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Bryce Caynon

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This was a good moderate hike: not too easy, not too hard. Definitely worth the views at the top. This is not the hike to do in Zion if you’ve never done Angel’s Landing or The Narrows, or some of the other more famous hikes. But this is definitely a beautiful hike.

Good hike. It’s a good warmup before the water in The Narrows cools you off.

Cool and amazing hike, but it gets crowded. Fairytale loop is nicer I think, but that's just me. Anyway, still worth doing.

Wow, this is amazing! Great hike, easy for the distance. The gain is very moderate and offers amazing views. I started from sunrise point at about sunrise. It was good so that the trail was essentially empty and not too warm. This is the most amazing hike around Bryce (as far as I know)

It's a fine hike which would deserve 5 starts except that you are in Zion and there are nicer ones to do for 3 miles. Still worth it.

Awesome views, way less populated than Queens Garden/Navajo loop. Steady incline at times, totally worth it

There is much nicer walks in Zion. Also, you'll have a decent view from weeping rock if you do the beginning of east rim

Considering what is around, I'd say skip this. Go to observation point (which is longer and harder but much better). I added it as extra miles to cap the day, but I don't think I've reach the true end of this hike - you need to scramble after some point.

I did this to get to the narrow. The narrow is worth it, so therefore doing this is also worth it - but this is the extremly boring and crowded part. Impossible to skip for the narrow so do it, but otherwise not worth it - there are better easy hike in zion

I did Angels landing as an extra loop to the West rim trail/telephone canyon. Angel landing itself is great, but a little too crowded. From bus stop to top, then back down, it took me 2 hours. Go as early as possible (went there with the 4th bus of the day, and already starting to be annoying). The trail is NOT hard - more like moderate - but there is a 1500 feet gain so you need to be ok with that. Although it can be narrow, the holding is always extremely easy. The biggest danger is that it is too crowded and people are impatient. The view is great, so do it! Definetly in the top hikes in the area. Otherwise do observation point via east mesa trail is a good alternative overlooking angels landing.

1 day ago

Impressive! Much of the trail is paved and offers gorgeous views! After Scout Lookout it gets ridiculous. Many places you cling to angled rock feeling for a foothold in the rock; hold the chains and pray you don’t misstep and plummet 1500 feet to your death.

1 day ago

Go early. Awesome hike.

Had a blast until my sandals disintegrated. Don’t be like me, heed the Park rangers advice, wear boots.

Got started before the first shuttle got there since we are staying at the lodge. Left the cabin at around 6:45 and we’re one of the first few people to the top. Recommend going in the morning as the way down had a lot of congestion.

2 days ago


Killer view at the top...

Loved the hike. Amazing views going up. Thinking of it as a good prep hike for Angels Landing

A very short (0.5 miles) and easy hike. There is a cool (temperature) resting area at the top which would be nice in a hot day - water is dripping out of the rocks at the top, hence the name of the trial.

A moderate hike with resting opportunities next to very small waterfall pools. Maybe because it's not a strenuous hike, the 'traffice' is heavy. The waterfalls were also small (end of April).

A challenging hike for sure not because of the length of the trial but the elevation and the narrow paths on the cliffs. But it is so worthwhile and memorable!

great trail made the mistake of doing peek a boo on the top of this in one day.

This is a hard trail because of the steep switch-backs. Pace yourself up this trail. Think of it in four parts. The first is the steep switch-backs up the outside of the mountain. But once you make it up that you get a break by hiking in the shade and more reasonable path back inside. But be prepared to hit the third part of the trail that takes you up shorter, but steeper switch-backs a good bit up. At the end you find the part that’s flat where you can rest and go to the bathroom. From here you can go back down or take the final leg up where you have to hold on to chains and make your way to the top on a small ledge with pausing for hikers moving back and forth up the trail.

3 days ago

Amazing hike

It’s scary. Be smart wear good shoes. Great views both directions

Started just after sunrise and had the trail to ourselves most of the time. Beautiful. Go clockwise

Absolutely breathtaking. Cannot stress enough how dangerous and difficult it is, though. If you are unsure, stop at Chicken Rock. From there, the steep drop offs begin.

amazing hike. we loved the views and the challenge. highly recommended.

What an amazing trail with perfect views of the hoodoos throughout! When we arrived (April) a storm had just blown in and covered the loop with snow- it was beautiful! It’s definitely chillier due to the election (7,000 feet), so be sure to pack plenty of layers. If you only have a day in Bryce, would recommend this trail to see all the highlights.

Can’t say enough about Bryce Canyon. It’s simply one of the more beautiful natural spectacles in the United States. This trail, specifically, is one of the most popular, giving you the best views on a simple, short hike.

Incredibly crowded trail, we even went late in the day and it felt like walking around Frontierland in Disneyland. Paths are paved and easily accessible for small children and strollers, virtually anyone. This is a heavily trafficked trail by a lot of non-hikers in jeans and loafers, not a lot of trail etiquette, so pack your patience. Views are nice but hard to enjoy. Swimming is not allowed even though several parents were allowing their kids to swim or bathe, not sure which.

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