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Nice trail by the river but can get easily washed out. Might be possible to cross with good boots.

on Lava Tube Trail

3 days ago

the trail is easy but the climb down into the lava was more than my 6 year wanted/could handle.

on Petrified Dunes Trail

3 days ago

Hiked this with my 6 and 2 year old little girls. They loved it both of them where able to climb and explore.

3 days ago

Great views of lava rock, flowers, caves and mountains. Not much shade and very hot in the summer.

Amazing amazing place... not to be missed
Easy enough hike, trail is well wide with not too much traffic

11 days ago

Park at the Pioneer Hills trailhead. We crossed the highway & walked trail backwards from what’s marked here. Walked back on paved bike trail. Could’ve started a half hour sooner to beat more heat but was a great hike.

Would be great MTB

19 days ago

Great morning hike. Beautiful views & close to home

20 days ago

We loved it!

The hike to the look out is very rocky and not much to look at, but the overlook once you get there is AMAZE!! Pretty easy hike, just annoying as it feels like you’re walking through a dried up river.

My boyfriend and I won permits for this hike about a year ago now and it was a great experience. Though I will disagree with the mileage listed above. By the end of the day as we reached the car my GPS indicated over 11mi hiked. NPS page for The Subway notes 9mi from the bottom up. Either way expect a long slow approach, though we flew out! Maybe because we were going against the current of the creek on the way in.
We opted to bring out hiking boots as well as a ultra light sneakers for in the water. I’m glad we had both, my fee would not have faired well wearing my ultra light sneakers the whole hike.
I was also really happy to have my trek poles.
Bring some tasty food and have a hang and a swim when you reach the subway! Though there are several great swimming holes along the way.
Take your time as the rocks get be unpredictable and really slippery at times and you’re in the backcountry so a slip and fall here may end up being a bigger deal than if you were in the narrows in the park.
Have lots of water or a water filter, even though we were down near the creek with a moderate amount of tree coverage it was still really hot.

The trail is poorly marked, which makes following it accurately a challenge, especially at night. Also, a bit close to civilization for me. I enjoy a trail where sirens and cars driving by cannot be heard. On the plus side, it's quick to get to, and isn't too long. The view isn't half bad either.

23 days ago

Amazing hike! Very beautiful and the cool dip in the water is totally worth it!

on Turtle Wall Trail

24 days ago

Fun little hike. Not too crowded. Beautiful views and nice little loop

Get out early. Love this trail . Great for mountain biking, hiking, jogging.

love this trail and will definitely go again next time!

27 days ago

Great hike

So pretty! Shows how beautiful St George is.

Short easy trail. Scrambling up the steep rock to the pioneer names is a blast! There are two points of entry onto the trail. The one where you can see the names from the road is shorter.

1 month ago

There has been a report for “probable chance of flooding” in Zion this week, but rangers were still issuing permits for this hike. Just be sure to start early and use GPS and/or cairns for direction! Very easy to get lost off the trail if you’re not careful. Otherwise, amazing experience at the “Subway” area. Make sure to swim to the last waterfall!

1 month ago

Ran this trail counter clockwise. Pretty technical, not a fast loop. There are some portions that are more runnable than others, but overall a ton of fun. Like some other reviews noted, the trail can be quite hard to follow in places, particularly where it crosses over solid rock. There are some cairns, but not enough to solely rely on them. But between the cairns, your sense of direction, the trail map on this app, and keeping an eye out for mountain bike tracks, you can mostly stay on the trail. Views are pretty great throughout. I ran it on a fairly overcast evening, about 90 degrees out. I went through 2 liters of water. Make sure you're carrying enough. There's very little shade.

1 month ago

We were visiting from Tucson.
My GPS showed 6.75 miles round trip from trailhead with just over 1000’ if climbing. This is a moderate trail, not really hard. Trailhead is just outside a housing subdivision. We went counterclockwise. The first and last mile are on a featureless road and uninspiring. The middle is an unbelievably beautiful landscape of rocks, boulders, ridges, and washes. I was really surprised at the beauty so close to town. Started at daybreak and met one other couple on a Sunday. Lots of evidence of MTB use. Relied on Trails map as rocky terrain sometimes hard to follow. Cairns help but network of trails caused us to get off-route twice.
Would highly recommend.

road biking
1 month ago

I rode my bike on this trail. Depending on the direction you go, it is easier or harder. If you start at the Johnson Canyon trailhead parking area and go north up to the Upper Galoot parking lot through the park, you gain 463 feet according to alltrails. Going back on this same trail, there is only a 49 feet elevation gain. (Time, S to N was 45 min, and N to S only 15 min.) I have both of these as separate recordings in my account here on alltrails. I also rode through the park on the road, which was almost the same challenge up and back, but both with strikingly different views. There is just so much to explore in this park!

I would say if you want to ride bikes on this trail as a family or with people (like me) who may be trying to get back in shape, start at Upper Galoot and go down to Johnson Canyon Trailhead. In case not everyone can go back due to the elevation gain or being tired or too hot (not a lot of shade on the trail, and don't forget water and sunscreen), maybe the strongest biker can bike back (a bit harder to go back in this direction) and shuttle everyone back.

Absolutely stunner view and what a payoff! The approach is quite muggy and hotter than surrounding areas. The payoff was stunner and we spent an hour alone there. Good option for those with a 4 legged friend that are blocked out of zion.

1 month ago

excellent desert scenery, very accessible.

1 month ago

We've done this hike several times and finally thought to bring some headlamps. The caves are nice and cool so if you bring water you will be fine out in the sun. Fun for kids to discover.


mountain biking
1 month ago

It’s nice hike.. I was thinking of riding my
Mountain bike there but couldn’t find a way to get there with my mountain bike. The chuckwalla trail doesn’t allow mountain bikes and I think halfway wash as well.. so idk

Great hike, the view was amazing!

1 month ago

Need a permit for this hike. You will have to drive out from the campsite to get here. Beware - the beginning trek which brings you down to the river is VERY STEEP. You’ll need to remember that for when you return to your car. Bring LOTS of water. Stacked rocks will guide you on your journey all the way to the end. Flash flooded night before so the pools were willed with sand :( incredible hike! Took about 8 hours if I remember correctly.

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