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It is really beautiful. Make sure to go during the day time if you’re not a pro cause it’s easy to get lost and it is not marked very well

Easy hike with great views. Go early - before 8am for least crowds, good light and a run.

A beautiful spot to sit down and take a break from running around. Easy to get to.

30 days ago

Steep hike but not to difficult. Definitely worth the view, saw Rainer, Adams, and Stuart. You’ll definitely want hiking boots or shoes with really good traction. The hike down is a bit slippery in a few places with loose dirt and rock. I wore my walking shoes and ended up on my butt a few times. My friend wearing hiking boots did fine.

Loved this trail! The view is entertaining the whole way up and keeps you motivated to keep climbing. Definitely challenging in a few patches, but if you love breathtaking views, it’s well worth it. Perfect spot to watch the sunset!

1 month ago

I actually would consider this hike closer to a hard than a moderate. The views were spectacular! I especially love any hike that has views of both Adams and Rainier. Hiking boots are a must on the way down. The trail has a lot of loose rocks and dirt. I was fine, but it was stressful for my friend who was only in tennis shoes. It was super windy at the top, so if you’re hiking in mid November, be sure to wear layers and a warm hat and gloves.

1 month ago

Gorgeous November morning in Yakima Canyon. The views on this one back into the Canyon and beyond are stellar. Good incline of a hike during the first and last thirds, but the middle eases up through a more gentle bench. Definitely recommend trekking poles, this trail has some loose sections of dirt that slide around a bit on the way down. Go get it!

This is a great trail to just take in views of the surrounding areas. Although there were definitely others when we went around mid morning on a Sunday, it didn’t really feel too crowded. You are definitely climbing a little but there is nothing too steep. The path is wide and even, which makes it easier. The views of the surrounding mountains and of the water are spectacular. You have many opportunities along the trail to see so many beautiful things. Would definitely do this again and definitely do it mid morning or earlier since it looked like it got cloudier as the day progressed.

Nice easy hike today with my dogs. Good fresh air and the views of the bay and farmland on the other side. 4.5 miles roundtrip. Park your car in designated parking next to the farm. No discovery pass needed. Bring extra layer or windbreaker if needed.

Terrific views of majestic mountain ranges along most of the trail. Worth the 17-mile winding road up.

2 months ago

The hike its self is just ok, but the glimpses of aqua water make it well worth it. There is a ferry at the end of the trail that will bring you back to the parking lot. I found it hard to get info on it. It departs from the end of the trail twice a day 8:00am and 3:00pm. It was $10 cash and allowed dogs, this was the highlight of the hike for me.

Beautiful views from the beginning. I felt a little guilty I drove up the mountain to get to this trailhead at the top- I like
hiking the whole mountain for the payoff- but drive provided beautiful views. Saw deer and lots of sweeping vistas. Easy hike, lots of views.

2 months ago

Great hike for kids! Beautiful loop aroudn the lake for kids to be able to run.

Unexpectedly sunny day in early October! Beautiful visibility and evidence of early snowfall made parts of the trail a little slick. Still well rated as moderate. We went along the ridge out to the peak and I would have liked to have my tracking poles. Views you would need to backpack a few days for in other mountain ranges!

Great views! Saw Olympic marmot, deer, and Gray Jays. Hiked with Dad and brother Thomas. (This was Aug 19, 2014. Just catching up on AllTrails here.)

This hike was pretty disappointing once you get to the end, I probably should have read more reviews before we went. You get little glimpses of the beautiful lake. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m not a fan of hiking to see a Dam and power lines. The trail was nice though and we did see some little snakes. By the trailhead you can go swimming in the lake and it is beautiful (better than my hiking views

Came here on 09/08 a little later in the afternoon. The sun was out as we started our drive up but was getting cloudy as we approached the top. As a result we didn’t get to see the Mountain View’s as the visibility was very low. Also the Hurricane Hill trail was closed which was a surprise and a bummer since when we paid to get in at the beginning of this road they mentioned Hoh Rainforest being closed but not this (Why bring up a closure on the other side of the park but not the one we are headed to??). There was a short .5 loop hike we did on a ridge that begins at the start of the right side of the parking lot called High Ridge Trail. It was nice but started to get slippery and windy and cold by the time we finished. We should have tried to go the next morning as it seemed a bit clearer from Port Angeles but that’s a long drive both ways and it didn’t seem worth it with no guarantee of sunshine/visibility. Moral of the story make sure you check on trail closures and don’t attempt this if the weather isn’t great. Will be much better off in a lower elevation hike where visibility isn’t an issue like in the clouds. Maybe again some day we will get to see it all.

