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Lots of trail markers but this hike in red doesn’t include the whole loop. Technically the necklace expands above what’s mapped out here if you follow trail markers and not this app. If you go off the red trail here your distance increases from 4.6 to closer to 7 miles.

Beautiful hike; the workout is on the way back. Would have been nice to be able to sit on a beach once we got to the water but the water level is too high right now.

this is a great time of year to go, very vibrant, and lush. the view was amazing. and even though it rained a little it was a perfect day to hike, not too hot or cold.

This isn’t a hike, but a drive. You can park the car at the bottom and walk up the road, but it doesn’t feel like a hike at all! The view is beautiful, which is a plus.

I actually parked at the south trailhead for "Stevens Creek" trail off of Stevens Creek Road. Hiked a little under a mile to "Big Rock" and enjoyed the views of the Palouse to the South and Spokane Valley to the North. From where the Stevens Creek Trail meets the Iller Creek Loop at the top I recommend going down on the East (right) loop, as it is more exposed and steep, and then up on the West (left) loop, as it is shaded and less steep. Iller Creek Trailhead shown here is another access point to the "Rocks of Sharon" and Stevens Creek Trail. Good trail for dogs, there is a creek along the west loop.

Great hike, nice bit of a challenge for beginning hikers or a more chill hike for more advanced hikers. The front is pretty exposed so don’t go when it’s too hot but the back is nice and shaded.

I went on the right trail and enjoyed the shade. The trail was a gradual incline so was a good workout for me on a beautiful trail.

10 days ago

nice eazy hike and very picturesque

11 days ago

Just went to the lake with our dog and it was a FANTASTIC Experience!! Would go all the way next time!

11 days ago

We truly enjoyed this hike. Yes, it is uphill on the way back but depending on your fitness level it's not too bad. The beach is nice and if you walk a little down from the trail there is a camp site you can relax on. Overall, beautiful hike.

This trail is so beautiful. There are a lot of different types of wild flower. It was very easy to hike.

on Harrison Lake Trail

14 days ago

Hiked this mid summer 2 years ago...Great little hike- not challenging at all but you still get nice views and a lovely alpine lake at the top as well as small camping area. One of the more trafficked trails I’ve been on... saw small children with grandparents- would go back to camp overnight and fish. I gave it a 4 because the road to get to the trail was pretty rough!

it was a dope hike, flowers are blooomin

14 days ago

Went to hike the trail on June 17th but there was a foot of snow on the road a half a mile from the trailhead. I hiked the trail a year ago, and it was wonderful.

The wife and I had a great time hiking this path definitely a great path for beginners. We hiked for about 3 hrs climbed lots of rocks, and the views were amazing. A must see!

The Emerald Necklace loop is a beautiful hike with trail markers making it easy to follow. There are lots of wild flowers and birds. There is even shade on the hike.

18 days ago

This is a great loop trail. We have done this several times. It's an easy walk along the river. The Knothead incline can kick your butt if you aren't used to doing any uphill trails. When Spring arrived we were in awe of all the beautiful wildflowers - the yellow aquatic iris are amazing...and wildlife we see when walking along the Spokane River. We have seen a moose, Deer with fawn, beaver, wild turkey with 3 chicks....

trail running
19 days ago

A bit of an asskicker of a trail run but really great training. My log came out to 9 but I had a goal of 9 that day so ran a bit extra on the highway to get there. All in all I will be doing this one as a trail run again.

A great trail near town with nice views of both the Spokane Valley from the Iller Creek side, and of the Palouse from near Rocks of Sharon on the Stevens Creek side.
If coming from Iller Creek Trailhead, the trail to the right (western side) of the trail will provide you shade and a more gradual elevation gain, while the trail that heads off to the left (the more eastern side) is steeper and more exposed. Keep that in mind as you assess the season, the temperatures, and time of day.

This trail is also used by mountain bikers. It is heavily trafficked.

20 days ago

Avalanche area cleared enough to park at trail head. Quite a bit of snow on trail as you get about half way. 3 foot high in areas. But easily passable. Our 5 year old needed a lot of help but easy for adult. A lot of snow when you get to the lake but hard packed. The first campsite you come to with the big rock you could get a few small tents in. There are a couple other spot you could squeeze one into. We were able to set up our bigger tent right on the other side of the outlet where there is a lot less snow on that side of the lake but not too many campsites. Lots of fish surfacing. Bring your pole.

