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16 hours ago

great hike to do with kids. well maintained trail with plenty of parking and beautiful views at the top. also a nice workout for those who dont hike a whole lot.

This was my 2nd hike ever, loved the bridges and stone stairs. Absolutely gorgeous

This is a nice little hike. It goes from beach to forest. I think it would be best to start at the forest end and walk to the beach.

Worth the

A sweet little trail to a lovely waterfall. We walked this Sept 28th and it was not too crowded.

18 days ago

Nice trail in the middle of the city. Lots of loops which made it confusing to navigate, but it was a nice gentle stroll and great for families with little kids. Not at all a strenuous walk, nor a long walk. Good to burn off a few calories after brunch.

This is one of my favorite views I have ever viewed.

went on this trail with some friends. it was an awesome trail with plenty to see. the sunset was wonderful and we could see the whales blowing out there air at the surface.

24 days ago

Short uphill hike, scenic views with some great trails nearby!

This hike was pretty out of the way down a winding irritating roads that never ends it seems. Also, there are a decent amount of people here so you aren’t really ever alone. This is such an absolutely magical place. We were here on 09/09 in the afternoon. Was kind of an overcast day but that didn’t have any affect on the beauty. We had binoculars on us and that made this one of my Fiancé’s favorite parts of our trip. There was a far off rock covered in seals that were jumping on and off the rock and you could see swimming around. Kind of cool to see them in the wild.

Stopped here 09/09. Was one other car in the parking lot but didn’t see anyone. Not really a hike at all if that’s what you are looking for because I think the falls are like 50 ft from the parking lot but it was easy to get here and it was worth it for a quick stop to see the falls and also across from where you park it opens up to a river with nice views. So I wouldn’t go really out of the way for this specifically, especially if you are short on time but if you are in the area and it isn’t sacrificing anything else I’d say it’s worth a stop.

1 month ago

Totally not worth the drive to this falls BUT... go across road to the Elwha river! Fun to walk around there. Cleat water. Watched for wildlife and had a picnic.

Beautiful hike! It's about a mile out and a mile back and very scenic the whole hike with amazing views in the middle and at the end. A little up and down, wood planks cover part of the trail with exposed tree roots on a dirt trail. Trying to be very specific for people who may have joint issues. I have trekking poles and that really helped my knees A LOT! The drive there is rather tedious.... Lots of switch backs, very long. I definitely recommend this, but this driving at night (I did) is scary.

1 month ago

Totally worth it!

We did it mid morning after a rainy night. Could see where the gravel had washed down the trail but no muddy areas. North trail is more natural where as the seminar portion seems to be more or less a narrow road. Pleasant walk. Will try other trails up instead of seminary portion. It was 1.7 mi. 371’ elevation.

1 month ago

Recently improved trails that had work done in the past few months. SW County Park is not maintained by the City of Edmonds and is a Snohomish County Park.

County does not really Patrol this park and trail system, which has resulted in dumped trash, chopping down of trees. Currently a couch in the creek. BMX course being built, not by County employees and reports of transients camping in the woods. Be Safe

Report suspicious activity or destruction to the Snohomish County Park Ranger.

nature trips
1 month ago

This is my favorite place in Washington! This area is so beautiful and I recommend it for everyone. I think everyone who lives in the PNW should go here at least once because it is so stunning.
My family and I went in the summer so we found that it was pretty crowded but not overly so that it took away from the sight-seeing. It was sunny but cold even in summer so make sure to wear layers! Also: parking can be hard to find.
The trail is easy and short so I don't even consider this a hike. It is easy enough that people don't come here for the workout; they come for the sights!

I took my wife to second beach and it was her first backpack adventure. the beach was amazing and at night the Bioluminescence was remarkable. we will be doing it again.

Easy hike on boardwalked path with great views at multiple points. Well-maintained, although the bathrooms at the trail head left something to be desired. :)

1 month ago

In early August, this trail was dry and easy to follow for 3/4 of the hike, but the final quarter to the waterfall was a bit more challenging as the incline was quite steep. There are lots of uneven stairs to aid. My 65-year-old dad, who has bad knees, completed the hike with the aid of a hiking stick.
The waterfall was beautiful, but I’m sure would be incredible in the spring. The hike starts and ends at the beautiful, clear Lake Crescent. It was gorgeous.
I took away one star due to the crowds on the trail.

1 month ago

9/4/2018 (Tuesday) - Everything is good on this trail from trailhead with sufficient parking places to trail top with good view, facing Bridal Veil Falls.

The hike itself is beautiful, quiet and mostly clear trail full of big trees and wildflowers perfect for a small child or children. Easy hike not too long up to a wonderful lake with a few places to walk around and see the water, dragonflies, flowers and watch fish jump in scenic dark green lake.

Access to the lake is limited with just the view in between trees and a few places to get right down to the boggy green lush lake. There’s a small space to eat lunch and have the kids explore.

I’m not giving it 5 stars, I would love to but the road up to the trail head is horrible. It’s hard to enjoy the hike when you know you have to drive back down the road which happens to be about 7 miles of miserable damaged road with little space to pull over for cars coming the opposite way. It’s a bad start and finish to what really is an amazing little hike my son absolutely loved. Hope some maintenance to the road in the future could promote a happier hike all around!

The trail and lake were both nice, but there wasn’t much of a trail around the lake. It’s definitely a kid friendly hike, we went with our 4yr old and he enjoyed it.

I’m giving it a 2 star rating because how unbearable the drive to the trail head is. It’s about 6 miles of single lane road filled with large/very large pot holes and rocks... the entire way. We went in a good sized SUV and it was still a pretty uncomfortable drive.

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails in the United States. This place is absolutely gorgeous… Aesthetically, it is perfect. It is a short trail… Perfect for all ages. This place is an absolute must for anybody in the Pacific Northwest.

Easy hike, not the best tide pools but still
Gorgeous nonetheless

Beautiful. The lake is gorgeous.

1 month ago

2star for waterfall,1star plus for a beautiful forest and the path around the waterfall and by the lake.

easy...good warm up for bigger hikes..lots of people though. Nice little waterfall.

Beautiful! Easy.

The view was amazing. Loved the trail boardwalk.

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