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Terrific trail off the beaten path, so to speak. Crossing a couple of the streams beyond the 1 mile mark may be a challenge to some, especially after heavy rain or winter thaw. Dog friendly too (just watch for ticks). It's become on of my favorite little gems in this region.

Great morning hike. A little muddy and the waterfall on white trail (AT) near the road was impassable. Otherwise it was great moderate hike.

We walked this trail with our dog, taking the opportunity to explore the local hikes. It was an easy hike, only slightly difficult because of all the leaves covering the looser rocks. A few stream crossings were mostly fine, one a little more difficult with fewer places to step than others. All in all it was a nice walk, a little over an hour, with some good views of the lake. Very peaceful.

27 days ago

Did this hike at the end of September a few days after some rain. Beautiful views of the water on both sides (including the waterfall near the end). The recent rain made the stream crossings a little more challenging but not bad at all, even carrying a toddler. We added a little length to the trip by continuing on the yellow trail before doubling back and turning onto the red. The terrain was mostly flat except for a couple of very short and manageable rock scrambles. Great hike!

This isn’t an easy hike! It requires crossing some creeks with no bridges and the trail is very muddy/wet in parts. Don’t attempt it without waterproof hiking boots.

That said, it’s a good hike. Very quiet and peaceful out in the woods, and I hardly saw anyone all day.

Like all the hikes around Cold Spring, it’s well marked with color tokens nailed to trees. Take a map at the trailhead, as the Alltrail route jumps around between different color trails a lot.

The first 3.6 miles are a general ascent on a good trail. The next two miles (a mile descent and mile ascent) is on an ok but less good trail that includes some mossy rocks that are slick when wet.

At mile 5.6, you reach a peak and have a big lookout area to the left of the trail. It’s a nice place to stop and have lunch.

Around mile 6.4, make a short detour to Beaver Pond. It’s beautiful and the trail goes right to it.

Miles 6.4-8 were my least favorite. The trail gets very narrow in places, with branches pressed against you on both sides. It was also extremely muddy.

Around mile 8, I decided to divert from this route and cut back over to the trail I’d walked up, rather than climb up Round Hill. The ascent and descent of Round Hill are by far the steepest part on this route, and a review here said it involves walking on big rocks. I knew the park’s rock surfaces were wet and slick today and it didn’t sound like fun. My rerouting didn’t meaningfully change the mileage, though it meant I missed some elevation. It turns out I could’ve also cut across further along on the “G” trail, as they’ve just lengthened that trail all the way to the “W” trail.

In case it’s useful, here are the full route’s colors: W, right on B, left on Y, right on B, B becomes R, right on B (but I recommend walking left on B a bit to see Beaver Pond), straight on R, right on G, left on B, left on W.

I like how it weaves together lots of different trails to make a long hike, which you can modify to make your hike easier or even harder.

1 month ago

The trail begins uphill. At some points trees are notched out so you can hug onto them as you make your way over. Over spots it was adult limbo. At one point I felt like I was on ninja warrior, hopping from one bolder to the next.
Defiantly a moderate trail. Give yourself some time to sit by the streams and enjoy the natural harmony.

1 month ago

Peaceful and pretty trail through the woods and around a small lake. Lots of mountain laurel and rhododendron that must be beautiful in bloom. Several small streams that you cross by jumping rock to rock. A little slippery but nothing too difficult. A couple of short steeper sections, but again nothing particularly difficult. Would be a good snowshoe trail as well.

poorly marked and still not cleaned up from storms.

2 months ago

I actually really liked this hike. Quiet and runs around a lovely lake. As other recent posts say, there are some very large trees blocking the trail about a mile in at the moment due to a recent storm. But there is evidence that a clean up effort is underway. I will try this one again because I really enjoyed the first mile.

3 months ago

Parking area is on your right hand side as soon as you reach the pond, don't miss it. About 1 mile in there's 4 or 5 very large trees down which makes the trail pretty much impassable.

