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16 hours ago

This trail is moderate, definitely some hills and lots of roots on the trail. It was just great being outside, away from the noise of life and looking at beautiful trees. My best friend and I walked it twice. I like that they had benches to sit on throughout the trail. It was lightly trafficked the time I went, grateful for that. I recommend this trail if you don't mind inclines.

Much longer than .8 miles. The trailhead itself shows 9 miles with multiple ski trail loops you can walk with additional unmapped trails as you go. Very pretty views with the trees and the sand.

I usually do the perimeter of this loop system. it definitely is fun, a mostly wooded, moderate trail. porta jon at the parking area. even when the parking area is full I don't usually run into a lot of people. one of my top 3 for the area.

Great shorter hike through the woods. The hills make it more of a challenge for a beginner like myself. Well kept up and close to home.

Nice well maintained trail that is good for all skill levels

trail running
11 days ago

GPS tracking app I used showed 7.45miles around the loop. Fun trail to run! It includes gradual inclines, and nice downhills to keep it interesting. All the bikers we came across were nice about telling us how many they had in their group coming, so nice community to run around.

mountain biking
15 days ago

great mix of forest & fields. awesome boardwalks and lots of flowly single track.

For the location in the middle of a very populated area, it doesn’t get much better....I hit this trail on lunch often

You have to pay. Sorry, nature walking is free.

Great trail, we walked opposite bike path and had no issue walking...bikers always courteous

22 days ago

Great trail for a hike. Very few people but you do have to make sure to watch for mountain bikers - they come at you fast! The trail connects with dirt roads a few times and there are no markers or indications which way to go so download the map before you go so you can track your progress. The trail in general is not well marked and having the map as backup was helpful. I walked counter clockwise based on recommendations here - you start at the back/right of the parking lot. 8.12 miles according to Map My Run app. Beautiful scenery!

25 days ago

This trail was very pretty. It was marked really well and not confusing at all. The covered bridge was in a random spot off the trail. Definitely will bring bug spray next time. The majority of it was stroller friendly except the stairs, but if you have a friend who’s willing to help get the stroller up them then you’re fine!

Light traffic (Sunday afternoon), many hammocks off the trail, few bugs, a couple of hills to make you work a little more. Nice, well maintained trail - just wish the main “loop” was a little longer. I did the trail 3+ times to make up for the length. I didn’t notice the homes people mentioned but there are parts where I could hear cars zipping by.

1 month ago

Great short trail to walk, half shade half sun. A few cop bridges to go over and even caught a glimpse of wildlife. Only bad part was the fallen tree over the trail that I had to lift the stroller over. Other than that, would do again!

1 month ago

Holy mosquitoes and bad directions. Nice terrain though.

I read reviews and knew it was moderate but the entrance I started at was up hill for a long time and wasn’t expecting it. Horseflies were horrible, so we only did the green path. The paths were marked very well. I will have to give this one another try.

Went for the first time and overall it was good. The weather was extremely hot and I thought the path would have been covered more but a lot more open field then I thought. I would definitely do it again. I had some bug repellent on but the horseflies were bad.

For the parents: Also thought it had great stuff for kids on the path, educational, however not stroller friendly in the woods.

Nice shady, easy walk with parks at both ends of this point to point trail. The Byron Center road park is open. Burlingame is not open. There are barriers closing the parking lot. Very quiet with lots of parking and few people for what it can accomodate. Quiet enough I'm going to take a nap!

2 months ago

Really cool trail, but much too narrow of a single track for mixed use. The mountain bikes come at you pretty quickly. The lack of signage is frustrating too. If you’re hiking this trail, download the map ahead of time. I won’t hike it again, but think it’s a really nice, challenging trail for mountain biking.

I love this trail! Beautiful spots to see

went for a run there today was awesome perfect weather at 60 kind of wet became because it rained really bad the night before it was sweet going to the golf course that was all overgrown and turned into trails there was lots of really cool trees and it was neat to see old sand traps and stuff

Trails wind all over the place I tried to check out as much as I could there was some livestock they had some big cats owls and Eagles I probably started three or four deer running off trails down sub Trails into nice Lookout areas where they were resting

Lots of people putting in effort to make this place nice from their little farm and Co-op Garden to all the different trails well worth $3 to check it out

Accidentally turned onto the horse trail but didn’t turn back because I thought it would intersect again with the hiking path. It finally did but not til I reached the other side of the lake. Easy to navigate, lots of wildlife, lakes, ponds, swamps. Met up with a deer under a tunnel of trees, which was pretty cool. Just getting into hiking, this was my first trail. I would do the trail again.

2 months ago

My go to trail. It's close and has some decent views/terrain. It is pretty heavily trafficked. People love to bring their dogs here. Doesn't bother me but something to keep in mind.

2 months ago

Love this trail! Moderate amount of people. You can definitely make the trail longer if needed. Plenty of gorgeous spots to see along the way while you're hiking! It really isn't as buggy as people say, or maybe that's just my country roots talking.

Beautiful, well maintained. The trails are well marked and lend themselves to a variety of skill levels. A must do!

Decent leisurely stroll. Definitely not for hiking. The paved path was really well maintained. It's a great park for an easy walk. There were too many people for my taste. I went out at 1pm on a Monday and there were full on families walking the paths. I really appreciated the several posts that provided doggy poop bags and trash cans! The ski trails were nice for getting off the main paths and letting my dogs run for a bit without upsetting anyone.

2 months ago

For the visually gifted, the grasslands trails offer a fantastic opportunity for the ornathologically minded. Though, trail signs offer those such as myself with poor sight an audio based guide to bird songs.

As for the Grand River, it’s beauty spills right over the banks giving shins and knees a first hand look at this West Michigan aquatic wonder. If you’re willing to get a bit wet, the trail along the bank of the river is a great view.

Beautiful trail, lots of mosquitos, and plenty or birding opportunities. 8.5 out of 10

3 months ago

This trail is located in the Grand River flood basin, so depending on the season sections of the trails can be flooded and there are plenty of mosquitos to keep you company. That being said, this is one of my favorite trails and I have been hiking here with my son since he was about 4.

Need to go back another day to complete the whole hike. Great hike in the woods on a single file trail. A bit buggy.

3 months ago

Very nice place to bring the dog for a nature walk. Besides the small parking this is maybe my favorite park

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