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How fun to find this trail so close to town. Loved running to the upper fall and letting the crowd at the bottom thin out. Once back at the bottom I was able to bask in the beauty of the fall.

13 days ago

My experience was very much like the review of Anna Borg.

I hiked the trail on October 30, 2018. Didn't see anyone else out on the trail.

Incredible scenery and a great payoff at the end. The lower part of the trail was a little wet and muddy in a few spots, and the last mile or so was covered in snow and ice, but easily passable.

13 days ago

Good workout going up to the upper falls. The trail is a little rough and rocky at times, but the views are stunning and well worth the effort. It started snowing at the upper falls, so we didn't continue on to the lake. Maybe next time.

16 days ago

Did this trail today, 10/27/18, from the slavonia trailhead and loved it! The scenery takes you through tons of aspens (which are still gorgeous bare, but the leaves are gone now), rocky landscapes, lots of river crossings, and WOW that scenery! The last mile up/down to the lake from the largest river crossing is currently icy snow pack mixed with some rocky/muddy terrain, which made our trip take a bit longer and took more energy. Clocked 9.28 miles and 2000+ elevation gain as a heads up as well.

Beautiful hike. We first did the overlook of the first falls, which was just a stroll and would be perfect for a walk with children or those who want the views without the hike ;)
The second falls hike was a great workout and had a spot in the middle where we got some relief from the incline. It was technical and rocky at parts, and some parts had some snow/ice - spikes probably would have been helpful but we didn't use them.
Would have loved to continue on to Long Lake if we had started a little earlier in the day!

Hiked Sunday 10/14/18. Absolutely beautiful hike! It snowed the whole time! It does get windy and chilly at the top. Some of us did wear spikes and others didn’t, no one slipped! I would say it’s a moderate hike/nice workout if your an experienced hiker! Picture ops around every corner!

Really beautiful hike. It had snowed the night before and all the trees were heavy w powder, which was coming down in chunks as the sun came out. There is a rocky traverse near the upper falls, which other than some snow and ice falling off the sides, was fine and easy. No crampons needed. Gaiters are recommended but not necessary.

1 month ago

Hiked Hahn’s peak on Oct 8th. Lower trail clear. Upper trail 2-3inches snow. Making climb to top pretty easy. Conditions good. No view due to visibility. We liked the hike and look forward to doing it in the summer!

Great hike even in the steady rain. Trail head is tricky to find since you have to park at the mud creek trail head and walk back toward town along the road. You just have to look for the foot path. It’s a beautiful hike and worth it to enjoy the hot springs pools.

Great hike! My husband and I hiked up to the hot springs today. There were posts of rattlesnakes and mountain lions but this did not deter us from the hike. The trailhead is easy to find if you pay attention. Just head south outside the main entrance and follow the road to a post marked 44320. Turn left there and follow the signs. You cannot miss the entrance. It’s about 6 1/2 miles to 7 miles round-trip but worth it.

I'd rate the trail between moderate and hard, some parts pretty steep, others a little rocky, but definitely doable with a little experience. Both the upper and lower falls were nice, albeit pretty tame after seeing St. Francis falls in Glacier last month. Hiked about a mile above the 2nd falls: fantastic views and great color.

Great trail with mixed terrains. Both waterfalls are pretty low on water, and so are all the lakes by Steamboat. We went to the upper Falls, you can add miles to the hike by going to Longs Lake.
I would rate this upper moderate rather than “hard”.
Overall beautiful hike in fall colors!

$5 entrance fee per car.

Nice hike only went to lower falls , trail was paved all the way . Will try upper falls soon.

1 month ago

Pretty view of the canyon and the aspens. Beautiful colors. Starts off a little steep but the rear of the trail is not bad at all. Decent amount of shade. Went early and trail was pretty empty, but by 11 passed more and more hiking in. Went passed the barn and hike a trail behind up towards the hills behind it and back to the barn before heading out. About another mile around the barn. Total of 5.3 miles there and back.

