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Beautiful hike. We did this last March. Glad we hiked in water shoes and shorts, as a good stretch of it we hiked right in the creek. Loved all the elk in the area.

Beautiful hike! Loved seeing the waterfalls. We went in March and it was muddy most of the way but still lovely. We went clockwise and there was lots of steep uphill spots. Would like to do it again. Round trip from street to loop and back was almost 7.5 miles.

very beautful

7 days ago

The trail meanders through pines and across a little running creek with peak a boo views of mountain peaks and forests as you climb. Once at top, just below the actual top top, are giant bouldered areas to sit and enjoy the surrounding spectacular views of Tahquitz Peak and Lily Rock. The sun was out, a bit chilly at the top, a lovely day for a hike! Bolted up to the top and found the coffee can with notes, journal and goodies.

Beautiful view

8 days ago

Free hiking permit required. Permit can be obtained at the Ranger Station down the street. Trail is mostly uphill and moderately difficult. The view from Suicide Rock is worth the trek.

Visited on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It's a wonderful hike with multiple tiny waterfalls on the way. We did the loop anti-clockwise and found it to be moderately challenging. There are certainly a few sections of steep climbing, but nothing very strenuous. If you're visiting Mt. Diablo park, this should definitely be on your list of hikes!

beautiful views, got a little warm in February! Love the calming sound of the falls.

11 days ago

Love it! Basically it’s Cardinet Oaks Road all the way (approx 30 mins) to the point where you can turn either left or right for the loop itself. I suggest going clockwise. The Falls Trail is my favorite.. then the second - and last part - of the loop, Middle Trail, can be challenging for some. Can be muddy!

This is a great park. $12 day parking but the hikes are worth it. Beautiful and the MASH site was awesome! Most of the terrain was pretty flat.

We did this hike years ago & loved it...went again yesterday with friends visiting from Vancouver...great hike & we were lucky to get to see some big horn sheep grazing by the streams edge. Weather was perfect! Disappointed that the Oasis pool is now barricaded off from getting in the water but still an enjoyable experience :)

We loved this hike! We started across the street from the parking lot went up dipsea then through Matt Davis, it would be easier on the knees if you started Matt Davis then went down hill through dipsea part. This hike had everything .. flowers, tons of greenery, redwoods, beach views and my favorite waterfalls! The ladder is a cool touch too! It is wet and you prob will get muddy! Thankfully we did end up downloading the map because we accidentally veered off the hike and it added an extra hour to our hike but all in good fun! We went on a Sunday, started around 11 am and there wasn’t too many people!

14 days ago

Light cover of snow all the way up and no wind—beautiful hiking conditions

19 days ago

This is a pretty little hike, on a warm spring day the heart is full of water and the foliage green. Fun for the family.

Nice challenging hike. Not worth going to see the mine. It’s just a plaque

22 days ago

Walked the Slot in February and found it to by a nice hike with interesting scenery in the canyon with narrow as well as wide walled areas. We did not know it looped and did not have our AllTrails app so our hike was short, but it was nice. I wore a pack on this one, and some spots can be tight to squeeze through with a pack.

This is a wonderful hike, especially if you are looking for that Oasis out in the desert spot to enjoy! We hiked it in February and the weather was perfect! Starts in sand, rock and cactus and ends with palms, shade and water! We found it a very enjoyable hike!

22 days ago

Great little trail. Getting in at the trail head might be tough for those that require a cane to walk, it gets pretty skinny at times but awesome fun. The trail can go much farther than is listed if you want to.

Pay attention to trail markers so you don’t miss your exits.

Saw some waterfalls. Not very hot at all, and not crowded. Nice people everywhere. The redwood trees are gorgeous.

on Rubicon Trail

22 days ago

Amazing trails. Beautiful view

Great hike. We started from the top and left the hardest part for last. The scenery is amazing, especially in the clearing where you get to see the ocean. Got lost on the way back up and ended up taking a goat trail rather, which was very strenuous.

One of the best trials i took in the recent past... thanks to Alltrails..
Lots of water streams and waterfalls... crystal clear water and spectacular sea view :)

Very nice hike. Not one to speed through. Take the time to just stop & view the varied scenery & vistas. Alternative trail down is rocky & has enough uphill to make it interesting.

Gotta pay $5 for parking but was worth it. All kinds of delicious fruits. Beautiful scenery. Very peaceful

25 days ago

Missed the register in the smiley face! Wish I’d known to look for it. Beautiful views. Very cold last weekend when we did this hike. Windy at the top but so worth it. Steady climb but not difficult.

I enjoyed this hike, the scramble over rocks through the canyon was especially fun. It was nice to be able to see a few different landscapes on such a short little hike. Walked back and night and lost the trail a bit but since it's in between 2 little mountains it's easy to stay in the right direction.

27 days ago

Beautiful fun hike all the way through, and of course the view at suicide rock is amazing. The complete hike registered at 8 miles for us and took us 4 hours. That was with a couple of breaks and relaxing at suicide rock to soak in the view. On our way to the hike we pulled over and asked a ranger about the adventure pass, he said we did not need one if we were only going to hike the trail but on the way up the hike we saw a sign that said we had to have one. Not sure what the deal is with the pass but we didn't return for one and were fine. I would definitely return to hike this trail again, I would go early so that you have enough time to take a break at suicide rock, the air is crisp and fresh and the view is amazing.

28 days ago

Great hike it was just the right length with the kids. Kids had a blast in the snow on the way.

28 days ago

We did it! Despite my son being convinced we were going to die in the desert (eye roll). He's 11 and dramatic. My 8-year-old girl loved it. The walked through the slot until it opened up and then turned back to go through it again.

I highly recommend stopping by the Anza Borrego State Park Visitor's center to get more information on the area and peace of mind when checking on the road and wash conditions, especially if you aren't driving a 4WD.

This is a short hike, a few steps down over rocks. I did see Seniors (one 80+) doing the trail. People of all ages, shapes, and sizes were hiking this trail seemingly without a problem. The only hindrance would be if you needed a cane or something to assist with walking. Otherwise, you're good to go. Bring water, as always. But this was SO awesome because a lot of it was in the shade and there was a nice breeze.

People were friendly, I saw others on the trail picking other people’s trash and a few other groups pitched in a packed out some garbage and beer cans as well. Overall a great experience for my 6and 9 year olds. We will be returning with trash bags though because people like to litter.

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