3 months ago

One of the hardest but most fulfilling hikes for me. We went all the way up to Earl Peak and was blown away by the views. This is a continuously steady incline trail though. Brought our dog and she did great. Started hiking at 4pm and no one was going up but saw about 5 people coming down. Great hike and would definitely do it again.

Lots of people today on a holiday weekend. (This was Aug. 31st) Saw many deer, marmots, and chipmunks. Easy walk. Wide and flat trail. Had to Parking Lot A as Lot B was full. Work still closes the lot nearest the TH.

Deservingly the #1 trail of the park. The drive up to Hurricane Ridge is gorgeous in itself but this trail takes things to a whole other level. You walk along a mountain ridge that has stunning snowcapped mountains on one side and a cloudy forest on the other. And the views just keep getting better as you climb up. The smokey clouds around you give it an otherworldly feeling.

Cool but casual hike. Nice view even when smokey.

Great views - but almost didn't take this hike after arriving at the Hurricane Hill visitor center and feeling the cold, blowing wind there (hence the name). But after getting to the trailhead I found the trail wasn't as windy.
Best part, aside of the great view, was seeing a bear take a dip in the pond on the northside valley while we were on top of Hurricane Hill. Cool to see - glad it was way down in the pond to be admired from a safe distance. Dozens of other people were on this trial - it's a busy place.

While the views of the Olympic mountains and the ease of the hike were beautiful, we found this trail to be very crowded. We’d do it again regardless! We saw marmots, grouse and chipmunks. We also got to see a few black tail deer very close up. The signs warn you to stay 50 ft away, but the deer had other ideas and weren’t afraid of us at all, approaching us on the trail. We tried hard to follow the rules but without getting far off the trail wasn’t quite possible.

The hike was easy for the most part. The hike to the peak is a little more challenging, but easily done with two young teens setting a quick pace. We found the path easy to follow and easy to pass others.

3 months ago

Such an amazing hike! We took the ferry which left at 3:00 P.M. to the other side of the trail. My group and I are fast walkers so we finished the hike in about 2.5-3 hours but we did wander quite a bit off the trail. It’s up hill to start but has moments of flat and downhill. I do have to say the views are absolutely breathtaking from this hike. However if you are afraid of heights do note this has thin parts right next to the edge. The water bellow is so blue green that it’s worth every second!

Great hike! Moderate is the perfect description for this, you do gain elevation but it is manageable and the trail is well maintained. Parking lot was full so I had to park one lot further back and hike a bit further but totally worth it!

Saw half a dozen deer at the top grazing. Also saw a marmot on the way up.

short delay getting up due to construction.
road closed 1/4 mile from trail head but overflow parking was open.

great views on the trail the last part is steep with switch backs and killed my calves lol. a lot of birds to check out also.

one thing i noticed that deeply depressed me before the hike was a huge lack of ranger presence and people walking on the meadows and FEEDING THE WILDLIFE!!! terrible. its such an amazing place and to see all of that just kills me inside

this trail remains in great shape! try to go early as parking is limited to about 4 cars. the views of the San Juans are amazing!

a lot of work for not much reward this time of year, some flowers, a small waterfall, a few looks at peaks... there are a lot of other hikes in the area with spectacular views and lakes

Check the road closure schedule as they are working on the only road in and out of Hurricane Ridge from Port Angeles. We were lucky the road was opened back up on our last day in Port Angeles. They are still doing a lot of construction and it took about 40 mins of sitting in the car to actually get up the road to the Ranger Station and to park the car. We drove down to Picnic Area B and were able to find parking. From there we hiked .5 mile to the trail head. The trail is all uphill but not steep until the last part. I agree that the views on the way are better than at the top. There was still smoke lingering from the fires but this was actually one of the better days while we there. Took us about 1.5 hours to get (with picture taking) and about 50 minutes to get down.

3 months ago

This hike is nice but know that it is not for any good views. We only did half of hike to the top as the last half of the hike just goes back down to the lake with no view. There is a ferry that you can catch if you decide to hike all the way to the bottom that will take you back to the trail head. The trail is well maintained and easy enough to follow. It is mostly uphill the whole way until you reach the top. We were there last week when the smoke was thick and heavy. In order to get the view you have to drive up to Diablo Lake Overlook.

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