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1 day ago

Great hike. If you follow signs you won’t get lost and if you get off track, jus explore a new place. This is a nice hike for early morning. No bikes allowed in the trail, which is great. As the afternoon approaches you will encounter horseback riders, just remember they have the right-of-way. Enjoy.

This was a fun trail and since we went shortly after the rains we saw a small waterfall. Some sections were hard and the trail was narrow. In one part you need to scramble up the rocks and that path is easy to miss but look for the arrow pointing in the right direction. You share the trail with bikers so you need to be on the lookout for them.

I did this route as an easy-ish trail run, hiking uphills and running flats and downhills easy. My mileage was showing 12 miles and it took me 2 hours and 26 minutes going counter clockwise. Lots of traffic on the last 1.5 miles up to skull rock. A lot of overgrowth on the first half of the loop, at times making me wonder if I was on a game trail vs a real trail. Singletrack trail for most areas with some other fire roads mixed in. Wished I would have worn pants and long sleeves, may have had a small poison oak reaction

Gorgeous rolling greens trail. Moderate yet muddy when I chose to go last weekend after the rains. Lots of fun off shoots to explore. It was beautiful to see the regrowth coming in since the fires. A total rebirth of the valley. We saw loads of coyotes coming back and looking for meals so think about keeping small dogs on leashes.

Hiked this trail on 12/30/18 Very challenging and fun. After reaching Inspiration point I headed towards Muir peak to add a few extra miles. It was a 13 mile hike in total and it took me about 7 hours.

Nice view. Please take water with u

Saw a beautiful bobcat after our hike today (01/03/19) as we were leaving the parking lot.

Beautiful hike, trail curves a lot through out the hike.

well i definitely was not ready, incline all the way up. you have to wear the right shoes, bring alot of water and snacks. although it was worth the view!!! good luck my fellow hikers!

So sad that this beautiful place was ravaged by wildfire, but it is still beautiful and interesting. We saw lots of birds of prey and a coyote. We hiked just the loop with 5 kids ages 8-16, and they did great! Only one slightly steep section, the rest was a lovely meander. Bright green new growth makes one section look like Hobbiton. The rest is a bit Desolation of Smaug...

Be sure to have adventure pass displayed when you park and get here earlier than 8am.

My intent was to combine this hike with the Triunfo Park trail for slightly longer hike. I was half successful in that I did the Triunfo Park trail and the loop around Conejo Crest but did not go down into the valley below. While pretty and serene, particularly on the south side away from the freeway, there are so many trails not on the map that it is easy to take the wrong turn. Many of the non-trails are bike trails and look like trails, while the formal trails don't look like trails at all. I don't recommend this area if you are on a time crunch. It's great if you don't mind exploring, as in the end all the trails come out somewhere.

We did this loop counterclockwise. This is a very tough trail but very rewarding. There is one portion where you barely can see the way and it is very steep, potentially dangerous. Not for kids or elderly. Make sure to take some hiking shoes and plenty of water. There are no water fountains along the way. Make sure to plan enough time. If you are feeling adventurous then this is a great hike!

Gorgeous hike! As others have mentioned it’s longer than 9 miles. My Apple Watch clocked it at 10 1/4 miles. After I passed Echo Mountain I only came across a few people, one of which was a mountain biker who almost ran me off the trail. There are a lot of blind curves so be careful of bikers. Sadly there was so much haze that I had almost no view from Inspiration point but I’m sure on a clear day it’s incredible! Even without the view at the top it was still a fantastic hike!

Go to trail close to the house. Great for trail running. Very tame mountain bike trail. Can be hot in the summer...

holy heck!!! be prepared. this hike is long but spectacular and worth every minute. it took us 5.5 hours and our total mileage we just over 13. plan ahead, water and snacks and layers of clothing.

Good hike. Went with my brother. If you are going clockwise the Rogers road trail was closed, so we had to back track to the Roger road trail alternative. The whole length was trails, which was awesome. The last mile was great, it was a more forested area that climbed and opened back into the mountains.

1 month ago

This trail is labeled moderate but if you decide to be brave and climb the ridiculous steep hill near the beginning, it should be labeled VERY HARD, be sure you’re ready for it. Don’t go up without hiking shoes, you will slip for sure and get hurt. It’s a very long hike and the views up top are really nice. Not much nature though as far as trees. Definitely a winter only trail since you are always exposed.

nature trips
1 month ago

Fine hike. Tons of people and little parking spaces at 6am, so get there early!
Good views of the city but I prefer to be a bit more outdoors.

Creds- AllTrails Pro. 13.9 mi, ~2,800’ El Gain. Moving time 5:50. Suggest giving ‘AllTrails Pro ‘great Xmas gift- don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Started 8:30 am Wednesday 12 Dec 2018. Lots of available Parking for $10. Went counter clockwise, Recommendation clockwise if want to run down.

Followed AllTrails. Trail in great condition except small section right before Temescal Road, but doable. If going clockwise there is a Closed’ sign.

Enjoyed hike since 90% trails and lots of spectacular views. Great to hike when ~65F instead of 80 F plus. Mostly women hiking this trail (too hard for guys?) . Just enough traffic to clear spider webs, snakes, and lions for me- thank you.

Critical to bring at least 3 liters water and food. Highly recommend wearing hat.

Great hike this time of year.

1 month ago

Great views, challenging trail perfect with company or by yourself

This is an exceptional hike with multiple varied views and surroundings. Demanding and occasionally inconvenient dealing with bikers on the thin path. But well worth a 6 hour investment.

1 month ago

This is a VERY different trail post-fire. Almost zero vegetation. Some parts of the trail have been washed out by rain. Still beautiful in a different way. Not for kids probably for now. Not for someone afraid of heights.

1 month ago

Trail was very confusing at points and covered with horse poop for the first 2.5 miles. Most of this hike is directly next to roads, but the zoo part is cool and the trails are pretty

Nice view and wild flowers. There s a part where there lots of trees. Beautiful.

I agree with another reviewer that this isn’t an easy hike but deserves to be reclassified as moderate. To me it’s very similar to paseo Miramar to Parker Mesa overlook in distance and steepness. It was really hot the day I hiked so maybe it seemed harder than it would’ve otherwise. I hiked the lower loop of the figure 8 shaped trail shown here, counter clockwise and that seemed pretty reasonable on a hot day. Then crossed over at the midpoint of the 8 and went straight to eagle rock which isn’t too much past that intersection of you go clockwise on this part - I know sounds confusing but it’s very straightforward once you look at it . Wonderful views the entire time, not much shade. Trash cans at the top next to the rock.

this hike was a little longer than we expected just over 8 Miles round trip we saw a bobcat and some bicyclists believe it or not beautiful views

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

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