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Just be aware this trail is dangerous at points steep rocky climb, with plenty of places to fall . So be careful take your time and enjoy the scenery!

2 days ago

4 days ago

Love this trail. Went with my wife and 4 year old daughter last week and hiked all the way to the Seventh Bridge! We are not in any sort of shape and took frequent breaks along the way. Beautiful views and terrain. Lots of streams and birds. Luckily, there were plenty of locals to keep us on track, as the trail is not marked.

Directions: Go all the way up the mountain, then park in the dirt parking area. Should be plenty of cars parked there. Trail will be dirt with a gate in front of it. Walk the trail about a 1/2 mile, take a right when the trail forks, then continue to follow trail 622. (If you go left at the fork, you will end up at St. Mary’s Falls.) The trail does keep going after the Seventh Bridge (I was told you could climb all the way up to Pikes Peak) but we stopped there and began the hike back to the car.

Great trail. If you want to do the loop I suggest going up the rocky switchbacks.

Great causal trail :)

Love this trail. Its hard, but I love it!

great trail! not too hard not to easy. clocks in as 5.8 miles

18 days ago

Beautiful trial along the creek side. The end gets a bit more difficult with rock scrambling but worth it! Trail was pretty iced over but still passable. Very enjoyable with the dogs!

21 days ago

One of the best local hikes in the springs! Good little workout at the end for the final summit push. Excellent views over North Cheyenne Canon.

No signage to this trail. Totally missed where it started and went up to St. Mary's falls instead. Still a great hike but man, why don't these parks make it clear where the trail heads are??

I've written a blog post about this hike @ www.break-trail.com
If you'd like to read it, follow this link: https://goo.gl/iNLkBN

Such a fun hike, and my dog loves it as much as I do. The creek and bridges make it more interesting. It is beautiful and not too difficult.

Popular area. A good climb for some exercise. Nice views at the top. Didn't like walking paved road for just a short jaunt, but otherwise a nice trail. More info and pics here: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2017/12/30/road-trip-denver-to-dallas-and-back/

1 month ago

Nice hike. Mount Cutler was easy so we came back to try Mount Muscoco. We had some snow recently so it made for a challenging climb and slide coming down. Breathtaking view from the top. Near the top became harder and keep an eye on not wandering off the trail.

Great hike. Counter clockwise makes for an good heart rate increasing climb with a gentle 4 mile cool down.

great trail for beginners or families. branches off into other trails after the bridges.

This is a beautiful well maintained trail; however, thieves smashed my 4Runner’s window and stole whatever wasn’t bolted down in my car, along with several other vehicles in the area. The local police did not investigate or follow-up on my complaint.

Hiked on 12/20. Amazing hike up North Cheyenne Canon with a few friends and dogs. Moderate hike. The numerous stream crossings were really cool. Skirted up the side of Keneo after the last bridge for a fantastic view out over the canyon. Thought about continuing up Mt. Keneo proper, but the altitude was starting to get to this Jersey boy

Make sure to park along perimeter of parking lot and not in center aisle or risk getting boxed in like we did today. This is beautiful hike and won’t stop hiking here because of the inconsiderate but won’t go on weekend when parking gets crazy.

1 month ago

I’m looking forward to going back in the summertime. There was a moderate amount of snow on the trail, and some spots were very icy. Definitely needed the shoe spikes. The seven bridges portion was fairly easy— it got significantly more difficult after the seventh bridge. The trail was much steeper and some portions were loose gravel. Had a great time regardless!

1 month ago

Moderately difficult trail. Great for working on getting active and in shape. Great views along the way. Most people I passed were friendly. But a few peeps had their unruly dogs off leash, and some pet owners didn’t clean up after their pets. Tons of piles of dog crap near the parking area, making it smell terrible.

1 month ago

Finally some snow on the mountain, great hike awesome views. Threw my crampons on towards the end because I was slipping on the steeper parts.

off road driving
1 month ago

This is a super good trail! You probably want to have a 4x4 for this lol. If you are afraid of heights make sure you trust your driver because it gets pretty close to the edge. I don’t recommend this trail in the winter. It can get sketchy. The view is great!!

Super short hike! It’s worth it though to do it. It can be pretty busy on a nice day so make sure to go early. There’s also other trails right near by

Hiked this route on 1/13/18 - really enjoyed our time! The first half of the climb is uphill with switchbacks; nothing to complain about, was a great workout. Scenery is stunning - there’s a place about halfway through the loop to sit and take it in, recommended to sit for a while and enjoy! Depending on when you get there parking can fill up, but there are a few lots down the road to park at.

First mile is pretty much incline but the rest of the route is comfortable.

Pretty easy hike as you are mostly in the shade. We messed up and turned around right after the 7th bridge... will go back to see that final view! Most of the dogs we saw were off leash.. and lots of dog poop not picked up. Pretty disappointing to see this.. come on people!

2 months ago

Beautiful and a rewarding hike. Similar to the Mount Cutler hike where it's a smooth ascent for like 80% of it until you get closer to the top and you're suddenly scrambling up rocks to the summit.

love it

Really great hike! The trail to the summit is NOT marked,
I’m so thankful I read the reviews below to find it at the cross intersection. Besides that, it was glorious! I was the only one at the top!

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