “difficult” hikes !

Amazing views! Glacier peak, vibrant lake’s color and even the fall’s colors.
It’s a difficult and steep hike but completely doable. (I don’t recommend it for families though).
The road to get to the trailhead isn’t too bad, some small potholes.

2 days ago

BE WARNED: This hike is 12 miles round trip, NOT 7.7. However, it was perfect! Incredible hike, gorgeous fall colors everywhere, 1000% worth the work for the pristine lake at the top! There was crystal clear blue water and larches!

It’s the most picturesque reward you’ll ever get after a long, hard hike. My husband and I actually hiked this at night so we could be at the top by sunrise. It was GORGEOUS! Totally worth every steep climb up, and painful knee-aching step down. We clocked in over 10 miles. It was very cold, and near the top there were so many boulders to climb we thought we were off the trail, but eventually found our way. Could’ve been the dark though. :)

Great hike. Worth the effort once you get to the lake. Oct 12...perfect time. Weather was 49-59 over the whole hike. No bugs and few people.

Oct. 6, 2018: Decided to come here for a quick hike with a view!! Fewer people in the afternoon-sun down. Worth it!

6 days ago

Great hike. Showed up as 6.5 on the GPS, but would have been a little less if I didn’t pull off for all of the views. The first 2 miles are mostly in the forest, with a few views here and there. It really opens up after the trail splits from the PCT. Then it is hard to put away the camera/phone because every step gives a new stunning perspective. The climb to the peak is very steep, just take it slow, there are plenty of rewards along the way and at the top. There is a guest book at the end of the trail. This is a very popular place to hike, so be prepared to see a lot of hikers on the weekend.

8 days ago

Hiked with 5 meetupers from Hiking with Dorks. 5.4 miles rated moderate. Trail well marked. Middle Falls most spectacular

Amazing hike, water level low. Stunning views

Many views of the waterfall! So so so pretty! Went midweek and it was pretty quiet and easy to find parking. Discovery pass was needed.

I’d love to see pictures of what this trail looked like before it got so beat down. Major trail erosion is everywhere and path width is extreme. I wonder how much longer this section will be able to handle such high hiker volume? We are unintentionally destroying the places we say we love.

Very nice

My favorite

Good hike


Unforgettable hike! Took us about 3hrs round trip, lots of stops and a few curse words were used. Although I have to say even though my knees are aching and calves are screaming, I don't regret this one bit! It is now one of my favorite hikes! The trail is pretty well maintained. You gain quite a bit of elevation in the beginning, the middle is relatively flat, and the end is a PAIN! Road up is only 3 miles off HWY 2, made it in a low clearance vehicle no problem. Just watch for potholes and washboard!

10 days ago

The best hike I’ve been on so far in my young hiking career. I clocked it at 9.31 miles up and down. Definitely a hard hike, but being 28 my fiancé and I were able to do it in our sneakers. Pack accordingly as it can get chilly and we did encounter some snow about half way up. Enjoy the breathtaking view!

Probably my favorite hike. Defiantly a hard hike but SO many great view spots that you can take a rest. We clocked around 9 miles round trip. Beautiful lake! We got snow, rain and sunshine. Can’t wait to go back!

12 days ago

ROAD IS WASHED OUT STILL and will probably be forever. Arrived the road/new TH @ 8am. Plenty of parking still. The road hike is about 2 miles. Very easy start. The road is flat for the most part. The start of the actually trail noted and the trail is well kept. This trail is switch back city and you will be ascending the whole time until the peak. The peak is just before Virgin Lake then it is literally all down hill from there until Blanca... Blanca...... is like WOAHHHH... the lake is insanely gorgeous. Took us about 3 hours to get to the lake for a total of 5.5 hours roundtrip. A MUST-DO for experienced hikers. Please review before heading to this trail. Saw a family (of bigger proportions) hitting this trail at like 4pm. I am not one to judge ones ability but no water bottles from what I saw and a late start could spell disaster. If you don't hike this will test your legs. Go prepared and brings snacks and water. The lake is worth it but go early. Hiking in the dark unprepared is dangerous.

Beautiful well worth the hike to fisher lake!

This was a very decent trail for just getting out and enjoying the fresh air. I went when it was overcast and even a bit rainy, so a tad bit of sunshine would've been nice.

Going up to the parking, there was a very large dip in the driveway. Didn't really seem to be a problem for anyone though. Saw one car that might've stayed behind.

15 days ago

Totally worth it,, beautiful

15 days ago

Just breathtaking! Highly trafficked.

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