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Spokane Area Map
3 days ago

Nice trail. There is one spot where the map tells you to go through private property. If you follow the trail signs it brings you back around.

This hike is easy and would be perfect for trailrunning and is wheelchair friendly. lots of beautiful cliffs, rocks and wildflowers.

my only complaint is the large amount of garbage- broken beer bottles, trash, cig butts and dog crap. It's so much and honestly kind of killed the vibe.

04/22/2018-The trail is in excellent shape. Right after you step off the pedestrian bridge onto the trail, take the first trail to your right. This will take you on the trail nearest the river bank which is the prettiest part of the hike. Instead of doing the loop, I’d hike along the river 2.5 miles to Gate 35, turn around and hike back the same way. If you do the loop, half the hike is on the Centennial Trail (boring). If you do this hike as an up and back, you get to see the prettiest parts twice. Watch for Ospreys in the trees along the river as you hike.

Some shallow water crossings, one felled tree. Clearly marked main paths, lots of smaller loops available throughout. Beginnings of wildflowers.

A nice trail that’s marked clearly the entire loop. It was pretty muddy most of the way uphill, going clockwise. But the downhill part was dry and nice. The view at the top is beautiful!

Remember, no dogs!

Easy trail with great views of the river. Good birdwatching, too.

Beautiful views of Spokane along the loop. Some parts were a little “swampy” from all the rain, but we had fun dodging them.

If you are looking for the big waterfall, you won’t find it on the loop. It’s down in the southern part of the park off Trail 107. There is a big park map in the parking area that will show you how to get there.

11 days ago

This trail is more for bikers and not hikers. A lot of mountain bike traffic to dodge. Scenery is of the city. This is not a trail I would recommend.

home town favorite spot!!

Urban oasis. Expect fellow hikers, beautiful spots overlooking the river!

19 days ago

Easy hike. Clear trail. Kid friendly. View of the valley is nice.

21 days ago

Great views along the river and from the suspension bridge...

22 days ago

Great, easy hike. Met a lot of nice people on the hike as well.

Went early on Saturday to do the loop counterclockwise. East side is dry until you get up to the cut off trail and then there's some sections of snow. Lots more snow on trail coming back the west side plus you'll have to jump the creek a couple of times.

Nice trail, well marked. Tons of bugs! Make sure to pack bug spray.

Took my fat bike and dog up to the towers. Wasn’t easy but it was fun. Still a little snow in places and a little mud but no issues.

27 days ago

Scenic views, some white wildflowers beginning to bloom. Trail is easy on weak(er) knees.

28 days ago

Asked my lady to marry me here. very nice views. easy trail and beautiful.

1 month ago

Scenic trail, all two track instead of single track. I dropped down the east side of the summit to LeLand pond and back for a total of 9.6 miles.

Excellent for running, biking and hiking. You have the Indian Canyon Golf Course along the trail if you head south, on this trek you also come across quit a few waterfalls and little ponds of water hidden in the rocks.

1 month ago

Well maintained single track with lots of wildlife and a beautiful sunset view from the top.

1 month ago

Beautiful, diverse trail. Deep Creek is currently unpassable due to water flow - cross on 7 Mile road. Tranquility was a bit marred by the sounds emanating from the ORV park, but the sights made up for it.

Great spring hike- saw white tail deer and lots of turkeys.

1 month ago

Great trail for beginners like me! Clean and fresh air. No dog poop.

I did 8.18 miles today, did the loop and then a little more, I love this trail, saw so many deer & turkeys !!

1 month ago

3/11/18 Muddy starting up the left side and icy coming down the right.

Great hike! Went counter clockwise and glad we did since it was quite muddy on the way down (probable last mile or so). Great viewing points once you get to the top. Dogs are allowed and it was noticed a lot of owners do not pick up after them so just watch your step. Overall great hike and would like to come back in the summer.

Fun to do the whole loop. Has some steep parts. We always bring lunch to eat on the rocks at the top and enjoy the view of the Palouse.

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