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This trail is absolutely gorgeous. The changing leaves are beautiful right now and the lake is beautiful. We accidentally found ourselves between a Bull moose and cow moose. The cow moose was only about 10 feet away from us so it took us an extra 20 minutes to get down since we decided to backtrack a bit to be safe and wait for the moose to move. I've seen a lot of moose up here. They are such neat animals. Just be careful!

2 days ago

Yes the trail IS open! A very strenuous hike (for us 60-somethings) but oh-so-spectacular 360 views of the park from the Landing. Glad we fulfilled another bucket list hike in one our most breathtaking NP’s.

Not for those afraid of heights, but do it anyways! You’ll be so happy you did. This hike is not to be missed.

Beautiful and challenging hike, well worth at the end.

on Red Pine Lake Trail

4 days ago

Beautiful scenic hike overlooking the Little Cottonwood Canyon, yellow aspens were vibrant. A consistent uphill not any switchbacks that I can remember. Lots of rocks! Will hike this again

This hike is awesome! There is a fairly extreme element of danger due to the huge drop offs on either side of the trail, but it makes for a very exciting hike with great views at the end! This trail is extremely crowded especially once you reach the top and the chains.

Wife and I loved it! If you don’t hike much it can be a bit strenuous, but I still tend to recommend this one to anyone (beginners included). The ending makes it all worth it!

a great accomplishment and great workout

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Tough hike but so very worth it for the views!

Wow! I hit this puppy early in the morning with some snow sprinkles and I’m glad I left when I did. Boy does it get toasty on the ascent. Easy wide trail, but super steep in sections. Very beautiful views. It also gets CRAZY busy as the day unfolds, which makes you require a bit more patience. After we reached the top, we broke off on another trail for another 2 mi or so. Quite remote & beautiful!!

I have to add that so many people don’t eat the right shoes and they bring little to no water. I personally find that absolutely insane. Do some prep work and don’t put others at risk because you need help.

Great hike !!!

Ok so it was great and I saw chipmunks, black squirrels, and A MOOSE! But once I got over 9,000 feet, I couldn’t breathe LOL. I grew up in Florida and lived there all my life, so I’m not used to high elevations and I couldn’t breathe worth a damn once we got to 9,000 feet. But it was cool! Would totally go again. Lots of sliding rocks though, be careful coming back down from hiking!!! It’s easy to twist an ankle or fall.

16 days ago

Good hike if you are looking for a tougher alpine ascent. Trail is a rock garden and steep to red pine lake. We opted to continue on to upper red pine and stay the night as the .5mi further to upper from red pine lake weeds out a lot of other campers. We ended up choosing our own path up and down from upper red pine and choose to navigate the boulder field. It was a more direct route than using the pseudo trail in place and you really can’t miss locating upper red pine. Recommend bringing minimal water for the ascent to save on weight and just filtering more once at the lake for the return trip.

21 days ago

Great hike. Two days ago went to White Pine Lake, yesterday to Red Pine Lake and today to the two smaller lakes above Red Pine which maybe are 'upper red pine lake' which was well worth the extra climbing, route finding and boulder hopping just for the views back down to Red Pine Lake... I'll post some of the photos. Trail condition definitely better to White Pine Lake with more switchbacks making it less stressful on knees and easier for less experienced hikers. Red Pine Lake and the area around it more scenic than White Pine and the hike to White Pine a better workout while also on a real 'trail' whereas trail to White Pine is closer to an old jeep trail in many areas... that's fine, just a difference. Plus we saw two moose on Red Pine Trail yesterday and I just missed another two cows today according to a hiker coming down.

It’s worth it even if you’re afraid of heights! My best suggestion is to go as early as possible because it does get very busy and you will have to wait to inch around people. You hold onto a chain for a good part of the last 1/3 of the hike. But there is plenty of space to sit and enjoy a snack and the views at the top. Not super strenuous in my opinion, and like all other hikes I’ve done there’s always those people running up it like no-big-deal-it’s-just-my-usual-Friday-morning-jog.

Great hike. Moderate climb most of the way and more difficult last mile or so up to Red Pine. Water level was low. Hiked up to the top of the bowl for a great view of Red Pine.

23 days ago

Great trail with some scenic views.
Second 2/3 up can a challenge if not in moderate shape.

24 days ago

Great trail! I haven’t hiked since I was in my early 30s. The trail is steep in sections but manageable if you are in ok shape. I did the round trip in 3:40 total hiking time. The trail got busy around 11:00am as I was making my way down so go early for some nice peace and quiet.

25 days ago

Got lost several times. I enjoyed the difficult adventure.

29 days ago

The lower lake is a little lower than normal but it’s definitely still there. There are two smaller lakes above it and an area that looks like it normally holds water but is empty now. That’s where we camped. Very flat and soft.

One of my all time favorite hikes

If you are looking for challenging, this is he hike. A lot of uphill leg burning going in and a lot of downhill kneecap hurting on the way out. Pretty and once at the lake you see very few people. Check out the dam and the dates written in it.

30 days ago

One of the most challenging hikes I've done, but it was so amazing! I was in love with this hike, the chains at the end are not for the faint of heart (or those with a fear of heights) but they were such a fun challenge. Willy's wobbles are the series of 25 or so switchbacks prior to the start of the steep section of the trail, which really wore us out! The views all the way up the trail are gorgeous, but once you get to the top it is breathtaking. My advice: go EARLY. we woke up at 0430-0500 to make it to the first shutte (and near the front of the line). By the time we boarded the shuttle, there was already a line of at least 100 people behind us. The hike is also much better in the cool morning air.

I’ve done this hike twice with the entire family. It is an epic hike with very treacherous sections the last 1/2 mike. I agree with others that there are many inexperienced people and the crowds make it dangerous. Most people however are very friendly and courteous, it just makes it difficult for groups to stay together and keep moving. Lots of stop and go, like L.A. traffic on a hiking trail.

I did this hike in early May and the lake was still frozen and we had to hike through a snow patch for about a mile. That said, I would definitely do this hike again once all the snow is melted. the lake was pretty and the hike was shaded the whole way

Have done angels landing 4 times and will most likely not do it again unless they start some form of permit or limited hikes per day, etc. There is way too many inexperienced people on this hike. I've seen people in flip flops, bare foot holding dress shoes, 5 year old kids crying. This is NOT a place for any of that. They make the trail dangerous. There are times were you're standing on the side of a cliff have to inch around people due to so much traffic. Too many tourists who should not be up there. On a another note, beautiful views from the top. Get on the first bus of the day to beat the crowds.

This hike was awesome! I did it back in April, 2018, before the storm. I took the advice others have given and got on one of the first buses out and had little traffic on the way up but lots on the way down.

Did this one in August 2015. Brutally hot weather, but otherwise great hiking conditions.

The hike up to "base camp" was spectacular - beautifully maintained trails, pleasant elevation gain, and uninterrupted views of the canyon. I would recommend that first leg of the hike to most anybody.

The actual Angel's Landing climb is a completely different beast. Between the heat, the treacherous drop-offs, and the altitude, it was an intense hour or so. The view from the point, though, is fantastic - panoramic views of the canyon and its technicolored rock walls complimented by a dozen or so California Condors circling overhead.

A very memorable experience, and a worthy member of the hiker's hall of fame.

Is this open yet? I am surprised to see comments from people even this week

Great hike this time of year, be aware THE LAKE HAS NOT BEEN DRAINED. The water levels can get low this time of year especially with dry conditions, but Red Pine and White Pine do have water in them.

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