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5 days ago

My first day of training for the Mount Marathon race in Seward AK! I am using Dog Mtn as my training mountain since its the only thing that comes remotely close to the race- which is 3022 feel climb in 1.22 miles- YIKES! Got to the top and down in 1 hr 35 minutes! Its always so awesome seeing so many people getting up this mountain! Gorgeous views and snow at the top!

5 days ago

This was a great hike have been wanting to do for while. Last mile is the hardest! ;)) Have fun!

5 days ago

Great hike! Don't bring your dog unless they're in good shape, ours barely made it down! Apparently we net to get her on a treadmill lol. Fantastic views at the top, definitely a challenge with a ton of steep inclines, the lookout point halfway up was a lifesaver

6 days ago

Some sick views! Super hard trail to get up and really killed the knees goin down. I had lunch at the top and loved seeing all the dogs people brought

This was our first time coming here and didn’t really know what to expect as a friend had been suggested it so we thought, why not? If you’re looking for a quiet hike, this is not it. We got an early start but it was a constant stream of people, bikes, horses, etc. Not a big deal to some but not my idea of a hike. It was also clear that many people don’t clean up after their dogs, which was disappointing as I carried my bags the easy 2.5 miles to the garbage. We came from the Hantwick TH and planned to take some trails past the bridge but there was zero signage which for a place like this, you’d think they would have some guide or map other than just elevation. we did the most obvious small loop and called it good as we were getting a little irritated trying to figure it out past that. Like others have said too, hard to see the falls in high water season so maybe a sign to let you know what you may be looking at would’ve been nice. The scenery and bridge were beautiful, it just wasn’t the right “hike” for us.

6 days ago

Amazing views. I enjoy the 'difficult' trail more than 'more difficult'. There is still snow at the top so wear good shoes and be prepared. Love this one!

7 days ago

Forever a favorite hike of mine. I love the intensity and the peacefulness at the summit. I seem to always do this hike when I need a reminder to be grateful for the little things. Gorgeous weather today and so many friendly faces!

Amazing short hike to a breathtaking waterfall. It was pouring rain when we went and it was still very enjoyable.

Tried to go up to the falls today but some drunk idiot got his Honda stuck on the road a mile away from the trail head! Best to bring up a AWD car or 4 wheel drive if your trying to come up soon! Otherwise I suggest to wait until spring in a couple weeks when the snow is gone! Will have to come back soon !

nature trips
24 days ago

gave it a 4 because of the slick trail but Beautiful!!! the beginning of the trail was pretty snowy and slick when we were there in February but just took it slow and we were good! the sign for the trailhead is hanging in the tree but if you pull off into the big rock pit you can then find the trail no problem a little back down the road and there was spray paint on the ground to mark it.

The falls are incredible, but it's not much of a hike to get here. It's more of a walk from your car. I would recommend hiking to the nearby Falls Creek Falls (which is in my opinion even more impressive), and then drive to Panther Creek Falls before you head home. I saw both on the same day in July of last year.

Spectacular waterfall. The road to get to the gravel parking area gets pretty narrow at some points, but is paved. Getting to the bottom of the falls is a very short, but pretty intensely steep hike. As other reviews have mentioned, once you park, walk back down the road a bit and the trail becomes visible on the right-hand side a little past the spray paint on the road (then follow the sound of rushing water).

Great hike. If taking dogs be warned ticks are out in full force. Pulled about 20 ticks off my two dogs and they are regularly treated. Super windy and cold at top but views were amazing like always.

My heels never touched the ground.... be prepared to sweat! Awesome!

on Dog Mountain Trail

1 month ago

Loved this hike. It did have some steep inclines but nothing I couldn’t do, I did end up getting a stick to help my legs. Once we got to the very top we had amazing views but unfortunately the wind was blowing so hard and it was making us so cold we couldn’t stay for long. Coming back down wasn’t as challenging as I expected but it did wear on my knees. Next time I will at least have a snack at the top to fuel my descend.

Be sure to bring a jacket, gloves and something to cover your ears the wind was crazy cold.

Oh and it was a beautiful February day with no rain and the sun was shining

Loved it.

Was snowing pretty good and I almost lost my truck to a patch of ice and the cliff side of the road. On a more positive note the falls is amazing and a must see! Go after a big rain as the falls becomes almost twice as big. Loved this place, will be back.

Waterfall payoffs every couple miles plus a birch forest, lots of forest to explore and very quiet in January. Will be back.

Short trail to the view point, with a fun adventurous option to hike down to right in front of the falls!

We found this hike to be a little vanilla and relatively crowded. While the path is well taken care of, we tend to go hiking for a little more seclution. During January the falls are more of a set of large rapids but I'm sure they are more appealing during the dryer months. The river setting is nice and there are plenty of opportunities to stop and have a picnic at one of the many park benches provided. The thing that saved the day from total disappointment was the pair of bald eagles we found only 40 to 50 feet up in a tree right off the trail over looking the water. They seemed completely unoffended by our presence and stood for our many pictures of them.

Absolutely beautiful! Went there this weekend. Nice drive from Vancouver. Will go back this spring and explore how to get to the bottom of the falls. Worth the short drive and hike to see the stunning falls.

A little icy towards the top but not too bad. A little rime on the weeds and trees but not enough to make any worthwhile photos; maybe next week! Still a good workout though.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike. Went up the “more difficult” trail and back down on the Augspurger trail. Trails iced over in spots, especially on Augspurger.

Very steep, excellently maintained trail. Snow is building near the summit and trail is muddy in places. Beautiful hike.

Any season, this hike is great.

Epic waterfall. Not really a hike

3 months ago

Very cold and windy on top, wear windproof clothing with hat and face protection. Microspikes would have been helpful, also. It's a straight up climb and a knee buster coming down. Trekking poles were a must for me.

3 months ago

This is defiantly a hard hike! Ass kicker the whole way up but so worth it. Amazing views but it was COLD at the top. Snow on the trees and hard wind blowing this time of year.

3 months ago

Difficult, a challenge, but really worth the view and experience. Hurt my legs coming down just wear good hiking shoes

Hard on the knees coming down. Great views up top.

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