1 month ago

Easy access to "trail" which was mostly dirt road. Pretty fall color the farther you hiked.

Wonderful Hike! The trail offers a variety of terrain. The path is well travelled, but the higher you hike the less people you see. There are many photo opportunities of Fall Colors, and some wildlife. If you are serious about heading to the second Falls and Lake wear hiking boots and bring plenty of water. Love, Love, Love This Hike!

Tough but soooooo worth it!!!

1 month ago

Great trail minus the horse poo... Lots of elk hunters out currently. Only saw 2 deer on the trail. Lake is gorgeous. Hike the entire loop if possible. I believe the AllTrails mileage is off though. Our gps tracker said 5 miles to the lake from the Gilpin trail.

This was a gorgeous hike! Just as many other people have said BRING WATER! Couldn’t believe how many people had little or no water and wore flip flops. Even if you only go to the first falls it’s best to be prepared. More of a moderate hike than hard. Good variety of terrain on trail.

Probably a beautiful hike, only putting 1 star because we were not able to do the hike as there were WARNING signs of recently sites Mountain Lions (mother and cubs) at the at the start of the trail, hence the walk trail was overgrown so we turned back! Just to note, the Lions were sighted 1 month ago here and then on 13th Sept at the start of the Mad Creek walk just beside this walk (which we also hiked but did not realise there may be mountain lions until after).
Beautiful hike but please note above and check the news!

We took the short and easy paved path and had a lovely time and beautiful views! Quite a few people on a Sunday afternoon, but still enjoyable.

Beautiful, moderate to hard, you will not regret it!! My wife and I are 54, from the Midwest and fairly active. We’ve hiked Colorado, Washington, Arizona and California. We loved this hike to the upper falls! Great workout, not too technical, but plenty of opportunities to explore around the falls. Definitely in our list of Top 20 hikes. Hydrate before, during and after!!

2 months ago

The leaves are starting to turn on the way up. The water color of the lake is as blue as Maroon Bells! Beautiful turquoise! Chilly water temp. Will do the full circle next time.

Great hike close to town. There are few places near the top of trail that are very rocky and closer to the edge than my wife liked but really doable for most people.

2 months ago

Very nice hike
Beautiful views
The lake is also beautiful
The way in is a steady gradual climb with only a few switchbacks
The first half is shady
Would be a nice trail run for advanced runners

2 months ago

Great views
Moderate exertion, not for everyone
Steady climb going in
Nice Aspens along the way
Well maintained
Some sections more challenging, rocky and narrow, not for everyone

2 months ago

Take water! Saw too many people on the trail without it.
A lot of people on trail. Not the trail for you if you like solo time.
Aggressive climb up all the way to second falls. Didn’t go to upper lake so not sure it continues the steep climb.
Beautiful scenery, aspen groves and flowers.

2 months ago

My boyfriend and I were originally planning on hiking Mad Creek Trail yesterday, but realized that we had already hiked that several years ago. We decided to hike something different so continued to drive towards Steamboat Lake. We ended up finding Slavonia Trailhead, and decided that would hike a few hours and then turn around thinking that Gilpin Lake was actually 6 miles one way. Fortunately, another hiker told us that Gilpin Lake was only 4 miles one way, so we charged on. It was well worth it. Crystal clear lake and not too many people at the actual lake. We were sluggish that day, but it took us 4 hours round trip. Not too mention, the best part was that we saw a bear and her cub driving back from the trail towards Steamboat. :)

2 months ago

Prime time right now. Just go, you won't regret it. Spectacular views once you get about 2-3 miles in heading toward Gilpin Lake via Clockwise hike. Did one night, would have loved to have done 2. So much to explore and do including jumping into the lake!

Beautiful Aspens
Rocky Trail
Soothing Creek Sound
Multiple Waterfalls
Taxing Hike

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