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Awesome views, unbelievable hike experience, loved it.

nature trips
16 hours ago

easy to acces from new york. nice walk a little bit climbing on one site. easy to walk on the other one

Day hike. Nice climb to start, was a clear day, NYC skyline in full view. Easy downhill on well maintained trail steps. Great views of Bear Mountain Bridge and the Hudson Valley.

Great trail. Not great for running but some decent stretches to open up.

21 days ago

Went yesterday and did the route leading up the steps instead of going along the lake first. Everyone was warning us after the tower that it was a steep descent but fortunately we didn't have any problems (maybe it was the fact we were wearing hiking shoes and everyone else was in nike trainers?). Seemed like we might've had the easier route since everyone looked wiped out coming from the other way. It was a quick and steady incline the way we went but after the tower, there wasn't much of a challenge besides trying to not fall on our butts during the steep descent :) Took us 2 hours with a sandwich break.

22 days ago

Schunemunk Mtn is always great. Less traffic from this trailhead. Parked at Evans Dr & Route 32. Walked along Rt 32 towards the trestle. Just after the trestle, turn left into that private driveway. The trailhead is immediately on your left. Made a loop to the Megaliths and Western Ridge. Barton Swamp in between ridges was pretty flooded.

So many people. But it was good start.

Went during mid-March. At least a foot of snow still present at the higher elevations. Really enjoyed the first half of the trail up to Perkins Tower. Beautiful views and you can even see the distant New York City skyline. Trail becomes more populous on the AT portion back to Hessian Lake. Not a fan of walking on paved roads or the many stone staircases to finish the loop but I guess no other safer way. I prefer a less groomed trail I guess. Still a wonderful hike!

Great view at the peak, would be 5 stars but it's not much of a hike. Stairs on the trail and a road to the top strip it of being a 5 star.

Decent trail, but it's not a real hike. More of a walking trail. Lots of stairs and very close to the Bear Mountain resort. So if you prefer hiking in more remote areas then feel free to skip this one. That said, the view from the peak is decent. Just don't be a cheater and drive to the peak. Hike to the peak. This is All Trails. Not All Roads.

Hiked on 9/29. Amazing, not too strenuous, short hike with one of the best views above the Hudson.

pretty good hike with a nice view of the bear mountain bridge and the Hudson river

Cool views but you can drive to the top so it was pretty crowded.

Very scenic trail and great for a long walk.
Not hard at all.

2 months ago

Difficult but manageable

3 months ago

Great hike but very very icy on the Major Welch portion, be prepared if you come in the winter.

4 months ago

I started this hike from the beginning of the Under Cliff trail in the Nelsonville Nature Preserve, saw 2 pileated woodpeckers and 2 bluebirds as soon as I stepped onto the trailhead. To access the trail from here turn on pearl st off of 301 and take it to the end, there's a parking lot and a kiosk at the trailhead. Hike was approximately 9 miles round trip this route. Followed the yellow trail to white to blue to red and back to yellow. Not many views because of the snowstorm but absolutely serene as the snow fell in the woods

Well marked trail with a longer less steep option along the AT plus a steeper shorter option behind old bear mountain bridge house.

We were told now it’s hunting season, better avoid this trail, instead, we took the suggestion and hiked on bare rock ramble loop trail, similar distance as this one, it’s a good hike . You can get a map from visitor center, the trails are well marked.

The short hike to the nose from 9d and back is to be
avoided on the weekend - to crowded or go very early .
Wonderful articulated view

Fairly steep assent after walk along the lake . At the Tower trail in under construction and poorly marked .
Decent is not difficult- a lot of steps

This is a great hike. If you start at the Camp Smith Toll House and hike North, you'll cover ~5 miles by the time you reach the junction at the AT. Great views, but you'll catch crowds at the Nose because it's a popular destination. Some of the "quieter" views can be taken in south of the Nose (closer to Camp Smith).

4 months ago

great hike and views, just way too crowded

Earned my bird by hitting it before sun-up and doing it North to South and back. The entire woods East of the trail is roped off, literally, by the military amd posted with signs threatening arrest, live fire or unexploded ordnance. The views to the west are unparalelled in the Hudson Valley. The trail has three ascents and descents back to the road so it feels longer than it is. From Anthony's Nose to the south, the road is pretty much never out of earshot and, given the Thanksgiving holiday, the trial was well-populated.

I did this hike several weeks ago. Was nice and had a few challenging sections, but it was insanely crowded on a Saturday. So many tourists and the back end was all stairs down. We waited in a single file line to get down with all the people. It was a little crazy!

Great hike

Lots of rocks! I made it all the way to the top tower of the mountain, alot of people here only reviewed on did half. Total of 8 miles! Lots of bugs on the way down. Would definitely do it again.

5 months ago

Great Hike. We took our children ages 11 and 14. We took the harder route - its was certainly challenging! The easy route is definitely busier and has many more hikers.

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