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8 days ago

Wonderful trail. Perfect for an early morning hike. Especially beautiful after a good rain. There’s so much wildlife and wild plantlife to appreciate on this trail. Also makes for perfect pictures. 10/10

Loved it! The boulders are so interesting. I enjoyed watching others rock climb.

Waterfall was pretty much non existent. No reception and you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. No one else was on the trail which I know a lot of people love, but it tends to give me the creeps.

27 days ago

Hiked the lower loop with 14 members of our hiking club and really enjoyed it! Yes, it’s overgrown and the trail gets “iffy” in spots, however it is beautiful and not crammed with people. The stone steps are steep but nothing this granny couldn’t manage. The falls are really little more than a trickle, but still awesome. 3 water features and a nice 2 hour hike taking time to enjoy the wonder of the woods. I am grateful for AllTrails as the trail disappears in spots so the map showing your position was invaluable - there was no cell service. I will return!

28 days ago

Definitely go during the rainy season if you're going for the waterfalls, or in the fall to see gorgeous colors at the overlooks. Not exactly what I would rate as easy and for every skill level; I had no problems, but did bring my 70 year old mother. We went clockwise and it was very steep, narrow, rocky and muddy in places. Also several sets of stairs. She had her trekking poles and made it fine! We saw no other people and enjoyed some beautiful scenery. Also, I got closer to 2.2 miles than 1.6 on my Garmin, but we did walk up to the overlook, so idk. I will be back on a rainy day!

Very nice for hike with family and/or friend. Dito other reviews.
Little trash, except for some micro trash...bottle caps, cig butts, etc. Pretty good considering its the trashiest state in the union!!!

The Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail is a short drive from my home in North Georgia, so it’s a great local hike for me, regardless of the season.

As its name suggests, the prime time for this hike is in the spring, when the wildflowers are in full bloom. The trail is known to have one of the most diverse offerings of wildflower species in the Southeast. It’s a well-done boardwalk that weaves through the forest floor, minimal in its construction so as to not take too much away from the natural environment. It follows a stream, and there are several platforms with benches–a good spot for a picnic or a long read or chat.

However, there is so much more beyond the canopied boardwalk, when the trail turns to dirt. It leads up a narrow canyon to an impressive, moss-covered falls, which is best viewed after a heavy rain. It’s a very amphitheater-like environment, with natural stairs leading all the way up to the base of the falls, where one can access a cavernous pass-through that isn’t visible until you get right up to it.

From there, one can traverse up a trail that lines the canyon wall, hiking up the the top of the falls, and then following an old road to the North and South Pocket Loop Trails, which offer nice elevation changes as one heads up Pigeon Mountain, passing through forests and meadows, old barns and springs.

Navigational notes: The access road is gravel, but passable for any vehicle. There is handicapped parking right at the trailhead, and the boardwalk section of the trail is wheelchair accessible.

Nearby: Rock Town and Zahnd are both great for bouldering and general rock maze exploration. The nearby Pigeon Mountain Grill is your best bet for lunch.

Nice hike and covered in Poison Ivy and a snake den under a rock by path! Beautiful hike!

on Glen Falls Trail

1 month ago

Fun and short for a 4 & 6 yr old.

1 month ago

This was a fun trail that my husband and I did with our daughters ages 7-14. The first part of the trail (to the right of the loop) was relatively easy, although uphill, but the part after we reached the falls and the lookout was more difficult, narrow, rocky and muddy at points, with a less-defined trail. It was still beautiful, and I enjoyed the challenges (until I slipped on the rocks and fell- thankfully I was fine!). All in all it was a great hike with beautiful views. It took us about two hours, with multiple stops to take pictures and eating lunch at the lookout at the top. I can’t wait to go again when the trees reach peak fall colors.

1 month ago

This was a great trail for taking my 4 yr. old and 8 yr. old kids.

Nice trail. Hard climb on trail to top. Nice views.

One of my favorite waterfalls, and I've seen a lot! Make sure to go up this trail all the way to the falls, and go up the side of the falls. There's a little secret hidden behind.

This is a confusing trail system if you have older maps. Tried to get to the falls late today before dark, but was unsuccessful. I tried following what turns out to be an old trailblazer, but it led to a dead end. Too bad, because I could hear the falls upstream, pretty loudly. Hope to come back and explore more soon.

Addendum: Got to go back and finish the trail. The falls are pretty when it rains. I got soaked, but it was worth it. There were pretty steep parts of the descent around the south loop below the lower falls.

Had a great time hiking the trails. My dog and I hiked all of the Orange Trail, all of the Blue Trail, all of the Family Loop biking trail (counterclockwise) and hiked from the Family Loop parking lot to the RV campground and then back along the road. All trails were very well marked with paint blazes. The only word of caution is to keep your eyes on the billions of roots!

Great little hike . Boardwalk a lot of the way . Very pretty waterfall at the end. Unfortunately flowers are not yet in bloom

went right after we had eight inches of rain so falls we're perfect

Something to know before you go... you must have fishing and or hunting license or a GORP Pass (Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass) to hike this along with the pocket trail.

2 months ago

Poison Ivy was overwhelming. The trail is overgrown in several spots. Trail surface is excellent. Waterfalls with bridge and a rock staircase with hidden stone door. Really cool. A great little swimming hole too.

on Keown Falls Trail

2 months ago

I started the trail from the John Mtn Overlook so basically felt like I did it backwards...first half of the hike was all downhill and the last half was up. Kicked my weak butt, was great though!

2 months ago

Do this hike in the wet season, when it has rained a lot.Or there will not be any water in the falls. Trail is easy and in good shape most of the way.

My dad and I used clippers during most of the hike. Too bad it isn't maintained better. Still a great hike though. Very few people, which I happen to love when hiking.

Nice hike, but TONS of poison ivy. Needs to be removed.

Fun. Overgrown, rocky, uneven, large fallen trees, cool view at the top. Def not a light, even-keeled walk. A lot of irregular hiking. I did the counterclockwise loop from the beginning. The return back part of the loop was the most irregular, wet, and sometimes difficult to see the trail, but that just made it more interesting.

2 months ago

This is a very scenic hike! Multiple water falls and rock formations. not sure where they are getting the 2 miles from. this hike is 1 mile out and back from the road. Easy for all levels.

3 months ago

When you get to where the trail splits (I went to the right) it’s one big loop past a nice little waterfall with a cave type place (nice and cool on a hot day). After the waterfall the trail gets kind of vague. The overlook is pretty. I enjoyed it. The loop is a nice short hike.

Great hike. Lots to see.

Nice easy hike!

3 months ago

nice little trail took my kids and dog beautiful views

There is a great pool at the falls near the bridge.

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