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beautiful and easy! also it's well marked.

Nice trail, good elevation changes for a solid hike. picnic area where the south fork and north fork meet. Its a little campground you can reserve. If you're doing this in early to late summer, pay no mind to the parking lot. Most everyone is swimming in the Yuba right there.

1 month ago

More commonly called Bridgeport. Not a great trail for small children. I have a 4 year old and it’s a somewhat narrow trail for a child. If I was alone, I would rate it 5 stars. Lots of trails down to the beautiful water to swim. Very crowded in summer towards the trailhead, the further you go, the more peaceful it gets.

1 month ago

A beautiful walk any time of year, but absolutely gorgeous in spring when the wild flowers are in bloom. Mostly flat, wide trail (unless you choose to go down to one of the swimming spots on the river). It's a popular trail for good reason!

nice relaxing trail. I love going in the fall with the amazing color changes of the trees and salamanders every where.

I really enjoyed this hike! Ground was level and beautiful views and ran into some salamanders on the trail. Will definitely do it again!

2 months ago

Such a beautiful, relaxing trail! It’s not directly on the creek, but there are plenty of paths on the trail that lead down to it! The path is well kept and soft? It has this clay-like dirt which makes the ground very forgiving and less wear and tear on the knees and feet! Definitely can’t wait to do this again!

2 months ago

Great trail! Absolutely beautiful. Well kept path and diverse scenery. Got in the water to cool off and splash around too. Only negatives were the traffic (Saturday afternoon) and the dogs on leash, which was actually preferable with how many other people had animals as well. Would definitely recommend it as an easy but beautiful walk.

The trail itself is beautiful, and though I would not describe the views as spectacular, the jaunt itself is pleasant and relaxing. I took the trail from the (very low) underpass to the right of the trailhead sign all the way to it's finish at the fire road (there is an end of trail marker there to let you know). A little anticlimactic since there was no sweeping view at the end. When I do it again, i will likely stop at the picnic tables located after the bridge. Great place to snack and recharge before heading back.

Great trail! lots of mosquitoes though. Easy walk, level and shaded.

this is a fantastic trail to take young kids who are just starting to get into nature walks without being in a stroller. it is long but easy for them to enjoy and explore. the trail has several little creekbeds that are filled with salamanders. the walk bridgws and paths are also nice for individuals who have difficulty walking. bridges have benches and great views.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail! I think the other park trails would be too hot in the summer heat but since the Yahi trail is right by the Big Chico Creek you have plenty of opportunities to cool off. The water pretty brisk but pristine and clear. Since it was a Monday and school is in I felt like I had the park to myself. I ran into 3 people the whole way.

The creek is gorgeous. The Yahi trail takes you up the Iron Canyon and gives you sweeping by the time you get to Devils Canyon. I parked at the end of the road started on the "Lower Trail" then cut down to the Yahi trail because I wanted to be near the water. I felt like I made the best choice. By the end it was around sunset so I thought I'd take the Upper trail back for the views but unfortunately didn't have a map and didn't want to risk taking a wrong path so close to sunset so I ended up on the Middle Trail on the way back and was not disappointed. It was spectacular. Amber waves of grain, gorgeously lit by the setting sun, the temperature was cool enough for me to keep up a jogging pace and not overheat. And the rattle snakes were kind enough to give me a short courtesy rattle to let me know they were there as I passed by, lol. It only happened once but I actually almost stepped on a sun bathing baby rattler years ago when I lived in Chico. They are around so it's good to stick to the trails and stay out of the tall grass.

Ultimately, I would recommend hiking the Yahi trail up and take the Upper trail back. I'll have to do that next time. The Yahi Trail is marked the easiest which that alone made me want to do the upper trail marked most difficult. But much more to enjoy along the Yahi trail and decent shade as well. The upper trial is almost entirely exposed so avoid the mid day sun. I went through more than a liter of water even though I was on the Yahi trail. I'd double that for that upper Upper, Mid, or lower trails in the sun no matter what time of day it is.

