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I really enjoyed this trail. There are so many trails in the area, you can combine to customize the length. The loop is easy to follow if you use the map and your phone GPS. Recommend adding the Paradise Rim out and back to this loop.

8 days ago

Great Hike with stunning views!

13 days ago

Great hike good up and downs you can see forever lots of different views.

Looked at this hike for years as a possible hike. Finally decided to give it a try. Glad I did. The last little bit of the hike was a little to close to a neighborhood for my liking. Had a great view from the mouth of the cave. Even if the cave was small in depth but large in size.

Loved this hike! At the end we received a real cool surprise. Sitting on a rock near the little pond just talking with my wife when a strange sound from above broke the silence. A long rope came flying down from the top of the canyon and landed in the pond. The end of the rope was measured almost exactly as only the last two feet hit the water. A few minutes later a young lady repelled down the canyon wall from above. We took pictures and videos for her and then sent them to her email. Then her male companion threw a heavy bag down. I’m sure glad I didn’t try to catch it, it would have broken my body into pieces. All in all very entertaining and a fun learning experience. Don’t miss this hike!!

Loved this shorty hike. A must if you’ve never been in a slot canyon. Great for kids or older adults in just a few minutes you can get the slot canyon experience.

14 days ago

Beautiful red rock, but you’re also in view and hearing of a major road almost the whole hike.

18 days ago

Favorite hike in Saint George! Lots of breathtaking views, not too crowded, great rocks for bouldering, and just difficult enough to be interesting for experienced hikers. Bring plenty of water (most of the hike will be in the direct sun), and have your phone. The map provided on this app has been helpful a few times for zen trail (easy to lose the trail).

20 days ago

The first 90% of the trail was relatively easy and I was able to follow it pretty well. Near the end you have to climb over a few obstacles but it was doable for a fat guy like me. I lost the trail once the cave was in sight but figured out how to get up and there and the view was worth it. Really pretty trail with changing scenery.

Had a great time on this trail. Very beautiful, very unique, especially right at the hallway point . This is a very easy trail and it’s not difficult to stay on track. There is no shade though, so bring lots of water. Can’t wait to come back.

great hike with a beautiful ending result.
highly recommend

Lovely, beautiful And adventurous trail! Captivating landscapes and rock walls!

24 days ago

Really fun trail once you hit the rocks about .5 miles down.

As others have said, the walk to the end is quite rocky, but not hard. Very nice long walk to wonderful views of the canyon.

Nice hike, not allowed to hike up near enough to the Arch to see sky beyond Arch. Thus not as exciting of an Arch as I hoped.

27 days ago

Actually Id rate this trail as moderate vs easy. Its not very well marked but once we finally found the cave it was really great!

27 days ago

Fun trail...was actually on my way to Scout Cave but missed the marker so we ended up doing both. Pretty great canyon walls & a cool little water hole at the end that my dog Annie was diggin!

Not a bad hike, occasionally a little boring but I feel it’s more of a moderate hike than a hard one. Some very unique rock structures and a beautiful view at the top. Not a lot of shade, 2L or water is just about right. Lots of bikers.

The hike was beautiful! The water was very cold!

1 month ago

Breathtaking view at the end. We didn't know what to expect and were very positively suprised. Would do this hike again in a heartbeat. The hike itself is fairly easy and not too long, but the view!!!

1 month ago

Breathtaking view at the end. We didnt know what to expect and were very positively suprised. So worth it, would do again in a heartbeat. The hike is fairly easy and not too long, but the view...

This was a great hike, as mentioned above not a ton to look at during the hike, but the overlook is amazing. So worth it! Lots of steps so watch your footing:)

1 month ago

Beautiful views after a moderate climb up the mountain. There are several viewpoints past the first one, making continuing down the trail well worth it.

In fact, you can make this a 12 mile through hike all the way to the end of the plateau at the opposite end of the canyon.

Know that nearly all of the trail is either rock, boulder, or a few inches of sand.


Beautiful day and an easy hike with great views of rock walls!

Such a beautiful hike the entire way!!! I wish I was wearing more water appropriate shoes. It makes me want to buy Chacos. I hiked in my hiking boots and it took two days to air them out haha. There was a forest fire on the day I went and the sky was this gorgeous orange color even tho it was around noon time. The orange sky bouncing off the colors of the walls of the creek and the slot canyon were to die for. I want to bring friends here and see it again!

1 month ago

I wanted to use this hike as a running path but ended up finding it to be more of a walking trail. I’m sure others who are more skilled than me could have treated it as a running trail but I enjoyed the views and the simplicity of it. Great St. George views!

Hiked all the way to the second ladder but did not go up the second ladder. It was supposed to be decommissioned, also there were a few people struggling with it and we didn’t feel like waiting so we turned around.
Water level was ankle-high most of the way, only hip-high in a few spots. Beautiful trail! Make sure you wear proper shoes. I wore water shoes which worked fine. The trail was moderately trafficked this last Saturday afternoon in September.

1 month ago

This is more of a moderate hike. Not easy especially with little ones but doable.

It gets hot, limited shade and trail can get difficult to track at times. Pro is this trail is before the entrance of the state park even though they maintain it..no fee.

Awesome trail, must wear proper waterproof hiking shoes.

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