20 days ago

Great trail and the ranking is accurate - moderate. The falls are BEAUTIFUL and I jumped in for a great photo op!

This trail is always busy and the road to get up there is pretty rough. Once you get past HIdden Lake though you won't really run into other hikers. If you want to hike further there is a great little cabin that is free to stay at (West Fork Lake Cabin). It's first come first served and sleeps 4. This hike is moderate and you can definitely get it done in one day.

21 days ago

Parked at the lower parking lot of the Green Bay camp ground. ~3.7 miles from the lower trail head to the "T" with the Trail #82 sign. Go the extra ~0.25 mile to the mineral point picnic spot.

Great lake views and saw a Bald Eagle.

Great view of Sandpoint and the lake from the top. Ended up with ~7.0 miles.

Love this hike, this is my first backpacking trip every year for the last 4 years. Very pretty and easy. Usually at least several downed trees to work around, but nothing too bad. Very well used and established trail. Be sure to make plenty of noise while you’re out. I usually run into black bears every year, and have seen a grizzly out here once.

nature trips
22 days ago


well I'm 54 years old and recently started hiking again and this was my first pick since it was a moderate hike. I've been hiking before not for many years. this trail is amazingly well kept, very clean. whoever's maintaining it is doing a wonderful job. we ran into a few other fellow hikers all friendly. we had our dog with us even came by some bicyclists which I imagine riding your bike up is not going to happen all the way. but it must be a fun ride down. so we took it all the way up to the first Viewpoint no bench and it was worth it it was an amazing amazing view from that elevation I think it's 32 or 3300 feet. when we got to the view we had lunch so in looking back at the whole hike I would definitely recommend it as a morning hike to go up and have lunch and then come back down and continue on your day.we will definitely go back and do it again but we've got a lot more allTrails trails to hit. if you want to know more about our little hike you can always find our story on www.Sandpoint.tv

Gorgeous views and a very enjoyable hike. Be sure to pack plenty of water, I went through almost three liters backpacking in the direct afternoon sun.

We hiked the Big Sky Loop as described in Rich Landers' "Day Hiking Eastern Washington." Don't try to hike any trails here without the park map, as out on the trail, there are no signs with trail names, directions, or distances. Trail junctions simply have a number, which corresponds to a name and path on the park map. Overall, it was a great hike. The single track trails were very lush and thus very overgrown. Orion's Path (trailhead not marked at all, but about 50 yards down the paved road from the entrance parking lot, on the left, with a post with a dirty reflector on it) had seen a lot of heavy equipment work, presumably to clear blowdowns, and it sometimes was difficult to follow. The rest of Big Sky Loop was spectacular. Beware, though, that the part of the Big Sky Loop trail, to which the Penstemon Point half-circle loop attaches, is virtually impossible to find. It appears all the foot traffic just goes to Penstemon Point. Going on Big Sky Trail counterclockwise, you could see the Big Sky Trail by a post with a red and white marker on it, just off the heavily used trail, to your left. Coming clockwise, the junction is pretty invisible. It was marked with a rock cairn, which has been knocked down, and you may miss that if your attention is drawn to another red and white banner/marker on a tree just a few yards farther along. (Following that portion of the trail requires well-developed trail finding skills.) There are only a few of these seemingly new red and white tape/banner/markers wrapped around trees (they weren't there several years ago), and they simply indicate to you in which direction a numbered trail junction lies, nothing else; not the trail you're on, not the name of the trails at the numbered junction, not distances either way. Having the county trail map is a must, and having a reliable compass, and knowing how to use them together, helps a lot, especially as there are a number of unnumbered offshoot trails not on the map. Keep your eyes up. Some number posts are not right at the junctions; e.g., clockwise on Big Sky Loop, post numbered 12 is farther along that trail, just visible, past the junction with Powerline Trail. It appears Veronica's Prom trail, which would have been at numbered post 4, is no longer used. It shows no sign of usage, and a red and white marker on a tree with several junction directions indicated has a cross or "X" thru/over a depiction of marker 4, sort of like an international "NO" symbol. Again, overall, a beautiful, lush hike with easy/moderate elevation changes, and some great views from the northern sections of Big Sky Trail and Penstemon Point. There is water available at the camp/picnic grounds, and at the clockwise beginning of the Big Sky Trail.

The road up is blocked by massive avalanche damage about a half mile from the trail head. Just park and walk up. There are still drifts of snow on parts of the trail. It was packed enough for easy hiking on top of it when we were there.

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