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Great trail! We’ve hiked this trail numerous times. It’s beautiful and we’ve seen eagles and blue herons on the bluff. Lots of deer and occasionally, a coyote or two. It’s surprisingly hilly for Illinois. It’s especially beautiful in the fall. One note - wear bug spray in the spring and summer, the woods in this area do have ticks. Be sure your dogs are also protected. It’s especially bad in the spring which is also when people are hunting for Morel mushrooms and you will run into more people this time of year.

8 days ago

Fascinating geological site. You can get up close to observe parallel rock layers that break and fold and are quite colorful. The trail is quite steep in a couple places and though safe if you are cautious, I would not bring a young child here unless well disciplined. The arch itself is small and can be muddy.
Well worth driving a distance...an unusual site, which I found by accident, spotting on a map.

I hiked this on my 61st birthday. I have to say I'm not a real hiker; I'm more of a person who strolls through the woods. I also have to say that I am obese and clumsy. Once, I tripped over a pine cone and broke my wrist in 4 places. Therefore, I found going down to the water pretty scary stuff. It was well worth it; truly beautiful, and my dog and I had it to ourselves. Going up wasn't scary, but my heart was sure pounding!

1 month ago

Hiked the lower portion of this trail starting at Fort Ouiatenon park. Trail begins at Fort parking lot. This was the only public access I saw on 2 mi lower portion I hiked. First 1/2 mi of trail heading North was paved bike path running right alongside South River road. The trail then turns into the woods and runs alongside the Wabash river. Trail here was dirt and sand, sometimes like walking on a beach. It was moist (but not muddy) even though it hadn't rained for at least a week. Imagine it's muddy in rainy seasons. Trail is fairly level and well marked. Scenery is unremarkable, mostly trees and very tall weeds. Occasional views of the river but usually the river is hidden behind tall weeds. Perhaps it would be more visible in early spring or winter. It was a little buggy, but not unpleasant.

Sweet trail, few issues. Those with heights fears, like me, will not like the bridge at Trailhead Park, or the Deer Creek Overlook, but a clean, pleasant hike! I hiked the Robbins, Smith Dairy and Happy Jack Trails in a quick visit.

1 month ago

Poor directions from park/parking. Mostly on city street. Few signs. Not welcoming.

This is my favorite trail in the Lafayette area, and I usually walk it a few times a month. It’s a quick walk but you feel deep in to nature. I love the focus on keeping all of the flowers and plants that are natural to the area. There are signs through the trails that identify trees and flowers, so it’s a great hike for educating kids too! My favorite flowers her is the Jack-in-the-pulpit.

1 month ago

Really great day and evening trip with a friend. We started at the entrance and hikes through to the second camp. Set out around 1:15 on September 15th and got to the East Camp Site around 4:30.

The trail was pretty tough at parts for the first half. We ended up getting of route a few times and needed to the use the app to get back on track. It gets especially confusing in the first 3 miles because of the overlaps with the road and poor markings.

After that it was a lot better but pretty tough at parts. Our packs were fairly heavy (around 20 pounds for an overnight, but we wanted luxuries, haha) so there was some slipping and sliding at parts.

We set up at East Camp and had to go back down the hill leading up to it to get water to purify and treat. We used a filter + iodine to filter it. Set up a nice fire ring and kept a fire going for 4 or 5 hours.

Sleeping was great as the temps dropped to around 65 degrees and without a cloud in the sky we were able to go without rain flys which is always a treat.

The last 3.5 out of the woods was pretty grueling. It was quite tough a parts, especially where the trail is clearly very difficult to maintain due to the hills, brooks and streams.

Overall, it was a really wonderful trip and we had a blast! Also the cows mooed all night, and I frankly couldn't stop giggling about that.

This trail does not stay stagnant for long. Stairs, bridges, hills all come at you randomly. The highway and a railroad are nearby so those sounds are mixed in with nature.

2 months ago

Wonderful time backpacking this trail. It was blazing hot and humid the weekend we went, so we were glad to have broken up the sections by using the camping sites. Arrived at the park at 8 pm on the first day after driving down after work. We walked in 3 miles in the pitch dark, and the trail markers weren’t great—there were a number of splits that had no indicator of where to go. Bring the map and a compass for sure.

Day 2 we hiked 5 miles from camp one to camp two and found some of the steeper slopes very muddy and slippery... no problem with a day pack and nimble shoes. but 30 lb backpacks and boots required careful going. A hiking stick we picked up along the way helped with the muddly slopes immensely, so trekking poles might add a little safety for those backpacking.

Day 3 finished up with 3.5 nice miles. The heat was 95 degrees plus high humidity, so we were glad for shorter days, but the hike would be quite managable in 1 day or two days with better weather. Very nice camping experiences at both spots, we hardly saw any people along the trail and loved the various scenery and terrain that changed regularly.

Easy trail. Lots of spiders.

Short but fun hike if you like scrambling in and through water. Be prepared to get wet (thigh-high) water to see best of the potholes.

great hike to a couple different areas of waterfall action. wonderful natural pool areas due to water flow. very neat spot!

Love this nature preserve. Beautiful creek and the carved out rock bed is fascinating.

Good time...

This trail is a true hidden gem. one of the prettiest in Indiana.

3 months ago

good trail with dog.

Beautiful trail.

3 months ago

The whole 12.8 was open today and was an enjoyable hike. It’s a lot sandier than I expected so it’s a good idea to wear ankle socks or even gaiters if you’re intense! The trail is mostly flat but there are some small, exciting elevation changes within 2 miles of battleground. Bathroom and water stops accessible along the way.

Parts under maintenance and not well traveled - which can be a good thing so it feels like a real adventure!

4 months ago

Extremely informative good for any level of activity.

Second time doing this trail. There were three trees down when i went to be prepared to walk/climb over them if you go within the next week or so. I love the scenery of this hike. Very easy but can be made more difficult by going off trail.

4 months ago

An early mile of poor marked trail, swiftly becomes a most awesome and varied nature experience. Its got groves, glens, rivers and roads. Perfect lunch spot at about mile 5.5 of the backpacking trail (rock ledge overlooking river). Very islolated - we didnt see a soul. Backpacking camps had bathrooms, garbage, picnic tables. There def are good water sources (not filtered) but need to plan that out - some would be hard to get to though you’re essentially following a river the whole time.

Excellent trail only 2 miles from I 65. Would do it again

Trail is very easy. Intersects with a lot of other trails in and around Delphi Indiana. Also runs through the Canal Park which features an interactive Museum about the Wabash and Erie Canal.

trail running
4 months ago

Great Trail to find your stride and keeps you on your toes.

5 months ago

We just did this trail, June 6, 2018. The day was about 83°. There is a long section through some pretty heavy overgrowth with almost no the creek with high hills on both sides. There wasn’t much wind or breeze so the bugs were getting annoying. That said it is June so if you do this during the summer bring some bug spray.

We saw plenty of deer, fawns, black squirrels, owls, hawks etc. the “red” backpack trail needs a few more clear signs. We wandered off the red trail a couple of times because some intersecting trails weren’t clearly marked. We added about 1-2 miles because of this.

This would be a great fall hike and overnight. There are a ton of places to hang a hammock or pitch a tent.

The people in the ranger main office were great. We had the trail to ourselves and didn’t see another hiker out there.

I go here often and it is my favorite place in Lafayette. It is absolutely beautiful and so tranquil! Definitely worth a trip of you have the time!

Very pretty spot to walk the pups!

the waterfall is surprisingly beautiful. it's right by the parking lot though. the trails are poorly labeled and don't actually lead anywhere.

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