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23 hours ago

Definitely not for new to intermediate hikers. I decided to knock this out quick, but wasn’t quick at all +2K in climbing in 1.5 miles with extremely loose rock wasn’t fun at all. I recommend actual trail shoes and maybe poles. If you wear regular sneakers, I hope you like falling and the taste of dirt. Awesome views, however, the trail it’s marked or maintained well. I had to download the map beforehand and use it quite frequently, it was pretty annoying.

2 days ago

Loved this hike. Did it on a Saturday afternoon. On the portion of the trail along the creek, I came across 4 or 5 groups camping by the river. Once the trail left the creek side and started heading uphill, I didn’t see another person on the way up or down.

The trail is physically challenging for a relatively short hike, and in places the trail is slippery due to a bit of gravel on hardpack in steep sections. Even though the trail is in an area with a lot of burned terrain, the trail itself is probably 90% in the shade, so not a bad option for a hot day.

Finding the arch is slightly tricky. They key is knowing that you have to go over the summit and down the dome a few hundred yards.

Follow the cairns once you leave the creek side trail and you should be fine.

Decent 4 mile hike. Trail runners and bicyclists were frequently wizzing by, so just something to be mindful of especially if you bring your dog. Mostly shaded but there are a couple places at top to stop and catch a scenic view.

Really pretty hike. Not too busy even for a Sunday. Nice a shady for the longer hike. Small view once you reach the top.

Ahh today no dogs on this trail.

We lost a dog about a mile up on Matukat road on the way to the trail head. He is a Newfoundland black lab mix and his name is Milo. He has Colorado tags, if you find him please call the number on the tags.

1st Hike in Denver! A little challenging for a fat guy like me! Loose stones, uneven terrain, and the 1st half mile is straight up! I loved it can’t wait to go back!

Great hike! Great views! Not to hard, not a ton of shade.

fantastic view from the top, but awful time getting down. slide on my butt the whole way under the trail stayed again (about a mile) worth it. dress accordingly

We didn't have service to refer to the map, and it isn't marked well on the provided paper map. We ended up following Burro Trail the wrong way, oops. We want to go back & find the lake! Regardless, beautiful and not too crowded.

Headed out about 5 pm on a Sunday. Saw a few hikers but mostly on our own. My 2nd hike since moving here and really enjoyed it. Was a little leery of the moderate label, but it wasn’t too much - although steady incline throughout and definitely a workout for me. We hiked to Greenfield Meadow and back. Would’ve been perfect if the stream had water, but still a nice peaceful hike. Will do this one again.

Went counter clockwise on this trail starting on the mule path through forgotten valley and then linking up with the mountain lion trail and included the offshoot to Windy peak. It was a nice slow incline at the start. After the meadow the incline increased more rapidly with short respites and wooded shade area which continued through to Windy peak. On the way down there were small rocks on the trail and the path switched back and forth. There was much less shade coverage until the last mile. Once you hit the shade there is another small incline before you hit the home stretch which was upsetting to all of us. It was a decent challenging hike with a beautiful reward at the top. My hunting dog absolutely loved this trail and we brought a lot of water for him.

The wildflowers and aspens along the trail were beautiful! Remember you need a state park pass for this one.

I backpacked into Frazier Meadows for a short overnight in late June. The wildflowers were gorgeous- irises and columbines everywhere. The elevation was constant but worth the efforts. Staying overnight I didn’t see anyone else but could hear one other backpacker somewhere near by. I’d for sure do this as a day hike again!

25 days ago

Great hike as always!!! Trail is a bit difficult to follow on the way up but not too bad. The way down is a bit tough due to the loose gravel! Excellent views at the top nonetheless!!!

awesome hike allot of incline if you haven't been hiking in awhile it's definitely a workout, we did happen to find the secret path thanks to a previous picture posted once you see the angled arrow marker and downed tree look for small foot path to your left, it's a good half mile or so uphill from there but it all becomes worthwhile when you get to the top and get that gorgeous view. would definitely do it again.

Trail is close to Denver and right off 285 so it’s easy to get to. I was tired after a weekend hike so this was a perfect moderate hike. If you just do the trail as marked I would call this more an upper easy hike. If you take the “secret” trail to the top it’s moderate. Took me two loops of the Old Ski Loop trail to find the secret summit trail. It is NOT the first one you come to where to go up about 100 feet to a cluster of rocks with a partial view. I searched around there for a while. It’s above that on the marked trail (if you went left to right on the loop). I added a picture with markings. You won’t see the “no trespassing” sign someone else referenced until after you are already on the trail (and even then it’s off in the distance and you have to look for it). The trail to the summit is pretty well marked as someone has lined quite a bit of it with old tree branches. There are times you will question if you went the right way. Trust your gut...it’s a pretty intuitive trail. Don’t get fooled by the first false summit with good views. Keep going until you find the top and the geo markers and register. It’s probably less than .5 mile from the Old Ski Loop trail so it’s worth it. Someone should bring a new little notepad for the register and a new pen. Both are running low! Gorgeous views from the top and TONS of ladybugs. This will be a great trail for fall with the Aspens along it.

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28 days ago

beautiful! definitely going back for some fall colors in a few months...gave me a great workout when combined with Mule Trail all the way to Panorama Point.

Great wildflower hike and tons of aspens!

Tough workout, worth it to scramble over some big rocks and see a great vista. Would do again. True story, the trail is at times hard to figure out, but we followed the cairns, and our GPS when needed, got us there just fine.

Really pretty. Found the trail to the mountain. It was tricky - top of the ski loop on the left side. It’s kind of hard to find - just a little dirt path off into the trees with some branches across the beginning. It is above the trail that goes up to the rocks - that was where I went and circled back. So beautiful!!!!!!

This was a great hike, this hike will take you 2000 feet straight up Blodget Peak, this is very challenging and difficult. The terrain is loose rocky on the side of a mountain!! The view is amazing of Colorado Springs. This hike is not for beginners in any way.

1 month ago

This is legit hike, a justified hard rating. Has elements of scrambling as well depending on how closely you follow the trail up. I’d recommend earlier in the day before it gets hot as you get higher up you have less cover and more rock. A great hike for being in town. I wouldn’t recommend it for little kids or dogs. I’m glad I didn’t have to carry my little one up in a back pack

Trail was pretty and reasonably deserted on a week day morning. I would rank it as Easy, as the incline was subtle and the trail was clear. Little bit of loose rock but nothing that really even resulted in hard breathing. Would be great for a short sunrise hike.

We really enjoyed this hike! A bit of an incline on the way up, but overall pretty easy. We did pass a lot of mountain bikers, but everyone had great trail manners; otherwise not too many other hikers. Nice and shaded but still recommend wearing sunscreen.

Make sure you do not take a wrong turn and end up on Burro! You will be in for a hell of difference between moderate and hard.

I didn’t expect to hike to the top but we did (Hubby and I), yay! For our very first time, unplanned, with rain and hail we made it. Going down was more difficult simply because of the softened gravel and rocks.

Loved every bit of it though.

Great trail; with a bit of history.

1 month ago

fun and challenging, fairly steep in sections. I went up the boulder field and up the face. Very cool section. turns out there is another way from what I was told on the way down. stay to the left of the boulder field to summit.

nicely maintained trail. often many mountain bikers though, so share the road (:

saw some snakes (danger noodles), so watch yo self.

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