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I just started hiking and I thought this trail was great. I usually go on runs outside and thought I would give hiking a try. This was definitely a good choice to make for my first one. I’m in pretty good shape and thought the trail was pretty easy. There aren’t many steep hills to climb and is not rocky at all. Is only 2.6 miles, great for a good run, but a lot of leaves during the fall which makes it hard to see tree roots. Also, it can get muddy when it rains.

24 days ago

Easy, scenic trail. Don't expect anything grand, but its a beautiful atmosphere.

Awesome trail, great camping as well. You feel like you are in the wilderness, and not 20 minutes from Washington, DC. Great history with trail history markers along the way.

Good place, small parking lot, lot of history nice for small hiking

1 month ago

My wife and I found this trail enjoyable. The trail was well maintained and there was a lot to see and take in. Not to challenging but has some areas that definitely will increase your heart rate. The only negative was that the trail is not a dedicated loop as the name implies. There are many different and co-mingling trails in this area and the signage left much to desire, making navigation somewhat of a challenge.

Great trail. Good workout and a variety of scenery.

It’s a nice trail to take with family or even with dogs. Also has nice areas for photos as well. I’ve seen people come and take prom pics and etc there.

This is a great beginning or family trail. Sadly it is too close to Stafford traffic and you can hear horns and such but for the most part it is a great trail.

Easy trail with some history in stafford county. Good for a quick walk through the woods.

I grew up right across the river in the house with the long pier. I spent most of my summer messing around the island. Now that it a park it’s a lot easier to get to it they’ve done a good job making the trail with all the historical markers and walkways. It’s always been a special place for me and still is. Just hope it doesn’t get ruined by people trashing the place and carving up the trees.

Great trail but trailhead not where depicted in All Trails.

3 months ago

Did this hike with my 2 year old & 5 year old sons. They had fun splashing in the creek & with the hike. The little one got tired on the way back & needed to be carried. The last short leg of the hike, down to the cascade, is a bit steep. Overall a nice walk

3 months ago

Not a crowded park - great for peaceful walks with the dog.

Easy hike it’s a bit too close to roads and civilization for a true hike. The trail is very well kept.

This was a good hike. We took the dog and had a good time. We crossed roads a few times, which I didn't love, but it was enjoyable all the same. We went clockwise and had no complaints.

This is a great trail run/walk course. Very tough course!

4 months ago

Easy trail, fun to see a cascade falls.

5 months ago

Easy hike with lots of water points at campgrounds along the trail.

5 months ago

While not necessarily jaw-dropping, this is a very pretty short hike. Note: when you get to the river, cross the water and turn left. The real waterfall is still a quarter mile or so upstream!

trail running
5 months ago

Great trail for families and runners. Pretty view of water from trail. Historic sites.

Beautiful place with lots of trails to choose from and all lead to gorgeous hikes!

Enjoyable, hiked part of it with my friends and our dogs. Everyone had fun, water is good to cool off in

Fun time, nice to have a creek so the dog can cool off. Easy loop

6 months ago

Nice trail
Not crowded seen maybe 2 people

6 months ago

Great exercise trail for walking, biking, or running. Would be five stars but there are no great views, just streams and woods. There are steep hills for a strenuous run, but with a good plan you can walk for a couple of miles without overworking it.

There were many trails to choose from. Grab a map! Great hike.

Nice 2 mile trail that leads to a pretty cool small water fall. It was great for my 2 Goldenretrievers and one of them is just a pup. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that the end of the trail was blocked with trees and there was no getting around them.

Awesome to learn something new and hangout with friends and family

A nice afternoon hike that is just a short distance from DC. If you have time, the Shenandoahs are only 90 minutes away and so much better, but sometimes you only have an afternoon or just cannot get to the Shenandoahs. This hike is a great close in one in DC with good streams and more solitude than you would expect.

Trail has mis-marking. Overall a great trail though.

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