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Amazing views. Great hike.

Very nice 5 to 6 mile hike.

Lots of fun. Definitely a family trail but the incline is definitely there depending on which way you walk the loop. Overall did it with ease. Places to stop for breaks and even a bathroom at the far side of the loop.

7 days ago

Trail gets lost on the back side so you need daylight and this app!

So beautiful! There’s a chair that overlooks the mountains and city below when you reach the top of one of the trails.

This hike was awesome! Beautiful scenery pretty much at all times and a ton of opportunities to go on small offshoot trails to get some cool views. We did this during the day on a thursday and it wasn’t too busy which was nice.

13 days ago

Good old reliable cheseboro

Loved the hike but signage in this park is very confusing. First-timers may find themselves a little lost but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in a place like this!

Great view at the end! I fell while on the way back down on a steep incline with loose dirt (use caution if you’re clumsy, like me).

So fun and one of the best views of LA from uptop.

I love this set of trails. Sam Merill Trail starts at the intersection of Lake Ave and Alta Loma Dr, straight up Lake Ave from the 210 about 5 miles. Its all street parking, i've never had an issue finding a spot neary even at 9am. Just look at the signs, some say No Parking, some have times.

The first 2.5 miles is steep and can get hot with almost no shade so start early. You hit the old site of Echo Mountain Hotel and the Mount Lowe Railway at 2.5 miles and there's an amazing view of DTLA and Catalina from there. At this point there are several trails that branch off. Continue another 2.5 miles on the Inspiration Point Trail. This portion is awesome. There is alot of shade, it goes by a creek, it starts to look foresty, and you get a glimpse of a cool cave which I have yet to try to get to. Once at the top, the views are breathtaking! There are several points of interest to look out at, there are benches to have a snack, and shade. The view is amazing and without driving into the mountains.

For this route, you take the trail over the back side of Inspiration Point where it is all shade for the first few miles down. Here you will likely see deer roaming. Also beware this portion is highly traveled by mountain bikers, listen for their bell warning and let them pass by quickly. Eventually you will arrive back at the top of Echo Mountain. From here continue down the Sam Merill Trail you came up originally for 2.5 more miles. Most of this trail is narrow and has steep drop offs, it can get congested. The lower portion is highly traveled by runners. Overall it is still excellent, especially with the ease of getting there.

We arrived shortly after 6:30 am on a Monday holiday (MLK Jr) and we were the 1st car in the parking lot closest to the main trailhead...I believe I saw 3 small lots on Los Liones Dr with street parking, however, when we finished at 9 am parking was crowded.

We did the loop counterclockwise and it was just under 4 miles to get to the Parker Mesa Overlook and even though we did this hike early in the morning we had clear views. Maybe half of the trail was a fire road There are two benches there to rest and eat some snacks. We had a bit of a difficult time finding the trail from there to finish the loop...it is located just to the left of the bench on the left. The trail back is about 1.5 miles on a narrow, steep downhill path with loose dirt and easy to los your footing so take it slow. It was about 5.5 miles and took us around 2.5 hrs to finish.

Definitely a hard hike...the trail is over grown and you are going to need this app find your way! Great adventure

Great trail and beautiful views. Part of it was closed so we couldn't do the full loop.

A very pretty day today. Lots of ocean views and a good view of the valley side from atop Eagle Rock. A longer hike for me, but not too terrible on the uphill. At this time of year (2/17), with a 6:45am start, I had a lot of shade on this hike. I’d do it again for sure.

This an 8.26 mike hike, not a 7 mike hike. It also gets confusing when you get to the zoo area because you have to cross the parking lot and the grassy lawn to get the the crosswalk in order to get to the other part of the hike, which is where most of the horses go. We loved the first part but once you follow the side of the road then behind the Autry, it get boring.

Amazng views.

Great hike. We did both loops and got a tremendous work because of the elevation change. Huge reward at the top of the Deed Valley Loop. Gorgeous ocean view! Beautiful hike all around with flowers starting to bloom in February. Highly recommend.

Most of the bikers were friendly, but some of the trail was very narrow and the bikers go so fast that it’s not the best place to hike with dogs. But it was a good hike.

Hiked to the view lookout this weekend and my boyfriend proposed! Was an intense hike with lots of inclines, but the view at the end and getting engaged was worth every sweat and ache. There are lots of friendly people on the hike. A guy also came over to us after my boyfriend proposed and offered to take pictures for us. Was so glad he was there so we didn’t have to take just selfies. Thank you guy! Wish we got your name.

Way too crowded.

Very nice - great vistas, big sky, trees and amazing Eagle Rock

You’re gonna laugh when I tell you my friend and I had to be airlifted out by Malibu Search and Rescue because we ended up way off the trail (because there are so many little trails that look like they are the main trail). We ran out of water and weren’t sure if we could make it back by dark. Yes, we tried backtracking but many parts are overgrown with brush which is not fun to hike through and easy to lose your way. We ended up at a really cool rocky precipice with a fabulous view close to the 23 where we could see houses, but it was way too steep and thick with brush to get to civilization. So 2 awesome rescuers hiked up to us and a helicopter picked us all up and dropped us at the Agoura sheriff ‘s station. What an adventure! It was great exercise so I rated it a 3 star.

Beautiful view of Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village from the top. Not a lot of foot traffic. Very peaceful. There are a lot of rocks, so watch your step

Great hike
We weren’t really sure where it was going to end so eventually we just turned around and never found the so called loop.
Lots of parking available leading up to the entrance of the trail.

First off, the address on this app is wrong and took you to a train stop 8 min away. Just type in “old zoo” info your phone.

This place is lowkey ratchet. I walked past it and didn't even realize, got lost trying to go up the upper zoo trail and found my way back. Even regulars say that they still get messed up trying to remember where it is, even though it's literally right next to the parking lot.

I thought it would have super cool graffiti, as I am a big fan of street art, but this was just poor quality vandalism. I thought it was a slap in the face to see that people had tagged the trees, rocks, and the signs that could point you in the right direction/tell you about the history of the zoo.

The old zoo itself was super dilapidated in a not cool way (can you say old ANIMAL PRISON). It also smelled terrible and I even saw a bottle of piss. Then there were these hoodlums blasting metal in the picnic area and hidden in pockets on the hills smoking weed and drinking beers, which they probably littered. I would probably come here if I was a goth kid in middle school trying to find a place outside my parents house to drink keystone ice and smoke cigs. Also, there's coyotes roaming around so that was also sketch.

TLDR: you will leave this place wanting to make sure you put on hand sanitizer and wanting to dart out promptly before dusk. And the hike itself was underwhelming.

Overall a good hike. The first half is very repetitive and offers a great view, but just a single one. On the way back, more cover, more vegetation and quite a few deer. San Nicolas Island was visible from the top - 125km away! Finished the hike after sunset, the night view over LA is breathtaking.

Great hike! Awesome views as reward!

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