Awesome day hike you'll be glad you did. Don't miss it.

3 months ago

Great hike. I like to do this as a training hike followed by a swim. This is not a super hard hike and it can be done in either direction. I have a video of swimming in the river at the park at Chris and Bobs adventure channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uyGtgFQLEM&t=16s

This trail is more a walking trail rather than a hiking trail. It’s very flat, mostly shaded, and provides a pretty nice view of the South Yuba river from above. It’s not a crowded trail since more people opt to spend time down by the river. The wooden bridges were a nice touch as well.

From what I saw, it’s an in-out trail. The only drawback was having to avoid dog poop which was not moved from the trail.

3 months ago

Good birthday hike and first one since having children (youngest just turned one). Bring enough water! Shady spots to rest in here and there, and plenty of benches to sit on. Beautiful and deep swimming holes, although we didn’t swim this time. A bit rocky along trail in places, but nothing a couple of 72-year-olds and 3-4-year-olds couldn’t navigate.

Drove up there and the trail was closed! :(

The last mile down to trail head is a very steep full of washboard, take it slow and watch out for other cars. The trail itself is wonderful, very flat. You walk about 30% on top of the flumes on a single great which is pretty easy to walk on. very peaceful with the water right next to you. When we got to the trail head we went to the right and walked about about 2 1/2 miles and had a great time. Lots of shade.

It was a very relaxing trail to hike. sad that part of it was damaged.

our trail was 10 miles long all paved. good stroll on a beautiful Sept day!

on Buttermilk Bend Trail

3 months ago

Great little trail. Easy to access and plenty of parking when I arrived at 8 am. Most of the trail is flat and unchallenging. I would imagine it’s beautiful in Spring when everything is green. Would go back for sure.

I suggest going early before the crowds & the heat. I took my senior mom my teenage daughter and our poodle, it is definitely a trail for the whole family.

great for kids path is well maintained. a lot of people there so made it tricky for the narrow path

3 months ago

Lovely trail currently being maintained by trail builders. Features multiple trailheads with great uninterrupted views of the lake in peace and solitude. Easy access to shoreline for swimming.

Unless the 2 trails are close to the same these pictures are of the North trail.

There are several elevated walkways or bridges. I think the pictures for the North trail and South trail got mixed.

I am A Lincoln resident and have been since I was a baby and I absolutely love the trails I ride my bike everyday. I’m not a resident of SC but I’m polite when I ride and I’m quiet when there teeing off. So if the people that are posting “residents only” there the old farts angry with no friends that cause they pay fees we have no right to pass through smh. Well wake up call, if you live in lincoln on newer side your probably paying fees whether u live in sun city or not!! . I haven’t had one complaint about me riding through. I’m not in anyone’s way but enjoying what the trails and let me tell you these sun city folks have many many many trails so share the trails peeps just trying to stay healthy!!

Great crushed granite based outside loop to hike or run on. The inside loop is sidewalk and suitable for wheelchairs but messy with the overpopulation of ducks and geese. Great bike track for the kids and saw a 1/2 dozen or so fishing the little lake. Mostly shaded all around...

4 months ago

This trail is exciting and the views from every angle are quite beautiful. There are some harmless snakes and lizards and plenty of lovely flowers on the trails. The water is clear and cool.
Be cautious of poison oak if you decide to venture off of the main trail.

The scenery on this trail is ever changing! Which made it interesting and fun:) It wasn't challenging in any way, very chill. Adorable, really. Good for everyone! Adults and kids. Wheelchairs not so much).

It was good hike, but not easy for a beginner and its more like 3.1 miles not the 2.5 listed. This is not a hike for kids under 10, took my 3yr old and 7 yr old and it was rough for them. A large part of the trail has overgrown vegetation. If i have known of all of the elevation changes and narrow paths, I would not have gone to this trail with them.

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