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Even tho it had rained the last few days the path was pretty clear of puddles. The dogs had a blast running around and I enjoyed hearing the rushing water

trail running
15 days ago

This is one of my favorite running trails in the area. It is about 5 miles in entirety, I believe, and mostly flat. There are a lot of other hikers, runners, and bikers, but it never feels too crowded. The trail is slightly wooded on a narrow island between the Savannah River and Augusta Canal. I find it both beautiful and serene.

My group and I did The Great Wall Loop, which is about 7.5-8 miles. It is a challenging hike with the up and down hills. Some parts are a little steeper, and you will feel the burn the next day! I recommend bringing at least 3 liters of water. We went when it was muggy outside and about 84 degrees. I went through 2 liters of water and another liter I put my electrolytes in. We took breaks every mile or so - take as many breaks as you need! It’s not a rush!!

I really enjoyed that scenery changes a bit, there is this cool part where it’s like a forest, a part that is kind of jungle like, and another part that is more barren. September is also wild flower month so keep your eyes open and look out of the little flowers along the trail!

We did the Brown wave loop. Beautiful hiking!

Great trails. They range from moderate to difficult and are very peaceful and easy to navigate. The lake and the poles (surfer spot) are gorgeous. One of the premier parks in NE Florida.

I ride this about everyday to get from Evans to Downtown Augusta, fun and easy ride with beautiful scenery. On my days off I like to take advantage of the Mountain bike trails that are off the side at the Water Works station.

This is my favorite place to ride my bike!

This trail begins as a lovely stroll with the Canal on one side and the Savannah River on the other. The scenery is something to take in. Many reviews mentioned that the trail is heavily trafficked, especially on the weekends. I visited on a Monday (late morning) and there were more folks than I anticipated. Good news, the trail is only moderately trafficked for the first 1.5 mile and then the crowd thins out a little bit. Even though the trail gets a lot of foot traffic, it’s still quiet. Anyway, the trail itself is not that exciting (it’s flat and straightforward) BUT it’s so beautiful, so the scenery makes up for the lack of excitement.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Woooohoooo Did Deepstep today and there are places that the trail is not so beginner friendly. I would call it a moderate trail

mountain biking
4 months ago

Great Friday ride

My wife and I went hiking yesterday and because we Did Not know nor understood the map instructions and were not prepared for the trails, we suffered a lot. We wanted to take the smaller trail, but we missed the entrance to it and ended up in the longest one (Red Trail). No water, No cellphone, No flashlight (it was about to get nighttime). Wife had Converse Shoes which are Not good for hiking like that. It could have gone real bad if it wasn’t for two Angels. The two Angels were running the trail we were in and as they passed by, they stopped and asked if were alright since we look awful. They offered sip of their drink and explained that that was the long trial and we still had about 4 miles to end at exit. They recommended to turn back which we did (about 3 miles back). That sip was a lifesaver. When we were close to the exit (about 1/2 mile), here comes the Angels looking out for us with a big nice cold bottle of water. They stayed w us until the exit and explained how the trail system works. I really want to Thank these two Angels. They are French and live in North Augusta. I wish I remember their names, but my brain was not all there. We Bless then with our prayers and thank God for their timing. If you see these or you know of them please send an email to jose.delvallex@yahoo.com. Lesson here, be prepared for these trails and understand how they are set up before you go in.

I've hiked four of the six trails Great Wall Loop, Deep Step, Big Rock and Tower. The trails on the South Trail head Great Wall Loop, Deep Step, Brown Wave and Skinny Loop are easy to find, and you usually have to share those trails with mountain bikers, which has never been a problem for us. There is a North Trail head, and that's where you can find Big Rock and Tower, their location isn't easy to find. You have to go a mile down Logging Road 661 and you will come to the parking lot( not very big), but that's where both the trailheads can be found. These Trails you usually have to yourself because of their location.