3 months ago

Nice trail along a lake, however very poorly maintained. Trees blocking the path. A lot of the trail markers have been broken off. At one point in the trail the path is completed blocked off by trees and shrubs.

The Three Lakes section is scenic and easy except in the very beginning. The AT half of the loop has steep climbs and not as much to see. We're not fast and we completed in under 3.5 hours. Next time I will take the side trail to look at the abandoned mines.

Very easy hike, you can walk with little kids.
There is a parking spot next to the main road, and from there the walk to the beginning of the hike is short.
It took me 1.5 hours.

It was really nice and almost clearly marked for novice hikers but at the point where it loops back we got so lost we followed the blue dots across the creek which ended up being a different trail only realizing it when I looked at this app that we had gone way off the trail, we turned around and could not find our way back on the trail off course it was my first time using this app and didn’t want to pay for it not knowing if it’s any good so I used google maps gps to bush wack our way towards the parking lot finally crossing the return trail that now had white markers instead of blue. At the turn around point where we got lost an area almost appeared like there was a bit of a land slide cause the path pretty much disappeared into a bit of a cliff. It was great though. I will be buying this app

trail running
4 months ago

We found this trail to be a nice alternative for us runners who want to test going off the pavement.

4 months ago

Check the trail status report on the board in the parking lot before hiking the loop.

I don’t know who labeled this easy, but I would list it as moderate to hard. If you go right on the blue trail, you’ll go up two steep, rocky inclines. You never have to scale or anything, but the inclines are steep for a good mile or so. The views were worth it though. The walk down is much easier. I haven’t gone all the way around, I’ve cut across the green trail, which cuts about 3 miles out. There were a few boggy patches, but the trail showed recent signs of tree cutting and such, although some areas the brush was so tight to the trails it felt like a chute.

Good close by trail. Good variety of terrain.

5 months ago

Trees down everywhere with poison ivy. I guess it would have been a great hike if he trees were cleaned up after the storm

A tornado came through making the path impossible to take. Along with older downed trees, there are numerous uprooted trees, broken trees and branches blocking any kind of path. We ended up turning around half way as it looked like it was getting worst. Definitely needs an overhaul, buzz saw, and trail markers.

An easy walk. No big cliffs, steep or rocky terrain. Views of the lakes, large rocks, trees and a small waterfall were great.

6 months ago

Loved it, nice peaceful, nice lake, got beautiful pictures, great bird sightings

6 months ago

REALLY nice terrain! Great walk

6 months ago

The best part of this trail is stopping to listen to the frogs in late March/early April. There must be thousands in the marshy area just off the trail. It’s incredible.

Nice trail, highly moderate in some spots, easy in others. Scenic and quiet. Although it was a beautiful day, few people on the trail, just like we like it.

I really enjoyed this trail. Beautiful scenery and two beautiful lakes.

I was looking for a short beautiful hike and this one was perfect! The trails were easy to follow (yellow->red->blue) and generally wide and smooth. Signs of spring are showing but there are a few final patches of snow. The stream crossings were challenging but doable with high water levels. Hiking poles came in handy for stability here! We turned left where the blue trail goes left to go down the Sunken Mine Road. Since it was around sunset, we saw a lot of beavers, two of which gnawing on trees along the shores. Very cute and fun to watch! The hike took us about 2 hours but that was with many stops for pictures and to enjoy the peace!

Beautiful snowy day with pussy willows in bloom by lake. Very peaceful on a Friday...can’t wait for all the mountain laurel to bloom!

7 months ago

It's very beautiful back there but trails are not marked and it seemed like about half the woods have fallen. Half the trails were blocked by trees and branches, wouldn't have been so bad if there were trail markings anywhere in sight. Lost track of any type of trail a few times and found myself way off the beaten path. But was worth the adventure of getting lost!

Altered the route. Nice woods hike with a few ponds. No real high top views but still a nice hike.

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