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Hiked the “Low Water Trail” in 3/14:18 and it was muddy...but fun! The middle part of this trail (which follows along the Meramec) is mostly flat and at this time of the year is bug-free.

Fun trails with some good hills, watch out for horse poop though

Rivers Edge trail took you off the paved trail and provided good river views. Very flat terrain, but nice scenery and a good hike for the family.

2nd time on this trail. We LOVE it. It will be a repeated trail going forward. This time we got to see elk and deer! Keep your eyes open as they blend in well and many of the elk were laying right next to the trail. Respect their environment and space.

Great hike. Well marked.

21 days ago

Well maintained path. Not too much foot traffic. Decent views. Scattered receptacles for trash dog waste

Nice place but the water was high so if you weren’t on a trail expect to get wet. Lots of horses walking around but friendly

Just hiked this area with my dog and had a great time - I brought a copy of the area map with me and this made it easy to get around - I started off on the yellow trail (going clockwise to avoid the steep hill at the beginning of the hike) - I then branched off to the red trail and then the purple trail - this eventually took me back to the red trail and then back to the yellow loop. When I got back near the beginning I headed over to the Dogwood Trail - I did it counter clockwise - it got a little confusing after crossing the wooden bridge but I stayed to the left and found the trail marker to head up into the woods and complete the loop down by the creek -

Pretty boring. For some reason I thought that if I went hiking on an island, a large part of the trail would be along the river.


1 month ago

I walk here a lot as it’s only a few minutes from home. Lots of asphalt and gravel, pretty level and easy walk. Downside is that it backs up to roads and residential areas. Also, heavily trafficked and loud.

Very muddy today but a good hike.

Lots of WW2 ruins, good vistas. Surprised I have not repeated it. Will soon.

The first three miles are uphill and rocky, the next 3 or 3 1/2 miles are flat river valley. Not bad at all when one is fresh, but that last three miles on the way back are pretty rugged if one is not expecting it.

Very steep at the entrance by Lone Elk Park and the exit off Lewis Rd. In between it's beautiful and winding with lots of views of the river. Some areas are technical, especially on a mountain bike.

This is my absolute favorite trail in the St. Louis Area. The elevation gain is sufficient for hikers who like a challenge. The environment changes from rocky flint hilltops to low grassy prairie in the Meramec floodplain then down further to the river basin itself. The eastern section of the loop is the Flint Quarry Trail. Along this trail there are small bowls and trenches dug out all along the trail and surrounding area, these are the remnants of prehistoric quarries cut by indigenous people. The flint was used for tools by those people and is the highest concentration of prehistoric mines in North America.

For more history of the area check out this webpage below the author provides a vary detailed timeline of Lone Elk, Times Beach, Tyson Valley, West Tyson and Crescent Hills.


Abundance of blackberries to pick in the fall!

Very rocky. I have no idea how people bike this trail! lol

Nice place to take young kids. Paved trail, steep in parts, can't bring dogs.

2 months ago

Nice trail along the river.

Great scout trail for hiking.

Saw elk, bison, deer, ducks and nice people. Can’t beat that.

LOVED this trail and will do time and again. It was a well balanced hike with the moderate climbs sprinkled throughout the three miles. We spotted at least ten deer as well as many tracks of deer and elk. The three miles were marked clearly every mile which was helpful and appreciated. FYI...no dogs allowed on this trail due to the animal activity in the park.

3 months ago

Saw elk on the hiking trail. Also drove thru the bison area and saw bison resting about 50 yds off the road.

Good hike, great workout - lots of loose rocks. We were blessed with a warm December day! So far no ticks.

Nice hike with some great hills!

The actual Dogwood Ridge Trail is 2.2 miles, according to maps at Forest 44. It is a "Hiking Only" trail. The map currently shown on this app includes hiking the Yellow (U) Trail, which is a multi-use trail. To access the Dogwood Trail, hike along the open area at the right side of the parking lot, cross over the creek bed, then look for a sign for the Dogwood trail on the left.
There are 8 other trails in this area. There are trail markers and I would recommend taking a map from the box in the parking area. (I will try to upload a photo of it). The multi-use trails are well-used by horses and are a bit treacherous here and there. I could see where it would be easy to get lost if you aren't watching for the markers (metal posts with symbols) or miss a turn.
Be forewarned that hunting is allowed in this conservation area. Check the MDC website for dates before you go or wear bright colors.

hilly and rocky, narrow path but really nice.

The fall colors were stunning here yesterday!

Best done in fall

Get ready for the walking exercise with 3 different levels of hike. take it easy at first then challenge yourself. So much fun and beauty.

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