on Hanna Park South Trail

mountain biking
5 months ago

Amazingly Beautiful Trails!
I can’t help but be impressed with these trails.
I was very pleased with the condition, variety and simple beauty of the various trails. The trails themselves are very well maintained and there are a variety of skill levels to be had. From a few flat straightaways to many hairpin turns, to the unlimited rises & falls, all while constantly needing to dodge the unlimited obstacles placed in your way. Needless to say, I found the “More Difficult E-Line Loop” more than enough of a challenge for a guy my age.
In addition to the good condition I found the trails to be in, I was blown away by the scenic images I was exposed to. From the beautiful lakes, rivers, trees and friendly woodland creatures- to the not-so-friendly alligators I saw “sunning” themselves atop logs in the water.
I really didn’t expect to be that close to them.
In fact, at one point of the trail, if you fall off your bike to the left side, you will end up in an extremely thick swamp where an alligator is waiting just under the waters’ surface to snack on you or anyone else that may fall into this guys’ territorial waters. YIKES! I’m not kidding folks.
***I would seriously recommend everyone take a buddy with them for company & protection while riding here.
I found the above, as well as the many other amazing experiences I have had here, reason to RAISE my score of this Parks’ Trails rather than lower it. I feel that I (and I think most other Mt. Bikers), choose to ride my bike in the woods for just this reason. If i wanted to ride my bike on a flat concrete surface and see nothing i would be riding in the streets right?
But if you ARE looking for an amazing experience every time you ride your Mt. Bike- this is definitely a great place to ride!

5 months ago

if you're looking for something challenging yet fun and beautiful this is the trail for you and ends up being about six and a half miles so make sure you have plenty of time in your day couple bottles of water and a couple snacks I ran into a lot of Wildlife so be mindful of the woods and watch your steps

pretty area. great for pet lovers and families. bring old bread lots of geese to feed.

Heavily trafficked. Beautiful views. Easy hike/walk

My dog and I enjoy the Trail’s out here quite often, good walking, ok’ing Trail’s without having to leave town.

Started at the front gate to add more miles. Wish I had this app last weekend. Still have no idea how far we hiked. Beautiful hike and lots of options of views.

this place is beautiful with a very diverse set of trails. There are a lot of mountain bikers but they share the trails very well. Love It!

Great trail that skirts the river. Walk it, run it, kayak it, or bycicle- ride it all the way to downtown augusta for lunch. Dog friendly.

7 months ago

Great hike! I did this trail on my birthday and it was my best gift. I repeated the loop twice and ended up doing 12 miles that day! It’s great to see the trail from both visial perspectives. Great for dogs and the trail is appropriately marked, however, don’t leave without the map if you’re not familiarized with the trail, you might end up looping endlessly. Anyways, can’t wait to go back!

A decent amount of uphill hiking and lots of roots. It's a scenic trail, but not particularly well marked and so it can be easy to get turned around.

mountain biking
8 months ago

This is definitely my favorite leisurely trail. There are a good number of side trails as well that offer more of a challenge. Overall, it’s nearly perfect.

One of my favorite trails close to home! Wasn’t extremely difficult (I am a beginner) and many beautiful streams to cross over!

If you go early in the morning, beware you will hit every spider web on the trail.

on Rock Dam Trail

8 months ago

Well marked nice trail. Due to length and some steep sections and unmaintained stream crossings, I would not recommend it for a beginner, but it's a good hike.

8 months ago

Well marked and maintained.

Great hiking! But it's very popular for off-road biking. if you prefer not seeing many people, a mid week hike is suggested.

Really well marked, be aware if it’s rained recently you’re going to get wet shoes stepping across creeks. And yes, if you are pressed for time like I was, there is an unofficial trail down the second creek, so you can clip off the last loop of the trail if you need to. Although I was really glad not snake season quite yet!
Fyi, you do have to walk down Cliatt to get to the start of this trail.

9 months ago

Good trail with a mixture of hardball and unimproved walkways. Moderately trafficked with runners/walkers/cyclists. Easy to get to and there is always parking. Overall, there is minimal elevation change making it easy for all levels of fitness.

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